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Fruit shop

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Fruits are very healthy, because they contain a lot of vitamins and minerals. However, these are not all the useful properties that these possess, when it comes to fruit slots for casinos. Fruits in the form of game symbols began to be used in those times when slots were huge mechanical machines. But now we are dealing with a modern video slot, which was developed by NetEnt. This is one of the leading providers of gaming applications for online casinos. It is famous for its ability to maximize the benefits of even the most banal things. Therefore, you are guaranteed to have fun with Fruit Shop slot machine.

Main Theme

The theme of fruit in game slots is as old as the world. Why do developers come back to her from time to time? The reason is that many experienced gamblers are accustomed to fruit slot machines and unfriendly perceive any other kinds of slots. However, if you are a young gambler, this is not the reason to ignore this game. The Fruit Shop by NetEnt has many interesting features that you will most likely enjoy.

Interesting Features

Unlike classic slots, in which you could see 3 reels only, Fruit Shop slots game contains 5 reels and 15 game lines. The minimum bet on the game round is $ 0.15. This slot accepts rates from $ 0.01 to the payline, but all 15 paylines are in active state. Therefore, it cannot be classified as a penny slot. The maximum denomination of a coin is 1 dollar. You can use from 1 to 10 coins for bets. The maximum bet amount is $ 150 per spin (you can set it using the Max Bet button).


Paid combinations consist of identical neighboring symbols, the chain of which lined up from leftmost to right. Such chains must contain 3 or more identical symbols. An exception is the cherry symbol (2 symbols are standing nearby will be paid). Each winning combination has its own multiplier used to calculate the winning amount.


In this game reels are shown in the form of a shop window. In the background there are green grass, trees and blue sky.

The main controls you will find under the reels. There are buttons for starting the game round manually and automatically, tools for selecting the value of the coin, the number of coins for the bet. Also, many NetEnt slots contain a button Bet Max, and Fruit Shop is no exception from this rule.

Use the buttons located at the bottom left of the window to adjust the quality of graphics and sound, as well as the speed of the game process. Buttons with the symbols “i” and «?» help you find useful information about this game.

Game Symbols

As for the characters in this game, there is no intrigue here. Fruit, fruit and fruit again. However, in addition to ripe fruits, you will see playing cards from 10 to an Ace and some special symbols.

The Wild symbol is an inscription with the name of the game. This symbol is able to replace other symbols in order to form a paid combination. If the winning combination was formed with the participation of Wild, the winnings will be doubled. Scatter is missing in this game.

Bonus Round

Fruit Shop does not contain a themed mini-game. However, you can play in the bonus round with a free spin. You can use 1, 1, 2 or 5 free spins if you see 2, 3, 4 and 5 symbols of the cherries respectively. For winning combinations during free spins rounds the multiplier x2 is used.


In the Fruit Shop the jackpot is not played. However, you have a chance to get a pretty big profit. The maximum multiplier is x2000 for 5 symbols of cherries. This means that you can theoretically win 300,000 dollars.


Unfortunately, NetEnt did not add a thematic mini-game. Therefore, Fruit Shop is not too different from other fruit slots. However, the first slots were very simple devices, and so the developers decided to save their new slot from difficult things. And this was done deliberately to attract experienced players.

The undeniable advantage of this game is a round with free spins. You will not be offered many free spins, but this opportunity arises quite often. In addition, Wild will help you to make winning combinations.


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Fruit shop Reviews by Players

Leona Liao. Reviewed on 01.07.18
Pros: There are many innovations in recent times came from NetEnt workshops, although this game is not a novelty, we can say that she had a premiere in the context of Christmas 2015 when the all NetEnt casinos was topical Fruit Shop Christmas Edition. On Christmas edition had a lot of success in these promotions, three casinos made a payment after receiving the free spins bonus. This time I will talk about an ordinary version of Fruit Shop slot machines, but no less quality compared to the address mentioned above. NetEnt is and this time did a good job, this time without guns and pistols, only exotic fruits and rights warm summer atmosphere. Most often this game hanging on Slotty Vegas and Bet365 Casino. This is exactly the game, one of a dozen that I play this month in the Bet365 Casino and come from NetEnt.

