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fortune hill Reviews by Players

Charlie. Reviewed on 03.07.18
This epic slot was made me exciting like when i was a child and it brings back the time where i believe in the world of fantasies, fairy tales and other we all know fictions. Their concept was very nice and creatively artistic! You will know how artistic and good a slot if you watch their trailer, animation before the start! The animation was pretty great and i will not wish anymore for me it's enough but not great as i expected to be it is. The prestige casino that offered me this game and the other casinos that i played before that were powered by Playtech platform but i choose the prestige casino because this was the casino that i played this slot daily. Before anything else do you see the water mill in the side of slot? Well, that's what the one that i like the most to this kind of slot they're very intelligent and creative think that so that players can easily attract to that water mill! That mill when you spin gives you bonuses different kinds of feature like when i won a free spins with the aid of that water mill i struck the 2x multiplier! I think for me that kind of "gimmick" is for low winnings so that it can be added.

There was a time when i bet almost $.25 per line (but all the time i bet $.05-$.10 per line) a total of $6.25 because i want to win their bonus game seriously that's what i'm waiting to get then i was truly disappointed because i don't get it and lose the money for that i plan for that session of playing slots. Patience is the key they said iv'e play this daily and weekly to see if i will get their bonus! Surprisingly i got it with the two mushroom from reel 1 and 5 where they are visible that bonus was a great animation of their bonus where an elf swims through many kinds of mushroom and at that time i remember Super Mario Bros. At the end of that animation i won $44 from a total of $2.50 bet not so huge winnings but the experience was priceless! The disappointing part of their feature bonus is that when free spins are available the water mill feature bonus was not available too the multiplier do it's more amazing if they will use the feature of water mill and not only the multipliers because the feature of that water mill was indeed great like another free spin, money bag bonus and fairy wand bonus.

This 5 reel 25 pay line slot was great and interesting to play that was made from Playtech platform. Wild spins, free spins, bonus game was exciting and you will not bored playing it again and again. My hands always wants to click the spin and the auto spin option that they made the interesting part is there is a option for "spin until the feature" meaning to say until you lose lol. The sound quality and the graphics was astoundingly great enough for slot lover like me they're compatible to each other. I rated this slot 9/10 over all! Please be aware that the payout ratio of this slot is not so high and i conclude that they made the water mill because of that reason.
Asha Ovalle. Reviewed on 26.09.18
There are plenty of things to say about Fortune Hill! The wins on spins, the Wheel putting me at a 2nd chance of grabbing a multiplier or a small feature and even getting the bonus round is awesome too!!!

Fortune Hill is like a fairy tale slot with wizards for wilds, fairies as the 2nd highest symbol and acts as the one who bestows a moderately big to high win or 2 expanding reels, the elf being the main character of this slot and the troll as the antagonist! It's a 25 paylines video slot that says "lots of surprises". For $0.50 a spin I had many wins going around the amount of $4.50 wins.

The bonus round for 2 bonus mushrooms on the 1st and 5th reels do tend to come out on this bet but not so much when I put in $1.25. For me, the bonus comes out on my $0.50 while the free spins are of difficulty to obtain...yet.....on $1.25 bets the free spins are slightly easier to find but very hard to see the bonus round! Each time after my spin,the arrow on the wheel to the right will try to land on a space where it's almost always a prize such as an instant win for hitting the money bag (it's about 2x to 5x mostly), a magic wand that let's the fairy appear to give me a prize like $12.50 on my $1.25 and even something like $25.60 when she spread her magic on the win didn't react and she kicked it as if she had nothing to do with it which surprised me because I thought I wasn't going to win anything lol. It's much better to win the cash prize than 2 expanding wilds on the 2nd and 4th me on that!!

The multipliers are straight forward when they land but it's really super if hitting all 3 free spin scatters with a multiplier because it will be carried over inside free spins....but otherwise not a big deal if the wheel doesn't provide that wonder! As for the re-spins, it didn't catch my attention so I didn't find one when I played on Everest Poker. The bonus round is like the Alien Egg bonus in Alien hunter except there aren't any multipliers to change the wins on the selected mushrooms. I'd pick each one carefully before finding the mole that rings a bell to awaken the troll (the mole ends my feature). Mine would be about 4 or 5 mushrooms left from getting the mole and I would have about $10.50 on $0.50 triggering bet and $20.75 on $1.25 triggering bet! It a really cool game, I like the wheel giving me a chance to find something great and what really impressed me the most would be triggering the free spins with a good 3x multiplier! It's so good that even a multiplier in the base game can make it's way to the bonus round too!!
September. Reviewed on 28.09.18
Fortune Hill video slot is from the Playtech providers which is one of the favorites 5 slots that I like from this software. This slot get my attention every time I visit and play at some Playatech casino. When I play Fortune Hill i get the feeling like I am part of some fairy tale story, Fairies flying on the reels, Wizard showing with the magic stick and the little elf comes out from his house, blowinghis small balloon and flying to the trolls home, picking up his mushrooms. All this 3 symbols what I mentioned they are bonus rounds in this game.

This game has also a wheel, a magic wheel, which you will see it from the right side from this game. The wheel is multiplier and it will show how much X will the winning combination be multiplier or even better if the Magic stick lends and the Wizard also arrives in the reels then we have the Wizard bonus round. The Wizard bonus is my favorite, because from it I did had some nice amount of money win.

Lets not forget about the free spins round, well that will happened when the free symbols with free spins logo will lend on the reels 1, 3 and 5, which by me its easy to catch, well that depends on how will the game load. The second bonus round that this game has is the little elf bonus, so when 2 Mushrooms symbols appear on the 1st and on the 5th reel then we trigger the bonus. The little elf shows up, he will blow his balloon and it will take you, right to the Trolls place, where he sleeps, so better be careful.

The much mushrooms you will collect the better prize will follow and when the little mole will show from one of the mushrooms, then your bonus round is finished, because the Troll is waking up and runs after the little elf, which he use the balloon again to run away from him, but this time he lends on the game.

The last is the Fairy bonus round, when she does a little magic, at the second and fourth reels, cover them all, so those two reels become wilds and off course here is the chance to win big. I love playing this game because this game is full with magic, fairies bonuses, well don't we all like Fairy Tales !

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