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gladiator Reviews by Players

Ngoc. Reviewed on 02.07.18

Gladiator is another great game from Playtech. This game is inspired from the same movie from the year 2000 which won 5 Oscars. Beside the standard poker symbols it has the symbols from the movie General Maximus, Senator Gracchus, Emperor Marcus Aurelius, Lucilla.This game has a lot of fans just like the movie itself. Personally I never was a big fan of this movie but the game itself is very interesting with lots of features and a chance to win some really big payouts.

I met this game a long time ago and it was one of the first games I played in some Playtech casino. I don't remember which casino it was exactly but I took some no deposit bonus and didn't have much success, I lost a lot of money playing here.The wins from the free spins were too small to mention. Later on I came back to this game from time to time with variable success. I had some big wins a few times but most of the time I would just lose money. I can't say that I've won a lot of money playing this slot and that is probably why Gladiator isn't one of my favorite games coming from Playtech. Still I have to admit that it's a great game and I come back to it often hoping for a big win.

I mostly play here with 0.25 bet per spin or sometimes with 0.5 bet per spin I have tried playing with a bigger bet but again no success. Overall Gladiator is another slot game with great graphic and animations coming from Playtech, inspired by the movie. Personally I like rocky slot more where I had bigger success. I recommend this game. Try it you may have more luck than me. For this game I give a solid 8 out of 10.

At 30 paylines although they pay both ways, the minimum bet of 1.5 Euro (5 cents/payline) is exorbitant. There are situations when before you recover the losses, they may very well easily exceed 100 Euro for 100 spins played. So unless you have thick pockets, you will want to stay away from this game.

The second fact which annoyed me very much (although the music is excellent) is the noise made by the stopping reels (bam, bam, bam, bam!). After the first 50-100 spins this continuous bang, bang, bang gets very tiring.
I’m a little confused here because I don’t really know what provider’s Gladiator version this section is dedicated to, but if it’s possible I’d like to share my thoughts about Playtech’s variant as I find this is the best from all of them.

If someone associates this game to the Oscar-winner film, he/she won’t be a disappointed because it’s clearly dedicated to the movie. The background music, the animations, the characters, the monologues are all from the movie and even we can see short scenes from it. Normally, I don’t adore slot in which live person acts as a symbol but here I don’t find it inapposite. Nielsen, Phoenix, Reed, Jacobi are all fits well to the game and big thanks for this to the slot designers (some other actors from the motion picture are also popping up here and there in the animations but the Gladiator himself somehow was left out. It’s very strange that lead character from whom the film and the game got their name after stayed away. I don’t know what could be behind the scenes, maybe copyright issue?!)

The game of course has great features with excellent animations. In the Gladiator Bonus – it shows up if helmet figures land on 2,3 and 4 reels – the players don’t have to do anything just watch the center reels getting covered by helmets and count how much money are won (by the way the lone head protector icon serves as a wild). When the free spins are activated (Coliseum Bonus), well, it’s more tricky. After 3 scatters appeared in the screen, first, we take a trip to the weapons room on the ground floor. It’s really cool, like a video game as if we were real gladiators too. Then some selections are required to determine the number of free games, multiplier, extra scatter and extra wild symbols. Depending on our choices we can get some plus picks or finish the game without any extra figures. Though it hasn’t too high multiplier number (I haven’t got more than 3) but with the additional wild and scatter it can amaze players, especially if Commodus turns up on the third reel giving +3 spins. Oh, and if it all won’t be enough there’s always will be its fifty-fifty gamble feature.

Once when I was playing this game nothing happened for long time and I started to change my bets finally the Coliseum Bonus arrived with €2.50 total bet. I got just 8 free spins with 2 multiplier, scatter and Commodus as the extra wild. I can’t say I cried with joy because of it but the wild appeared so many times giving another and another 3 spins, and at one point I had 22 spins remained. In the end I could come away with a €260 winning.

I think it’s a well-designed, entertaining game with lots of potential. Recommended to those who loves the ancient Roman ages, decent graphics, cut scenes and the opportunity to win big.
Tameika. Reviewed on 26.09.18
I have always been fascinated at medieval-themed movies like Ben-Hur, Spartacus, The Trojan Horse, and such. The Roman infantry and knights always looked so spectacular and gallant in their colourful outfits, and those battle scenes were simply breathtaking! Well, obviously, I am not alone! Just about everyone else loves watching them too. Movie successes have now gone one more step beyond, moving from cinemas right into the homes of every computer owner throughout the world, thanks to the incredible World Wide Web communicative possibilities. Evolving from pure cinematic entertainment to sophisticated role playing computer games, before finally transcending into gambling softwares, creating nostalgic entertainment like no one could have ever imagined before.

There are other versions of Gladiator by other software providers, but this review is purely on the Playtech version, my favourite software. It is a 25-paylines 5-reels slot game, utilising the usual symbols of 9, 10, J, Q, K and A for the lower end, and animated portrait clips for the higher end, the Emperor giving the highest payout at x5000 line bet. The scatter symbol is the Coliseum, paying x1 total bet for 2 appearing symbols anywhere on the reels, up to x100 total bet for 5-of-a-kind. The Helmet is the wild symbol, which can substitute any other symbol, except the scatter symbol, for any possible win, However, the wild does not carry any win value by itself, and appears only on reels 2, 3 and 4. Whenever the wild symbols appear anywhere on reels 2, 3 and 4 at the same time, a Gladiator Bonus game is triggered. In this feature game, 9 helmets are presented, appearing randomly, with each helmet carrying a cash prize - the bronze helmet for a x1 total bet win, the silver x3 and the gold helmet x5 total bet win. In the more popular Gladiator Jackpot version, getting 9 gold helmets in the Gladiator Bonus game awards the jackpot prize, which has frequently enough gone above the $2 million mark! In the normal Gladiator version here, only the mentioned cash prizes are awarded.

