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Terrie. Reviewed on 04.07.18

I’m always in trouble when I want to play with football themed slot at a Playtech casino because I don’t know what I should choose Football Stars or Football Legends. These two slots are almost the same, maybe Legends is focusing more on all-time greatness while Stars follows the geniuses of modern times. So everyone easily can find his hero from Charlton, Di Stefano to Messi or Totti regardless of age or the era when fell in love to this great kind of sport. Anyway, I like both slots and I can find little differences why I want to play each of them from time to time.

Football Stars offers the freedom for players to choose which teams to play with, namely, players can select their favourite teams’ players to be the main symbols of the slot and imitates some kind of match between these two teams. Both units have 3-3 player symbols on the reels and 1-1 free spin icons with national flag. Team 1’s figures can form a winning line from left to right while the second team’s characters can pay from right to left. The only downside is if a 5 of a kind winning is accumulated unlike other ‘both ways to win’ type slots, it just pays only once.

There’s another great opportunity to win and that’s the ‘Mixed Pay’ formula. To achieve such win it doesn’t require 3 or more identical symbols but figures from the same team also can form a winning line (but the LR-RL direction criteria remain in effect in normal play). In free spins such winnings are available regardless the directions but Wild can’t be a part nor in base game neither during extra spins.

Of course there are independent icons too like Wild which is also the best paying one (up to x10.000 coins) or Scatter (max. 125 times of total bet) and letters and numbers. Pass the Ball bonus is triggered if a Ball symbol appears on the second reel and on its left side there’s a player character from the Team 1 or if it lands on 4th reel and the right spot next to it contains a member of the second team. In these cases gambles can win 3 times of total bets and if there’s any other players from that team on the reels it multiplies the total win by the number of additional heroes. 12 free spins are activated when Free Games symbols with the same national flag appears on the first and last reel at the same time and during this extra only the players symbols of the triggering team appear on the screen.

Despite these lot of strict little rules, it’s absolutely not a complicated slot and easy to understand them in minutes. I like very much this small additions and I find it makes the slot more interesting and overall I love to play both Playtech football versions however this 15-payline slot is better rewarding and maybe feature richer of the two.
Anyway, I think it’s one of the best sport slots out there and it’s a must-play game for every football lovers, but everyone else also can find in it the subject of amusement. I only can recommend it.
One thing Playtech does very well and even better than many other software providers is creating lovely soccer themed type of slots. I've been a soccer fan all my life and enjoy watching the game on television almost every other day. Therefore I always appreciate it when a software provider takes the time to develop a fine slot based on the game I love.Microgaming just has SHOOT, but Playtech has Football Stars. A highly innovative concept with a bit outdated symbols though, since many players are retired by now. But that doesn't take away the fun because almost each one of them are legends. The game starts with offering you the option to choose from 7 top teams, including Argentina, Brazil, England, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. I was surprised not seeing Holland here, but I guess since we never won a world cup it makes sense.You have to choose a home side and away side. Home side symbols matching from left to right will deliver a win, and away side symbols matching from right to left. Anyway it didn't take long before I chose my top-2 Southern-American teams. Brazil vs Argentina - what a classic that is, and I really hope that would be the final for this world cup.Brazil features symbols of Ronaldinho, Ronaldo and Kaka, while Messi, Crespo and Riquelme were players for the Argentinian Squad. I think this game has been made around 2006-2007 considering Ronaldo was still present. Ronaldo was one of my favorite players, and what's a better way to make him win for me with a slot lol.I played this game a long time ago and won like 200 euros in no time. Although I can't exactly remember how, except that it was in free spins mode. The game also features wilds which form the best paying symbols after Ronaldinho and Messi. There is also a free games symbol which only lands on symbol 1 and 5. When u get that u win 12 free spins with only one team on the pitch. There is also a scatter symbol but this one does not award a bonus or anything. There is however a pass-the-ball bonus which awards little most of the time. I would love to see Playtech making another slot for the upcoming Worldcup.Overall rating for Football Stars is 7.5/10
Melody. Reviewed on 27.09.18
I'm still on football and the next review is Top Trumps World Football Stars, or just Football Stars, as listed in the games list here at AskGamblers. If you think and expect Football Stars to play exactly or similarly to Football Rules, you will be completely off the track! This exciting game Football Stars play just like on a real field, but on wheels and reels, bringing lots of thrills! Don't just take my word for it, give it a good go. Should you fall in love with it...I told you so!!! :)

Football Stars is a 15-paylines 5-reels slot game that plays just like real football! Before starting each game, you get to choose which favourite country you want to represent, and then choose your opponent. There are seven countries for you to choose from - Argentina (they finally arrived), Brazil, England, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. If you like Spain, the current World Champions, then click on Spain's flag on the left-hand side. Then click on another flag on the right-hand side to represent your opponent that you want to give a good bashing! :D Done? And you're off to the playing screen! But first, some words from the referee. "Spain plays on the left. Opponent on the right. Any wins left-to-right goes to Spain. Any wIns right-to-left goes to opponent. Mixed Pay and Pass The Ball wins also pay the same way. All wins go to player at the end of the day. All losses go to the cashier, there's no two way. If there's anything you ain't sure, more info along the way. Now flip the coin for who to start play!" Got it all? No huh? Never mind...slowly as we go along...hehehe. Yep! Your heart is probably flipping like crazy by now, so lets get under way! :D

Display on the scoreboard... Mixed Play win is a win comprising of any combination of players from the same team but are not of the same symbols, meaning, symbols of different players from the same team. Spain pays left-to-right, opponent pays right-to-left. Clear? Good! :) Next display on the scoreboard...whenever the same country flag symbol appears on reels 1 and 5 simultaneously, a free games feature is triggered. No mixing of country flags allowed. 12 free games (spins) will be awarded, more free games (spins) cannot be retriggered, and all free games (spins) have x1 win multiplier. Only players from that country that won the free games feature will play...opponents wait at the bay. All wins pay both ways, but for scatters just one way. If two wins occur on any payline, only the highest win pays. Clear? Sort of? Hmmm...okay. Last display on scoreboard...pheeew, this is going a looong way...Pass The Ball Bonus play. Kind of hard to really explain, so just play...all wins get x3 pay! Hehehe. Oooops, one more notice on display...'WILD' carry wins the same way, x10,000 is the highest pay. Get 5 for a super payday! End of display. Geeeees...thank god for that! :D

You see? If you think playing football is is not! If you think it's hard to is not! But if you think it's hard to've got a screw loose!!! Hahahaha. Football Stars is a great game to play! It will entertain you in various ways that other games can not. If you've read everything I've said and understand every bit of sure know your football stars! If you're like everyone else who read and got a headache...welcome to the club! Best thing to do is forget what I've said and get the game on the way. Heck, chances are you'd soon be so entertained that you'd forget you had a headache! But...if all this doesn't thrill you to bits...dang! Okay, go find another game to play! :D

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