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girls with guns frozen dawn Reviews by Players

Thurman. Reviewed on 01.05.18
Awesome, Terrific and Excellent wins were some of the words to describe my experiences with Girls with Guns - Frozen Dawn. My first impression about this video slot was, "I think it's going to be better than Girls with Guns - Jungle heat". What I want to know is why would it turn blazing hot then have everything freeze over in the next series? I would imagine another slot with a name "Girls with Guns - Night Fall!" as the next idea. Girls with Guns - Frozen Dawn, for 243 ways to win, pays plenty!

At first when I decided to play this on GoWild casino during my "Birthday" I first lost $5 from my beloved Sneak A Peek - Doctor Doctor then I switched from nurses doing their "jobs" to girls going ballistic in the frozen environment. I started with just a minimum $0.30 first then I waited until my balance was tough enough to place $0.90. I couldn't do it at the moment knowing my balance will fall down quickly if I did! Then I triggered the "Frozen Wilds" free spins after hitting 3 satellite scatters!!! In this feature, there are Wild ice blocks that freeze on the reels until 3 free spins, it's great if there are more landing on the reels. I loved it that 4 Wild Ice blocks went on every reel once except for the 4th reel and later created 5 of a kind Wilds on the reels.

At first I had a serious $176.44 then I had a 2nd high $119.98. My screens will be here for the 5 ice block wilds and my second high win which was through a $0.90 bet after this crazy win! Who would have believed a single $0.30 bet would put me on this huge win! I later continued with $0.90 bets and gotten the Magnetic Wilds Free spins which only paid $30.18. It's not as hard working as the Frozen Wilds but when it comes to free spins, the Frozen Wilds free spins does a more excellent job despite my bets of $0.30 and $0.90! Extras that made Frozen Dawn super were the random shootout bonus during my normal spins! For no hits anywhere, sometimes I was prompted to choose a letter/number to destroy for a small to medium win. Some of my wins for $0.90 bets were $3.58 and $3.77 but can no less like $1.08 and $2.65. The amounts were a bit odd but they are better than having a spin for no wins! Frozen Dawn put me in a great spot to win and I'm sure it will put you in the winning spotlight too! My advice is to spin on a minimum $0.30 first until 2 or 3 features come, then increase the bets after collecting winnings from free spins to get a larger win total! I felt manipulative in this slot! Everything went so well in a short time! I just got very lucky..........both on my birthday and my time playing Frozen Dawn!!! There were plenty of Satellite scatters that they weren't shy to hit the feature! I have to admit Frozen Dawn is way more easier and more effective in earnings than with Jungle Heat!!!! There's no other way to say this except Girls with Guns - Frozen Dawn is extremely tappable, it got so serious on so many levels that I loved it!
Frozen Wilds are the utmost favourite I like to hit and I always hope to hit these instead of the Magnetic Wild Free spins. It's my most hated feature because the wilds are limited to only the last reel and they don't appear very often. When they do they move to the left side! Much worst though is making a Wild reel of these wilds on the left as the reel with all 3 wilds will make all of the wilds I collected explode! This means I have to start over again!
Tajuana. Reviewed on 25.09.18
I find the whole girls with guns theme a bit laughable really, do guys really get off on this kind of thing? I bet there is a film or a video game on which this slot is based but I haven’t actually heard of it or seen it, if not though, then I just think the whole concept is really rather silly! As it’s a 243 ways game though and it was released since I started playing on-line, it was inevitable I would fire this one up and give it a go – a few casinos gave me some free spins for a start!

As it happened, I got rather lucky with some of those free spins, winning a cool 600x my stake in the frozen wilds feature, and this was the very first time I had played the game. When these things happen it can be very dangerous, just as when you start to play a new on-line casino and hit a ridiculous hot streak, sometimes it can be hard to remain focused and sensible. In my case I decided to up my bet wildly and then very rapidly watched my balance almost disappear before I hit another smaller, but still significant, win in the second feature, “Magnetic Wilds”.

I love most stacked wilds games, and this one has a few other neat features, such as a shootout mode which can occur randomly after any non-winning spin and award you I believe up to around 100x your bet. Hitting three or more scatters starts the free spins feature, but you don’t get to choose which one. I love the fact that in the frozen wilds feature, if you get a full column frozen at once the entire reel becomes stuck for the rest of the 12 free spins, sadly there is no retrigger possible though so it is quite difficult to get multiple columns fully wild, but I have seen it happen once or twice!
Things that suck though – only 100x your stake for all five scatter symbols. This is such a rare event I don’t know why there are so few Microgaming slots that offer a significant prize for landing it - NetEnt’s seminal classic “Dead or Alive” awards a rather tasty 2500x your stake for the same feat, which I reckon must line up with the odds at least slightly better. The fact you can’t choose your feature in this game is a bit annoying as well, particularly because I much prefer the frozen wilds one and think the rules of the magnetic one are a little bit unfair and unbalanced… I’m unsure if the which feature you get is 50/50 because of this, and would assume that magnetic wilds is slightly more likely than frozen wilds.

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