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Net Entertainment company offers a completely new and amazing slot machine, where the roles of the protagonists are played by pirates. It’s not just pirates, but the ghosts of the long-lost rulers of the sea. The plot of the slot machine is based on the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean”. The main roles in this machine are given to Peggy Rotten and One-Eye Ed. Their faithful and unchanging companions are the insane monkey and the wild parrot Polly. They will lead the pirate ship trying to capture their goal and replenish their cave with new riches. Part of this wealth, they can share with the most daring users of the video slot.


Ghost Pirates has bright and unique graphics. The emulator is not inferior in design to the analogous on the mock-up online slot Skulls of Legend. Each game symbol is animated. The game develops amidst the raging waves of the ocean, where the pirates are sent to chase a merchant ship. The ship is full of ghosts, whose souls continue their fishing. The noise of the waves accompanies an exciting game.


This slot machine is quite unusual. There are no usual game lines, they are replaced by ways of creating winning combinations. There are so many ways to create winnings: 3, 9, 27, 81 and 243. Each of them is responsible for activating a certain number of reels and possible bets. Select these values ​​with the corresponding button Bet Ways. At the first betting level, when you activate 3 ways to create winnings, the first reel with a bet of 1 coin is used, 9 ways are 1 and 2 reels with a rate of 3 coins, 27 ways are 1, 2 and 3 reels with a bet of 8 coins, 81 ways – 1, 2, 3 and 4 reels with a bet of 15 coins, and the activation of all 243 ways will result in the activation of all five reels with a bet of 25 coins. After that, choose the level of rates from the possible five.

The bet of each level is obtained from the first level bet, multiplied by the values ​​of the selected level. You can select levels by clicking on the appropriate value of the Bet Level field. Thus, the maximum bet per spin is 125 credits at level 5 rates when you activate 243 ways of creating winnings. Note that, regardless of the number of ways to create winning combinations, the average number of characters always remains active. The Spin button in the game can be used to start and stop the reels. The nominal value of coins is selected with the “+” and “-” buttons.

From the main game mode there is an output only in a mode of free spins. Three scatters appearing on one of the chosen ways of creating combinations (3, 9, 27 or 81), will present 10 free spins, four symbols – 15 rotations, five symbols – 20 rotations. With the activation of all 243 ways of creating combinations, these values ​​will be equal to 15, 20 and 25 rotations respectively. This mode sends the user to the treasure cave. In the course of the game, it is possible to increase the number of free spins, having received a winning combination of scatterers.


Ghost Pirates is the representative of video slots using a new control panel and the design of the highest level. It won’t be difficult to understand  the rules of the game will even for the most inexperienced players. Enjoy the adventures in the company of ghosts in the middle of the ocean and get pirate treasures.

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Ghost pirates Reviews by Players

Loyce Wansley. Reviewed on 02.06.18
When I first opened this slot to play at EUCasino I promptly knew it can’t be a SkillOnNet game because there’s nothing similarities that would be comparable to SON products (strangely, it rather reminded me of BetSoft slots with its 3D pictures and animations and wax dummy like characters). Anyway, it looks quite attractive and I like very much its interface. The graphics are cool and it has a very good and detailed design and the symbols are perfectly illustrates that little adventurous and funny mood. As much as I was surprised because of this slot’s view at first sight that much now I love the symbols and the entire exterior of this product. It’s always good to play with a fresh-looking game that different than the other slots and it’s especially true in this case when it also means an overall better product.

This 20-payline slot offers 10.000 coins as top prize if 5 Diamond Treasure emblems form a line and if it occurs with the help of Wild, well, it doesn’t make any difference because this symbol that appears only on the middle reel can’t multiply any wins, true, it becomes expanding Wild when lands on the reel. When 3 or more Scatters are visible on the screen 5, 10 or 20 free spins awarded which are played with the same conditions as the triggering spin. These common features seem to me just necessary components and all of the real tricks are held for the lot of bonuses the game has.

When 3 Barrels appear anywhere on the reels the little side game with great animations starts where we have to guide our pirate buddy in a knife throwing competition and every successful attempts reveal cash prizes but if he drank too much rum at the night and misses the targets on every tries the game can reward with 2-4 times of total bet as a consolidation prize. 3 Coin symbols trigger Heads or Tails Bonus and the name tells everything as we predict which will be the next attempt. Maybe this side game is the less exciting but surely the less paying.

My favourite when 3 Ghost Mode figures land anywhere then this ghost mode is activated and every appearing character is a skull and all wins with X2 symbol are counted at doubled prize. I like this game because I noticed as if the winning combinations more frequently would occur here and maybe they also would be more profitable. This extra lasts until 3 Pirate Mode symbols turned it back into normal game mode. The last feature is when the player successes to collect 5 Golden Key (every appearing such symbol on the screen is added until five is reached) then have to choose doors where the key fit in and every good tries mean additional cash prizes.