Whenever 3 or more of the scatter symbols, the Coliseum, appear anywhere on the reels, a very special Coliseum Bonus game is triggered. This is not the usual feature game of just free spins being awarded, it is an exciting combination award of free spins, extra pick (for more free spins), a win multiplier, an extra scatter and an extra wild, for more possible winning ways. If that isn't good enough, there is also a special 'Column Up' symbol hidden in one of the win multiplier squares. Get this and the two squares directly above it gets automatically revealed, awarding an extra scatter and an extra wild! This is a marvellous feature which provides the best chances for super big prizes. Let me elaborate a little bit more. Entering the feature game, you see 4 rows of horizontal squares. The 1st bottom row holds the free spins number, ranging from 4 to 10, with an extra pick award on certain squares. The 2nd row (above the 1st row) holds the win multipliers, ranging from x1 to x3, with an 'Extra Pick' and a special 'Column Up' symbol hidden somewhere in the squares. Get the 'Column Up' symbol and the two squares directly above it automatically gets revealed. But a pick-killer 'Collect' symbol is also hidden in this row of squares, as well as the next row above, so be aware. Getting this 'Collect' symbol ends the selection. The 3rd row holds the 'Extra Scatter' symbol and pays exactly as in the games Thai Paradise, Rome And Glory and Captain Treasure Pro. This feature offers yet more possibilities for big wins whereby the extra scatter symbols (minimum 3 scatters anywhere) would expand to cover the entire corresponding reels, paying up to x5000 the total bet! This win is added to all other wins but wins are not multiplied by the win multiplier. The top most 4th row holds the 'Extra Wild' symbol, substituting any other symbols for winning combinations.

Phew...did you get all that? With so many winning variants and possibilities, the Coliseum Bonus game is undoubtedly the best feature of Gladiator, even though the total number of free spins awarded at any time could be as low as 4 spins with a x2 win multiplier. But from experience, big wins are usually won in the Coliseum Bonus game. Getting less number of spins in the 1st row selection would usually get you the 'Extra Scatter' and 'Extra Wild' symbols, whilst getting 10 spins or more would usually end with a x2 win multiplier, which do not really pay out much.If you haven't played Gladiator yet, you are certainly missing out one of the best contemporary slot games ever!
Ronny. Reviewed on 28.09.18
Before I get started I need to know why Gladiator has the screenshot of Microgaming's version of Gladiator instead of the Playtech one when searching under letter G using the search filter? I just thought you should know AG.

Anyways, Gladiator as one belonging to the Playtech software is one mighty slot giving large payouts and equally putting the range close to super! I say this because most of you already know about the Coliseum bonus, am I right? It can really add a few pounds to your balance should you have extra scatters in play for the duration of your spins! It is the chocolate to my coffee and the ice to my beer when triggering it in bets of $0.50, $1 and $1.25!

For those of you who are new to this slot, Gladiator is a 25 paylines video slot with 2 features (excluding the gambling feature) waiting for players to trigger and has many potentials to manifest! The bonus, triggered when 3 of the coliseum scatters appear anywhere awards the Coliseum bonus containing rows of goods! Starting from the bottom while I work my way up, I select stone blocks for a number of free spins. I deducted that getting 4 and another 4 free spins for a total of 8 in that row (you can get more than one pick) usually gets me to the extra scatters on the second top row. The row after free spins is my chance to get a multiplier....this will make a difference especially if I land an extra scatter to use! The second highest row as I previously mentioned gets an extra scatter. What drives me nuts about it is sometimes I happen to get a letter/number symbol for the extra scatter but although being it as a small paying symbol they really know how to show their worth, in bunches! The last row being a rare sighting contains an extra wild. If I happen to get that far I get Caesar for the extra wild almost every time! I find it to be useless to have him for an extra wild because he rarely makes an appearance....he's also the symbol to get 3 extra free spins on the 3rd reel inside the feature!Folks, just be sure to avoid the collect sign as it makes you use everything you gained in previous rows. It become apparent after picking a multiplier (usually).

The most I've won during that feature is in the $200+ range. It's because of my chosen extra scatter with more free spins being awarded if Caesar comes out anywhere of the 3rd reel. That means 3 more free spins per his occurrance. When the minimum amount for that symbol (for example a 9 symbol) shows up regardless of any order it will start duplicating itself like an expanding wild to award a big win. The more extra scatters symbols I find the more it throws handfuls of cash. For once I would like to see five 10 symbols to cover each reel to give out a load of cash! Much better if it's 5 high paying character symbols covering everything :) !!!! That'll make me laugh just like an evil scientist would lol!

A much more than incredible slot that deserves an 11 out of 10!! Yup it's over the 10 to show you how much I like playing Gladiator!

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