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fruit warp Reviews by Players

Lynell. Reviewed on 03.07.18
Fruit Warp has the most uncommon and unique appearance style and game working system that I played recently and I would be a liar if I say it didn’t take some time to become acclimatized to it but every new innovative thing has some time to unfold itself. Basically, it’s a fruit game at least regarding the used symbols as we can play with nicely drawn such symbols in front of an entirely green colored background and the first well-marked thing is the arrangement of them on the screen. The icons just bring up without any regularity and it seems as if they’re just floating in the water. There’s no paylines, reels or any well-known displaying method we really get just 9 symbols on the table popping up out of nowhere. As I’ve said it’s really interesting and very unusual scheme but it doesn’t seem to me it would be a bad idea and I like that the creators tried to think of a modern video slot in a different way.

Of course without using traditional reel format we can’t speak line win here at all instead the winning combinations are counted by the appearing identical fruit symbols. Every time when we see 3 matching symbols on the screen a win is accumulated and at least 4 same pictograms are needed to activate the re-spin feature when the members of the combo are held and all other symbols are replaced giving a chance to increase the wins. Naturally the main goal here is to get 9 identical ones on the table but unfortunately the general reward for such win is not too generous. For example playing with €1 bet the maximum what such arrangement can give back is €216.

Though the game hasn’t wild, traditional free spins or bonus feature at all but it still has a very interesting feature system which all starts if at least 5 symbols from the same kind become visible. In the activated and automatically played Fruit Mode feature we can see a Wrap Meter which contains 16 steps, multiplier values and an empty heart shaped icon. Every appearing feature triggering symbol takes one step on the Wrap Meter but also brings a re-spin, the heart shaped icon shows our ‘extra lives’ level and the multiplier numbers are naturally there to multiply our final win and the features lasts until all steps are took Wrap Meter.

It’s hard to explain than to understand while playing but this is a very good and very profitable feature if it wants to come along. It’s not rare than at the end the cumulative multiplier value is more than x20 and it really could award a nice result. Last time when I played this slot I got 5 Bananas and during Fruit Mode my wins were worth around €6.50 but the multiplier numbers could slide up to x24 or x26 and for my €1 bet the total won amount was around €150. An average session here usually pays around x20-x50 of bet so I think we can say about this ‘bonus’ that it’s a well-rewarding one.

The game needs it big time because the base game is horrible. Without getting a 5 of a kind like win the normal profits per spin doesn’t even reach the amount of bet. Though lots of winning combinations are completed and some of them are simultaneous but lots of €0.20 or €0.30 wins really don’t lead us anywhere and as a player we must just wait and wait for Fruit Mode to something really happen.

I truly appreciated the lot of innovative game solutions that this game shows and definitely it’s a very interesting and exciting slot to play with. Though the paying system proved to be real fantastic and terrible at the same time depending on the game mode but the overall entertaining ability of the product is real high and all I can do is to recommend this game everyone. I think we all need some kind of slots like this which works by a very different scheme and even if they’re not the best fitting our style or playing habits but they’re great to pull us out from the monotony of other games at times.
Newton Coomer. Reviewed on 25.09.18
Thunderkick software is a new comer into the online gaming business, designed by ex-NetEnt’s employees, so it is no wonder that Thunderkick games are exciting and really fun to play, as far as entertainment is concerned. Generally, graphics, animations and sounds utilised in the games are simple and basic, but Fruit Warp is nicely presented in realistic 3D, which I find pleasing, although a little strange at first due to the absence of icon grids and only 9 icons being used. Nonetheless, I like it, so 0 star down/up.

Paytable wise, all prizes are shown in monetary values, as against line bet or total bet values. Pitayas, the highest paying symbol, pay 216 x total bet for all-of-a-kind, while Kiwanos pay 45 x, a big gap between the two. But the good thing is that the win multiplier is infinite, meaning, it can be as high as it can go, theoretically, so it is possible to get big wins at very high win multipliers. The highest I’ve seen so far is 48 x, the highest win multiplier anywhere in any game! Sadly though, there are no other options to get even bigger wins, so 1 star down.

Feature wise, Fruit Warp plays and pays in a straightforward manner, unlike any other slot game. Each time 4 similar fruit icons appear at once, the other 5 icons gets warped into another icon. 5 and more of the same icon trigger the feature game, and this is where Fruit Warp is like no other game online! 1 or more same triggering icon awards a respin, whilst 3 or more same icons pay cash and a win multiplier, increasing both the cash and the win multiplier meters. The respin ends when no more triggering icon appear. The accumulated cash then gets multiplied by the accumulated win multiplier, giving a final payout amount. A novelty in itself, which I find very interesting, enjoyable, and adrenaline-pumping nonetheless. Sadly though, there’s a lack of more free game features, so 1 star down.

When I first started playing the game at the smallest bet amount of $0.10 per spin, the first 15 or more spins were completely blanks. That got me worried a little. Then it started to give intermittent small payouts. I was relieved. As I played on, 4 pitayas appeared on screen, the other 5 fruit icons then warped and turned into more pitayas (3 more I think), for a total of 7 pitayas or so, and triggering the feature game. The pitayas keep coming at each respin. I was too excited to keep track of what was happening, until it finally paid out a whopping $60.17 at $0.10 bet, for a 601x total bet win. Simply exhilarating! A huge win on the very first feature game, and on the very first play on the game too! I enjoyed the game so much it got me hooked for life from that day on! 1 star up.

After playing more than 50,000 spins on Fruit Warp to date, I must admit that it doesn’t have any real huge wins potential, but it does give an exciting game play, lots of fun time and a very entertaining time. Small wins are reasonably easy to come by, but big wins are much harder to get, so smart play is always necessary to make the most of this game! The highest win multiplier I’ve got so far is 41 x, and the biggest win amount was about $585, I think. Even so, I have yet to break my 601 x bet win and I’ll keep on trying. I just love Fruit Warp, but due to a lack of any really big wins potential, it’s 1 star down.

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