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girls with guns jungle heat

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girls with guns jungle heat Reviews by Players

Krishna. Reviewed on 01.05.18
This is another of video slot games with even 243 pay-lines that is created in the software company Microgaming. I do not like too much the game with 243 pay-lines, because in most cases they are too much demanding for my old PC on which I play.

The graphics are, as it is expected from Microgaming, good with some great animations. Girls with guns, all over the place here you have shooting, bombs, just real action game. So too does the music that you hear in the background while you play. I like this action music and raise the adrenaline.

From features, this game offers primarily the feature with the wild symbol. Here you have two wild symbols. One is the classic wild symbol that can appear anywhere from the 5 reels. The second wild symbol appears only on the third reels and covers the entire reels, but you can expect the biggest wins in the free spins bonus. This feature is activated with at least 3 Scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. You get 15 free spins with a wild symbol that on each of these 15 free spins covers one entire reel. Now of course, it's hard to get to free spins but in most cases the free spins feature is well-paid. Again, I think this game is still missing some more bonus feature.

When it comes to my experience with Girls with Guns Jungle Heat game, I mostly played it on the Microgaming slot tournaments. But then again at one opportunity, at Gaming Club Casino I had some bigger wins in this game. It was a pretty long time ago, let say a year or more days, so I can’t really remember on of all the details. Although Girls with Guns Jungle Heat game is not to my taste, I must say that it is interesting and it does not look bad at all. So for her I’m giving a solid 8 out of 10 stars.
A little while ago i got email from one microgaming casino to participate in slot tournament on slot Girls with Guns jungle heat.It was a freebie with good prizes and i tough why not give it a try.I registered and played my 3 minutes but with very little success. I ended up in about 1000 position with option to re buy for 2,50 euros which i did not want to do. The next day i decided i try out Girls with guns slot since i never played it with my own money and try to prepare for next tournament that may come.

The slot looked great and what can any man want more than a hot girls with guns.Well maybe a little bit of profit would be nice.I started betting small since it is a way wins slot i had a lot of small wins but noting significant.I played like that for some time and my balance was pretty much the same then i raised my bet andit all went down the drain.I could not win anything there were just empty spins one after another.I did not want to quit until at least got some free spins but my balance run out before that happened.I lost 50 euros without getting free spins and felt very bad because of it.Before i raised my bet per spin i was at least close to free games with only third scatter missing and i saw a few stacked wilds too but with bigger bet slot gave back a big zero.I decided not to play this slot anymore unless a tournament invite pops up again.It is well designed and themed slot but that does not pays the bills.

I am not saying that this slot is a total disaster but i suggest you to play it carefully unless you want to bust out really quickly.For the end i will rate Girls with guns with my three grades.First payouts i rate 6/10 the second fun i had playing with girls is 9/10(hope my girlfriend wont reed this lol)and the last win big with small bets i rate 7/10
Johnathon. Reviewed on 01.07.18
AskGamblers has added Girls With Guns - Jungle Heat on the list but not Sneak a Peek - Planet Exotica? If your still updating then I won't argue with you but if your not then the phrase, "why won't you be merciful" has woken up.

Alright so, we now have Girl's playing with Guns now! The first time this video slot came out I was thrilled...and turned on. Both reasons are produced through the women which of course are the obvious reason and a slot of "way" winnings. For those of you who are not familiar with the term "Way Wins" it is to describe paylines beyond your usual threshold and combinations to win appearing from left to right anywhere regardless of what order the symbols are in (they must be adjacent with each other, no spaces). To put it simply, match symbols in order from the 1st Reel to the 5th Reel to create winnings. I was deeply into the winnings it can produce not to mention regular stacked Wilds and a special expanded wild on the 3rd Reel!!