This slot has a lot of new things about the prospects of the drum, all the more or less the same except for the edges of each symbol individually. At Bet365 today I played this slot and earned over € 40 for two hours. I started with something smaller stakes of € 0.30 in the account because I did not have more than 15 €. In the first 10 spins, I hardly won € 2 or later I received two symbols of cherries which have brought me 2 free spins. After gains in the bonus round, I won 5 additional spins and eventually earned a total of € 9. After that I took the auto-play game, and again I barely won € 1 but then again the bonus round and 2 free spins. After these bonus rounds in the next half hour, there were still at least the 10th Anyway, a couple of times I had 5 symbols and after that I was on the account has excellent € 55. Then I moved on to roulette and lost half the money, this is my disease!

Roulette me regularly, take away all the profit that hard to win on slot machines and just get disappointed whenever I finish on zero. This time I had control of my game and I saved half the money. When it comes to the Fruit Shop slot game, it is just a continuation of a successful series NetEnt slots, and may not sound dominant discovery. However, it is certain that every player who plays longer feels comfortable because the payment schedule lines and the opportunities provided, guarantees that you will long to play this game even if you start with very little money. So I, with € 15 very quickly came to € 45, and satisfied with performance. I'm thinking to make a deposit to Betsafe casino these days, and certainly will this game go into the selection of those who will play there. Meanwhile, moving on because time is short and the slots every day, more numerous.
Cons: Fruit Shop is 15 paylines video slot created by NetEnt. The game has fruit theme like as the name says. I played this game a few times, but I don't like it.

The main reason is maybe because I had bad run on it, or maybe because the free spins feature is different than on the others slots. This game does not have scatters to trigger free spins. Instead of that, free spins are won by getting combination of different fruit on the reels. The idea is good, but when I played it, it turns out bad. Getting three watermelons, oranges, plums or lemons reward you with one free spins. More symbols of this fruits rewards you with more free spins. But I don't like it, because I received a small amount of free spins. Most of the time I received 1 or 2 free spins that paid nothing or some pennies. I am not interesting to play slots like this, where games are created on this way for free spins. I prefer to wait longer for the feature and later expect bigger wins.

I would prefer to see that there are less fruits and more free spins. Free spins are only at x2 multiplier. This is one more thumbs down for this game from me. I think this game is low to medium variance, so if you are looking for some great, big, mega wins this game could not provide it.

Sure on the other side it could be better for wagering purposes than others high variance, but if I need to wager the bonus money I definitely would choose some other low variance games.

I don't like this slot, I don't think I will play it in the future. Maybe only when I'll receive some free spins from different casinos, but otherwise no. I think there out are much more better 15 paylines games than this one.
Loretta. Reviewed on 25.09.18
Pros: After hearing so many things about Fruit shop video slot I decided to try it and see how it works out for me. Usually when there is many positive and negative facts about a slot either you will like it or hate it there is no middle ground. Unfortunately I am one of those people that hated it. Theme like in numerous other slots are fruits. It is hard to imagine online or land casino without fruit machines because they are here for a long time and trough the years made a very big audience. I never liked them too much but don't mind gambling on them as long as they pay well.

Fruit shop however did not pay at all. Free games on this slot for me have been the biggest disappointment. I never won more than six free spins and all they payed was 10 times bet one time. Most of them go away without any win. The triggering part is not very hard but number of spins is very small and like I said whenever I get smaller amount than 5 they pay nothing. To get 5 free spins on this slot is almost impossible for me because you must match five fruits or have many matching fruit combinations at the same time. When in free spins mode it is easier to get more free spins because card symbols award them as well but if you have bad luck like me and you cant match any winning combinations free spins number wont grow at all. The only thing that kept me from loosing all my money on this slot is the wild symbol which saved the day and I managed to leave this slot with at least part of my money.

The Netent did their part good as far as design of slot goes. Nothing to spectacular but decent enough. Sounds are also good and if only slot payed well it would easy become one of my favorites. Unfortunately the main thing and reason we all gamble payouts was a disaster and so will be my rating for fruit shop 5 out of 10 stars.
Cons: Fruit Shop is another fruit game from NetEnt but somehow I don’t feel it would be a NetEnt product. As I see it the graphic quality not that high that I’m used to at this software developer and the whole visual appearance here can’t give me that pictorial effect what I like the most at NetEnt. The reason for this partly the style of the game what I’m not a fan of and partly because it seems to me as if not the usual work mechanism would have used during the creation process. The symbols are not too attractive, not so well-drawn and for me it’s like an unfinished product.