Unfortunately, these features are poor very paying and because of this despite they very often triggered but can’t cause too much excitement (on the other hand at least they have fantastic, funny animations). This not too well rewarding attribute sadly spread to almost every other game functions and that’s a real problem at this game. Honestly, I was a little bit disappointed in this game because I’ve waited much more from this game in that area and however much I love its animations and pictorial solutions but this weak payout quality really ruins the overall experience for me.
David Nierman. Reviewed on 30.06.18
After the success of all the Pirates of the Caribbean blockbusters, I'm sure the developers at Net Entertainment have been inspired by this to create a slot with a similar type of theme. They probably haven't been able to secure any license deals with Walt Disney. I believe they were behind those movies, and since they don't want to jeopardize their "family friendly" image they don't deal with casino developers.That doesn't take away though that Net Entertainment doesn't have what it takes to produce a great pirates themed slot based without their permission or help. Not sure what it's based on, but perhaps it's the novel? Anyway enough about that, Ghost Pirates is a great slot which offers more betting options than any other slot I've dealt with in the past. You can manually select the number of paylines you want to play with. The following options are possible : 3, 9, 27, 81 and all the way up to 243 ways to win.The size of your bet increases along the way when you up your number of paylines. The lowest bet size only €0.01 for each bet you place. If you play the 243 ways to win format then the lowest bet size is €0.25. My usual bet was €1 just like many other slots I've played.Ghost Pirates is a slot that also looks very professional if we strictly speak about the design of the slot. Very slick with lots of innovative designed symbols you would expect in animated type of Pirates movie. The best paid symbols are that of Peggy Rotten and One Eyed Ed. The treasure chest is the scatter symbol, but you need to get 3 or more in succession to activate the free spins feature. This slot also has wild symbols on every reel.I found myself winning a bit easily on this game with 20x, 30x bet size wins on a regular basis. I think I was probably just a bit too lucky. It took me lots of time to trigger the free spins bonus though since it seems more difficult to trigger.However, once I managed to win 15 free spins with 3x multiplier right after the first spin I had 3 scatters again. That meant I had 29 free spins now, and I just knew I had to win big during that session or else it would have been a huge disappointment. I kept playing and thanks a lot of five of a kinds, albeit not the best paying symbols, I managed to win 280x bet size. I'm surprised I haven't played this slot as much as I liked too. Probably because I just realized that I got very lucky and the potential isn't all that.My final rating for Ghost Pirates is 8/10.
Annemarie. Reviewed on 25.09.18
Ghost Pirates ehh! Sounds like NetEnt brought out the big cannons for this game. Fire at the ship hehe! Ghost Pirates is a slot full of options but holds the same with bets as with Hall of Gods or MG's Mega Moolah (bless those slots, yeah chips o plenty).

Whenever I play Ghost Pirates I always expect to make good wins out of them especially when it comes to putting the slot on 243 ways instead of the other 4 options of 3, 9, 27 or 81 ways. The betting is really small, for 243 ways the minimum is just a small $0.25 but with my nature to go big I like putting on 4 coins. You must be wondering why I put my bets on $1 instead of max bet for $1.25,'s because most wins are agreeable on this bet. Max betting on Ghost Pirates doesn't give me would be betting high for example, $25 a spin or something and expect to get almost nothing out of them. $1 is enough to win most of the time and when it comes to free spins they are much more. Below 243 ways like 3, 9, 27 or 81 ways the free spins are only worth 10 Free spins but for 243 ways (or way wins) 15 free spins are better! All of us can agree that all paylines are the best for when winning combinations and 5 more free spins for the feature on Ghost Pirates. To tell you the truth it is difficult sometimes to land these chest scatters because they need to be started on the left side making them as what we call "left to right" scatters. In my spins I kind of press the spin button then I stop it immediately then I repeat the process. That's how I get my free spins, usually, but not all the time it happens. I do it to maintain some timing for a spin to hopefully get good results or free spins that I've been wanted.

Expect a windfall of gratitude when the free spins hit, especially on 243 ways! Everything is 3x inside the free spins and payouts are much appreciated. I won $43.80 in one feature but got really lucky for $76 on another trigger! If you can be patient in this slot it can be very rewarding! A 9 out of 10 for Ghost Pirates! They should make up a slot called Ghost Dogs - The Howls of Night :D
Eli. Reviewed on 27.09.18
Ghost Pirates is a cool Netent software provided slot. I don't have much memory of playing this game before. I had seen some winning screenshots from this game and this month when I received a couple of free spins on this slot, my interest in this game grow rapidly. I really liked the design of this slot, it has ghost pirates, maps, parrot guns, anchor etc. There's nothing redundant, everything is on its right place.

This slot has 5 reels and 243 ways and I believe this is one of the rare games from Netent that has 243 ways. Usually I have association that 243 way slots are money eaters, but here a great thing is that you can adjust your bets and bet as little as 1 coin on 3 ways which would make the bet 0.10€. I would definitely stick with the minimum bet on all 243 ways which is only 0.25€ per spin.

This game has a wild symbol that substitutes for any symbol. As a bonus feature, Ghost Pirates only have free spins round. They are triggered if 3 or more scatters appear in succession from leftmost to right. I believe that is the little catch here, as it is harder to get free spins round that way, comparing to slots where you need at least 3 scatters anywhere. If you bet on 243 ways, you can get from 15-25 free spins, but if you bet on less ways, you can get from 10-20 free spins, all of them are 3 x multiplied.
To try this game a little more I played it with minimum bets at Casumo casino for 1000 spins. Unfortunately my session was quite tight, I got only 2 free spins rounds and they paid around 20 x bet.

Overall I think this slot is a decent Netent game with mediocre payouts, at least so far. Definitely not my favorite game from all this software slots because so far I am not sure about it's winning potential, but at the same time, looking at fellow AskGamblers screenshot here, maybe it's worth trying it more. I think it is great that paylines can be changed, it is a good variety and it means you can play this game with low fund too. I would rate it with 7/10.

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