Way wins in my opinion such as Girl's With Guns make a useful advantage for the player because you can win many combinations on the Reels whether or not considering a wild into the pot making it universal. That means you won't ever see a payline not being paid because it wasn't available (ie. 9 Paylines slots giving a winning combination on the 15th payline) so you won't miss out. The negative of these slots in general is that it can create broken combinations where one reel doesn't cooperate, making you see a broken 5 of a kind win. Tough luck right? And one more bad news to give to you is that grenade scatters can come forward but will take really long to trigger it's free spins. It's complex to find them in a crowd but as they are hard they are worth the wait. In this slot I would start off with $1.20 then work my way over to $1.50. If I should go max betting a bit on this slot a few times I will but I prefer not too because it requires deep pockets for that. If I were a "casino guru" with bottomless pockets I would not take "NO" for an answer in terms of Max Betting on this slot. ;) I would entertain myself with this slot ALL>>>NIGHT>>>>LONG!!!

Overall a great slot to try out your luck! An 8.5 out of10!
Winfred. Reviewed on 25.09.18
„Girls with Guns“ is a slot from Microgaming casinos that could be headlining here like „Avalon II“ or „Hot Ink“. Instead of this the slot is only good in half of the cases, because in what it concerns the payouts it is as weak as „Santa's Wild Ride“ or „Asian Beauty“.

First, this slot could be good because it is part of that category having 234 lines. With a modest minimum bet of 30 cents the player can experience the hottest gaming sensations. Second, the slot could be good here because of the fact that the winning combinations are very frequent, with some of them being present about every 2 normal spins (the combinations consisting of 3,4 or even 5 consecutive symbols). The stacked Wild symbols also help greatly to the alignment of these combinations, although the expanding Wild symbol on reel 3 is pretty rare. Thirdly, the background sound, the graphics and the animation of this slot are the very best, everything seem detached off from a good action movie like „Mission Impossible“ or „Terminator“. The same, the theme of the slot will be liked by I guess 99 % of the male players in a casino (at least I was very, very attracted by the girls with guns).

What leaves a lot to be desired here is the entire payout of the symbols. Besides the girls (about 4 in total) the remaining symbols pay ridiculously small sums. I mean what to do with 2 cents won for a combination of 3 playing cards when you have bet 30 cents! Like the normal spins, the Free spins round is also not not paying almost at all. Not only here you will enter the Free Spins round a little more rarely than the usual (about once every 150 normal spins) but also, you will not finish this round having a total win higher than 3-7 Euro. All this makes the slot to be very greedy. In my case, after only 200 spins, although I had a round of free spins and many, many winning combinations, the losses were somewhere over 35 Euro!

The slot is so beautiful in all aspects and because of this it is worth playing, but in terms of finances you must be very careful if you choose to spend your time here.
Elva. Reviewed on 27.09.18
I have played Girls with Guns Jungle Heat so many times and I always have a feeling that I am playing a different game. There were times when I was leaving the game with a lot of money on my balance and also there were times when I was leaving the game with zero wins. This game offers great wins during the base game and extraordinary wins during the free spins round. This is a video slot game powered by Microgaming software and it has 5 reels and 243 ways to win. I really like the action that this game has to offer.

The last time I played the game I was not lucky at all. I triggered the free spins very fast, at the very beginning of my session. I got 15 free spins and only 3.80 euros win. During the free spins one of the girls becomes a wild, but there were no winning combinations at all. It was so disappointing. I usually play this slot with bets that are higher than 1 euro because I think that the game can award you more that way. And, this is a rule that I follow all the time. Of course it all depends on the amount of money I have on my balance. The last time I played this game I won nothing. The wins during the base game were lame too. I had some 5 of a kind combinations but only with weaker symbols. This game is very powerful during the free spins. This is when you can win a lot, but not always of course.

I would really recommend this game to anyone because it has very big payout potential. If you believe that, you should play it again and you will change your mind. This slot has really nice graphics and sound effects too and awesome possibilities for great winnings. One of my biggest wins on this game was around 350 x bet in the bonus round, but I was so happy with the winnings I forgot to take a screenshot. Hope to see a win like that again and post it here.
I have nothing to thumbs down, everything made very good. Looks perfect, features is perfect, and payout potential is huge.

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