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Many people are interested in the subject of prediction, trying to find out what will happen to them in the future. Therefore, it is not surprising that this theme is so popular in the field of gambling, and it finds its expression in the form of slot machines. One such is Fortune Teller by NetEnt, which is able to open the curtain before the future and show what you can expect from it. You can get a lot of pleasant impressions and win good money by spinning reels Fortune Teller slots game.

Main Theme

The name of this game speaks for itself. You will meet with a fortune teller who can predict destiny. All the events that await you in the future will immediately become known to this woman as soon as she uses her magic ball and tarot cards. If the opportunity to look into your own future does not frighten you, then boldly spin the reels and get generous cash prizes.

Interesting Features

Like most other slot machines, Fortune Teller offers a simple and fun gameplay. This is a 5-reels video slot with three horizontal rows of characters. You can choose from 1 to 30 paylines. Fortune Teller contains coins in denominations from $ 0.01 to $ 0.50. The maximum bet amount is 60 dollars (120 coins).

Fortune Teller slot is a game with a thematic bonus round and special symbols (Scatter, Wild), which increase your chances of winning.


The maximum win on the current bet on the active line will be paid only. Paid combinations consist of two or more symbol sequences that start from leftmost to right.


Like most NetEnt slots, Fortune Teller uses Flash technology and runs in an Internet browser. This game does not require any software installation on your device.

Many know that gypsies are a nomadic people. Artists from NetEnt managed to realistically convey the atmosphere typical of the gypsy camp. You can see even the small details that are characteristic of the culture of this people. However, the style of controls has no changes. You can see the bet amount on the spin (Bet), choose the Coin Value and the number of coins for the bet (Coins), determine the bet level, and so on.

In addition, Fortune Teller provides the opportunity to run game rounds in automatic mode, set the maximum bet size by a single click on the button, as well as to change the configuration of graphics, sounds and game speed.

To see the available game combinations, go to the Paytable section. If you want to learn more about the game, click the “i” button. In demo mode, you can see the features of the game process of the bonus round (click Feature Preview).

Game Symbols

Fortune Teller contains the following game symbols:

  • Cards from 10 to Ace, which are decorated in the form of tarot cards.
  • White horse.
  • Black cat.
  • The eye of fate.
  • A gypsy who predicts fate.
  • Crystal ball.

If there is not enough symbol for a winning combination, Wild can replace it, which in this game is depicted as the eye of fate. A combination of two or more Wild symbols is also paid. Of course, for two Wild you will get a few coins only. However, 5 eyes of fate lined up will bring you a good profit.

Scatter in Fortune Teller activates the round with free spins. It is depicted in the form of a crystal ball. During free spins, x3 the multiplier for wins is used.

Bonus symbol in the form of the main character (fortune-teller) launches a bonus round in the game.

Bonus Round

Fortune Teller slot machine contains a bonus round with free spins and a themed mini-game. If you see 3 or more symbols with a picture of a crystal ball, a bonus round with 12+ free spins will be activated. All winnings during the game will be doubled. You will be able to get additional free spins in this round.

The bonus mini-game will be launched in a new game window. You will see several cards which are turned to you with their backs. Each casino player who chooses a card without the image of death will receive a generous cash prize. When you get a card depicting death, the mini-game will be finished and you will return to the usual spins.


In this game there is no jackpot. The maximum win corresponds to five Wild symbols lined up on the active line.


Fortune Teller will help you not only to kill unnecessary time, but also to get good prizes if you are lucky one. You can save your money for bets if you see a few Scatters symbols that run a round with free spins. Also, the thematic mini-game can make a variety in the gameplay.

However, this slot has a relatively low RTP slightly above 93%. If you are not scared and ready to find out your fate in the near future, then make bets with real money and spin the reels.


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Fortune teller Reviews by Players

Dianna. Reviewed on 01.07.18
Fortune teller slot has real interesting symbols. The symbols in the slot justifies the theme truly. As it is an old slot game it lack in graphics and animation and even the sound effect are too ordinary.

I found that slot gives good returns at higher bets thus I kept the bet mostly at $0.90. Amazingly I triggered the free spin feature right in the second spin I made. It was triggered when three scatter symbols appeared on the reels and I was awarded with 12 free spins. I made 521 coins from the free spin feature.

There is also a bonus game in the slot which is triggered when 3 or more bonus symbols appear on the reels. In the bonus game you have to pick a card from the 5 cards presented in the first line of cards. Then a card from the second line of cards which contain four cards and then finally from the third line of cards which contain just two cards. I triggered this feature twice. But I made only 60 coins in the first time and 300 coins in the second time. The wild can substitute any symbol except the bonus symbol and the scatter. It also the highest payout symbol which returns 7500 coins when you hit the 5 symbols on an activate play line. The bonus game can be triggered in the free spins also.I triggered the free spin feature twice. The second time I made whooping 2346 coins.

he slot has good returns and it is recommended for any classic slot lover. But I am a bit concerned about animation and graphics. So I did compromise in that aspect of the slot. But overall if any slot has good returns I do like it. I would rate the slot 9 on 10.
Fortune Teller is an older 30 payline, 5 reel slot coming from NetEnt. These slots were one of the main reasons why I didn’t play NetEnt slots before. It is almost impossible to win here. The graphic and animations are poor and the game doesn’t offer anything interesting to keep you occupied.

