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fruit frenzy Reviews by Players

Michiko. Reviewed on 04.07.18

I recently found the slot “Fruit Frenzy” from RTG casinos here between the slots promoted by the AskGamblers pages. Since at this slot I lost hours (or even days) playing it about 2 years ago in about all of the RTG casinos that I entered, I thought it would be better to make it a review now. I remember that about 2 years ago when the RTG casinos were at their peak, the “Fruty Frenzy” slot was always the first one where I stopped to play a bonus .Those times my opinion was that there is no better game than this. The time has passed, times have changed and many other better slots appeared. “Fruit Frenzy” is in my opinion now no more than an average slot, almost mediocre.

The “Fruit Frenzy” is preferred as slot due to its very low volatility.In RTG casinos where the return of a slot may drop to only 90 %, you will always lose (me at least, in 2 years of playing at RTG slots I met the entire playthrough only once).As over half of the RTG slots have very high (or just high) volatility, it means that a regular bonus of 50 Euro will be depleted in less than 200 spins, even playing at the minimum bet. When playing the “Fruit Frenzy” slot, though the money will be enough for an average of about 300-700 spins. Besides from the nice graphics and carnival music, these are the only qualities of this slot.

As I was saying, was once upon a time I looked forward for the Pineapple (Wild here) to shoot with the melon cannon the strawberry into the pumpkin target (a scene from the Free Spins early stage). Now, unfortunately I realized how much time I spent waiting in vain in front of this slot miracles that never happened.

Playing here in 90% of cases you will lose. In the remaining 10 % of cases, occasionally you will win some extra money (but this money will not be enough to meet all specific RTG wagering). Except the case when you have the 2 “Fruit” symbols on the reels (that pay double the total bet) or 2 “Frenzy” (that pay equal the total bet) , in all other cases wins are less than the total bet. In almost all cases just 3 symbols will align.About once every 100 spins 5 symbols will align and thus you will enter the Free Spins round (which can be re-triggered). Although the Free Spins round doubles the payouts, only if you have the luck to play 25 spins (or if the round is re-triggered) you will win more than you spent to enter in Free Spins.
Fruit Frenzy is a 25 line, 5 reel low variance Animated circus fruits themed slot supplied by RTG. Symbols include wild pineapple ringmaster symbol worth a whopping 10,000x line bet if you land 5 of these!, daredevil strawberry worth 5,000x line bet for 5!, Orange clown worth 2,000x line bet(5), Pear in tutu up to 1,000x line bet, Banana, plum these are the high variance symbols you will see these much less often than the lower paid symbols.

Low Variance symbols Watermelon Cannon, Car, Balloons, goggles and tickets. Fruit Frenzy slot also has fruit and frenzy scatter symbols(not to activate free spins) these pay up to 200x/100x total bet respectively, though the fruit and frenzy scatters cannot combine for a win.

I discovered Fruit Frenzy fairly recently on Sloto Cash when I had limited money to wager with and had heard from someone a long time ago to play low/medium variance slots when short on cash. The reason fruit frenzy is ideal for this is although you do not hit many whoppers you do hit wins consistently and the machine can also pay big so if you are fortunate you can still win lots on this slot. The players main objective is to land 5 of a kind the neat unique reason is this is how to activate the feature round! When you do hit 5 of a kind you are presented with a cannon, a fruit with hole in and the strawberry/pineapple ring master symbol all animated and moving. You are then asked to click hit you're given 3 hits. What you want to do is try and fire the strawberry daredevil through the hole as many times as you can.

Cannon hits explained

0 hits= 5 free spinsx2 multiplier
1 hit=10 free spins x2multiplier
2 hits=15 free spins x2multiplier
3 hits=25 free spins x2multiplier

When in free spins they can be re-triggered if you can land another 5 of a kind combination this is not all though! You can win more shots on the cannon if for example you hit a 5 of a kind combo on line 3 and line 15 at the same time the cannon allows you 6 hits meaning if very lucky you can win as many as 50 more free games! That is why this games so great imagine you keep winning 5 of a kinds!(when games are on win streak this can occur!) I think the most I have had is around 60-70 free spins!

In my opinion Fruit Frenzy is very under rated and overshadowed by better known games such as Paydirt, Count Spectacular, Builder Beaver and Texas Tycoon. If you want to win regularly with less risk compared to the other games RTG have to offer then Fruit Frenzy is well worth a shot! Ok so 5 of a kinds don't come that often you are thinking but with the pays available it’s not like you need to be on free spins to win good anyway!

I give Fruit Frenzy 9.5/10 With constant win streaks occurring quickly and a great paytable. This slots enjoyable for low rollers especially, but can be used primarily as a bankroll builder for the high rolling players.
Sarina. Reviewed on 27.09.18
Fruit frenzy is fun little 25 lines slot i enjoy when i play in RTG casinos.Theme of slot is very cheerful with all sorts of colorful fruits as symbols.The wild symbol is Mr.pineapple which substitutes all symbols except two scatters.Unlike many other slots fruit frenzy has two different scatter symbols.Fruit scatter which pays 200 x with 5 fruit scatters anywhere and frenzy scatter which pays 100x bet when you get 5 frenzy scatter on reels.What is also different from other slots is that none of two scatters trigger bonus feature.

The daredevil feature is triggered when any five of a kind wins happen.For me daredevil feature is the best part of fruit frenzy slot but it is triggered rarely.When you trigger it Mr pineapple shoots strawberry daredevil from watermelon canon into half of melon.You have 3 attempts to try hitting middle of melon.If you hit it all 3 times you get 25 free spins.If you hit twice you get 15 free games.If you hit only once you get 10 free games and if you miss all you have only 5 free games.I mostly get 15 free games but i had also few sessions with maximum 25 free spins and they payed a lot of money.The line wins during free games are doubled and scatter wins are tripled and only thing bad about this feature is that it cant be re triggered.The looks of this slot is very nice same as the music that plays when you get wild or scatter wins.

Fruit frenzy for me is slot that i like to play to have some fun and i don't expect very big profit from it.The reason is that it lacks small wins and bonus feature does not occur very often.

For the finish i will rate fruit frenzy slot in my three categories.First payouts 6/10 second fun i have playing this slot i rate 8/10 and the last win big with small bets i rate 7/10

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