Not that harshly, but something similar feelings are in my mind when I think of the game segment too. I understand this is a 15-payline slot but there are other products in this category that have much more interesting gaming solutions, features what I don’t see here. 5 Cherry symbols are the best winning combination here and give 2000 times of line bet as top prize if a Wild isn’t involved because then it’s 4000 coins as the Fruit Shop emblem doubles all wins when it substitutes for other regular symbols.

The free spins are played a little bit uncommonly way which I don’t really prefer. Namely, almost every symbol has free spin triggering ability (the card symbols only has it during free spins) and basically every line win gives 1, 2 or 5 free spins where the winning combinations are worth 2 times more what the paytable shows. Though free spins are much more times activated in this way but in my opinion in general they’re not so profitable as if they were played in a traditional numbers and way.

It’d be untrue if I’d say I play too much with this slot because of the above mentioned reasons and I can’t see any chance for changing it in the future. I don’t really like this slot because unlike other NetEnt games, it can’t really entertain me and doesn’t offer anything at other game segments that would make it a ‘must-play’ slot for me.
Carlee. Reviewed on 27.09.18
Pros: Fruit shop it is very interesting video slot game which created by net entertainment.
Game has 15 paylines, and i am very good remember my very first impressions, when i try this game for a first time in my life, that was at redbet casino of course, because this casino was the first net entertainment casino that i join. I just not understand how this slot game work at all, i hit 3 cherries, and get 3 free spins, on free spins i hit something else, get 1 more free spin, lol. This is not often thing, because in 95%slot machines you get fixed number of free spins, but here it is a lot of ways to trigger free spins, all fruits 3 of a kind add some free spins, two cherries add 1 free spins, on free spins starting madness, because any winning combination add some free spins. Free spins played with x2 multiplier, and wilds also has x 2 multiplier.

My best hit in base game on this slot is 5 best paying symbols with wilds, it pay me almost x 300 total bet. In free spins it will be almost 600 x total bet, and i like such max win possibility. My best free spins feature was nearly x 200 mark, but i played 40 free spins or so, so not so big win for this number of free games i believe. I like this game, it is interesting, and probably in this game i get many free spins, it is really award free spins for anything, not big numbers, but even 2-3 free spins can pay a lot of money, if you get lucky and get 5 of a kind with wild.

Great medium variance game from net entertainment, quite unique, and a lot of free spins awarded here. I will definitely play this game again. Big wins is possible, feature awarded almost every 5 spins, and game not so often just come in bad streak. Great think is play this game with bonus funds.
Cons: cOns

Can be really annoying when it only gives 1 free spin and ends
Can go on cold runs of no wins(this usually means a big one round the corner though)
Lots of near miss hits on this, again this is irritating!
It can eat up a big bankroll if you aren’t careful
Fruit Shop is one of my favourite NetEnt slots. I have many favourites but this little 15 liner definitely has a place in my top 10. I can't say enough good things about this slot which is funny really because I didn't like it at first. On saying that I'm very cynical when it comes to slots. At first I never like any slots it takes a bit of time to get to fall in love with them for me!

As I said just now this is a 15 line slot, and what a lovely one it is. It's actually got a very unusual feature to! And if anyone reading this knows me you will that I love great features! The most important symbol on this slot is your CHERRY! I've been lucky enough to actually get five of these on a payline. I think I was playing 30p a spin and won about £45. Cherries will get you the most free spins, however it am unable to explain to you the exact theory around how many free spins you get! Basically every time you have a win with a fruit symbol you get free spins immediately after, however you only need two cherries to get free spins. You don't earn free spins with just the normal number symbols! During the free spins you rack up further free spins with every fruit win. I think the most free spins I've ever had continually is about 42!!!!!! Its great I love it, potentially you can get free spins on every normal spin. And that is not an exaggeration.

I like to play is a lot at 45p a spin...then I like to work my way up to 90p a spin. When you start playing this slot at £3+ a spin the wins are unbelievable. This slot will always have a special place in my heart! And it has a massive 10 out of 10 from me!

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