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Ghost Ship

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Ghost Ship Reviews by Players

Arlyne. Reviewed on 04.07.18
From time to time I keep returning to RTG casinos to try another slot. Yes it is true that here in RTG one does not really win anything (and when you win your win is denied), but in the recent months I have found some nearly good slots where with luck the RTG wagering can be fulfilled. And here it is (!), (shame I played on virtual money) exactly now when I was writing that here you almost never win something, I won the Minor Jackpot of this slot!!!

Yet my review about this slot is more negative than a good one. But I start with the good parts. Ghost Ship is one of the last RTG slots and has a large variation. The game play here gives some special emotions, at least for the music that accompanies the spins and because of the theme of the game. It seems like you are on the doomed ship, situated adrift and ready to sink. The ghosts of the pirates that appear from time to time on the reels make everything to appear unreal and somehow shrouded in mystery and a little creepy. In Free Spins the music is epic and everything is at its best.

Overcoming these good parts I must say that a large variation in wins means actually a big win of about 30-40x just about 2 times in 100 spins played. And I played here long enough, 400 (maybe 500 spins) all waiting for this big variation to come. For about 4 times throughout the 100 spins played, on the screen there are many Wilds but often these Wilds are for no use.95% of win values are below the bet (which itself is very small - 25 cents). That is, wins of 5-20 cents insufficient to bring advantage to the player. You need to have an extraordinary chance to earn more than 2-6 USD from Free Games (although as I said the game of Free Games is amazing).

Therefore two wins of 30-50x bet, once every 100 spins are insufficient to offset losses. I was lucky to win the Minor Jackpot because otherwise I would have lost very much. In my opinion this is one of the weakest RTG slots. You will have only losses playing here.
I never had 5 same symbols. As I said, 95% of win values are less than the game bet.

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