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gemix Reviews by Players

Tashina. Reviewed on 03.07.18
Pros: Gemix is not one of your normal games, but I like this 7x7 reel game very much. The game has a lot of colours and different things and features to it. This game is nice for just chilling and playing for hours and it has the ability to balance your cash so you can play longer. I consider this as one of the games to complete wagering requirements and a game that gives you value for money depending on what your goal is.

This slow paced game comes with 3 different worlds, 3 different wilds and different features. Each world has 3 stages and in order to clear a stage you need to create winnings on the pattern in the background of the stage, you can see the pattern on the right side of the screen as well. You need a minimum of 5 symbols to be matched in order to create a win and you need to match about 20+ symbols before you hit the Crystal Charge which can land you one of the following features: Crystal Warp, Lighting Beam, Nova Blast and Chain lighting. These features are design to destroy the symbols in different ways in order to get more Symbols of the same kind matched for bigger wins. If I could choose – I like the Crystal Warp and Lighting Beam features the most as these always result in something being won when the Crystal Charge releases them. The other 2 features normally gives small wins and not all the time do you win. The supercharge feature happens when you fill the Crystal Charge twice in 1 spin and your winnings generated from that spin in supercharged mode are x3. After supercharge is complete all future winnings of the same spin are x3 until no more wins are generated from the same spin.

I have made big winnings, manage to get 13 stars on a $0.20 bet and it landed me $40 and in the same spin I manage to the supercharged feature which landed me a $127 win.

My favourite world is the lady with the Lollipop as her wilds can spread and if it happens she leaves about 7 - 10 wilds on 1 row think of the potential if there is a Star and Heart symbol on parallel rows which means definitely you can get that supercharge feature with a big win.

Overall I think this is a great game but not everyone's cup of tea.
Cons: This came highly recommended to me by a friend of mine who I recently introduced to on-line gambling. She doesn't know a great deal about this hobby just yet, but I believe she's played quite a lot of games already and she told me this is one that has really stood out, so I figured it was only right to test out her recommendation!

But... oh dear! I really could not disagree more about Gemix even though I enjoy Play N Go slots in the main and feel they are one of the best small slot creators around at the moment. My main problem with the game is the endless flood of tiny wins the game throws your way - I must of had 15 or more small wins of less than my bet before I saw my first above-stake-wagered win! Nevertheless I kept on playing, feeling sure I must be going to be impressed by something any moment now... 200 spins later I was still massively underwhelmed.

So I fired up the paytable hoping to find out what potential this game had in store for me if I was to continue paying to spin those reels. I read about the different world system, how you could progress through the game in the style of Castle Builder or Cloud Quest - groan, I hate those games. Holding back the big wins until you get to the higher levels before dumping the player back at the bottom of the tree is a horrible way of controlling a games RTP in my opinion. Just like Avalon II and other games where you have to play through several bonus rounds in sequence rather than being able to choose the feature you like best, you have to battle through large periods of poor results in order to have a chance of recovering your balance which is a sure fire recipe to put even an experienced gambler on tilt and HAS to cause some people to keep playing past the point they are comfortable with.

For that reason alone I absolutely cannot recommend Gemix or other games like it - stay away.
Latisha. Reviewed on 28.09.18
Pros: I've never played this Gemix game before, not until I began getting some free spins offers on it. Never a lot of free spins to play the game long enough, but sufficient for me to know what Gemix is all about. There are a few other similar games that play like Gemix, like Sugar Pop for example, but none of these games really caught my interest very much. I don't mind playing Gemix with free spins, whenever I am given that chance, but I would not make any deposit just to play on it alone. It's been more like a hit-and-run play for me all this while. Make a deposit, play Gemix for a short while, not fun enough, andI would end up playing my more favourite games instead.

As I've mentioned before, any games that have more than 5 reels and 3 rows are never my favourite games. Gemix has 7 reels and 7 rows! Oh gawd! There are several feature games available, which I'll come to that soon enough, but let me say something about the paytable first. All symbols have their maximum win values for 15-of-a-kind, the highest paying symbol being the Yellow Star at 1000x the total bet. But before you say that it is a good win value, let me repeat that it is for 15 Yellow Stars, not 5! Getting 7 of them can be hard enough, try getting 15! In this respect, all the win values of the symbols are very low, comparatively to their 5-of-a-kind counterparts.

Whenever you win 20 symbols or more in one spin, the Crystal Charge meter gets fully charged and releases a random feature, which can be a Nova Blast, a Crystal Warp, a Light Beam, or a Chain Lightning. Each feature destroys symbols in different ways, and those symbols that are hit get transformed into another symbol, thereby creating new wins. To me, none of the 4 features seemed to be better than the other. Sometimes, one feature is better, at other times, it just isn't. What is definitely better is when you can manage to win 40 or more symbols in a single spin, which then puts the Crystal Charge into a Super Charged mode, whereby all wins are tripled. Much bigger wins are therefore possible in this mode.

Each time you play the game, a random pattern is set in the background. Clearing this pattern takes you to the next level up, until one World level gets completed, and you are awarded with a World Bonus. There are 3 Worlds in the game, with each World Bonus awarding a different Wilds feature. World 1 awards up to 10 random Wilds, World 2 awards random Wilds that can spread edge to edge, and World 3 awards up to 8 random Sticky Wilds. Well, these Sticky Wilds are usually better than the other 2 featured Wilds.
Cons: There is only one thing that I don't like about Gemix. The very low paytable, making it quite impossible to get nice big wins. Yes, 15 Yellow Stars can pay 1000x the total bet, maybe even tripled in the Super Charged mode, but that would only come once in a lifetime. Not for me, thanks.

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