The paytable is incredibly poor with the highest paying symbol awarding a win of only 500 coins. Usually when I see a paytable like that I expect a superb bonus game or wild symbol multipliers but that’s not the case here. 5 wilds have a payout of 7500 coins on a winning payline which is not too big and no multiplier or expanding function. The scatters have a payout attached with 2 of them awarding a 2 x bet win and 5 of them awarding 100 x bet win.

At least 3 scatters trigger the free spins bonus game and you get 12 free spins with all prizes tripled. The number of free spins is the same for 4 and 5 scatter symbols and the free spins can be retriggered. This game also has a cash bonus which awards very low payouts. It is triggered when you get at least 3 bonus symbols on the first 3 reel on a winning payline. Here you have 3 rows of cards and you get one pick in one row. The bonus ends when you pick the death card which is in the second or third row which is ridiculous because sometimes you win only 10 coins. Hardly worth the time for playing the bonus round.

I have no idea why anyone would play this game when it is impossible to win here. Base play wins are small to medium because you get a descent number of wilds but most of the time you drop in balance. The bonus rounds are terrible with average wins of only 20-30 x bet.
Rubin Ressler. Reviewed on 26.09.18
Fortune Teller is a very satisfying 30 paylines video slot provided by NetEnt that I like to play occasionally. It is the theme of gypsies predicting the future and how often Wild palms with eyes on them would come forward frequently! There is also one other reason why I like Fortune Teller, it is due to the fact that I too are a superstitious individual! It calls me towards this slot to take up my chance for winnings.

When paying out in the main game, Fortune Teller can produce amounts just above the $3 range, it is because wilds are just often appearing as in the MG slot Moonshine. They give out the best advantage when making some earnings. But the one thing however I displease of about Fortune Teller is the Tarot Card bonus. There will be three rows and each time I would pick a card there will be a low to high amount before proceeding to the next row. I find myself always ending the bonus on the second row, I rarely make it to the third.

The lowest on my $1.20 triggering bet is $0.40 in one card and I can't believe at times an opportunity like winning $20 or $16 in the first or second row were passed up. Now if I had to narrow out something better in terms of bonuses there is one bonus that would kill this Tarot card bonus and that will be the bonus inside the MG slot Gypsy Queen! How can I argue with cards that have "Pick again" with a very good payout? Now to compensate the lack of winnings on a frequent basis in the bonus on Fortune Teller they offer also free spins of 12 at 3x! It can be great as I made $94 in winnings from finding 5 black cats under a 3x during free spins. The 5 cats gave me $20.....tripled while the other medium wins fell into place as the remaining free spins played out.

I definitely would play this again and recommend this to anyone that appreciates the scene of fortune tellers and card predictions. On another note Fortune Teller kicks gambling @s* so take that Blood suckers slot! My rating on Fortune Teller gives a 7.8 out of 10!
Daysi. Reviewed on 28.09.18
Fortune Teller is one of the older Net Entertainment slots which is still played a lot by many people. I've had the pleasure to try this slot for real money a couple of times. The game is based on gypsies and the symbols resemble everything you would find at a fortune teller. This includes a lot of cards, bowls, black cats, ponies and the one-eyed hand. This game is suited for high rollers as well, since they can bet up to 60 euros each spin. I'm by no means a high budget player though, and when I tried this game I kept it limited to €0.90 bets.Fortune Teller has 30 paylines, 5 reels and two exciting second-level features to look forward to. The bonus symbol is that of a female fortune teller holding cards in her hand. If these appear on a payline at the first 3 reels, then the bonus game is activated.This bonus game has disappointed me most of the time though. The cards are positioned in a pyramid form, and from 3 rows you have to pick cards starting from the bottom row. Each card reveals a prize, but if you pick the wrong card then the game stops.I had way too many bonus games winning only a fraction of my bet size, which is not only annoying but also a bit shameful.Luckily I had better experiences with the base game, where I won 60x or 80x my bet size several times. Each reel has wild symbols as well, which helped me achieve these wins. The best thing that happened to me was in free spins mode though. 3 or more scatters award 12 free spins on this game with a 3x multiplier.During free spins I managed to have four of kind many times, helped by the wild symbols. During one session I won like 425x my bet size. So I do have fond memories of this game, but most of the time the free spins only reward like 20x bet size on average.My final rating for Fortune Teller is 6.5/10.

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