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football star Reviews by Players

Garrett Jerry. Reviewed on 30.04.18
Football Star it is Microgaming video slot, game was released not sure when, but if guess that in a time of world cup of football most likely I will not be far away from truth. Game is almost same as cool wolf, and another ice hockey game.

Football Star has 243 paylines, and basically this is great game. Because there is a lot of stacked wilds at reels 3, 4, 5, and there is 40 wild symbols in a row at this symbols. Also when you have any winning combo - winning symbols disappear and on it place come another symbols, so generally you can get few great wins in a row during one spin.

Another feature during base game is striking wild - one reel can become wild at any single spin, this feature is triggered by random. To be honest I am not very like it because only one wild reel can appear, it is possible to have great win of course, but generally it is boring, for example at Immortal Romance or Thunderstruck II similar feature can make up to 5 wild reels... Why not make similar one here? Also during this feature symbols will not disappear after win.

Freespins are also here, and I do love this slot for one single thing - no payout for 2 scatters. It is just sucks to have two scatters and get small award for it, and here you get 2 scatters - no payout, so I do not pay attention on it, feel less pain when feature do not triggered. 3 or more scatters awards freespins, and there is starting feature like at gonzo's quest - each consecutive win increase win multiplier, up to 10 x. So best way to collect some great money - it is get 10x multiplier, 3 stacked wilds on last reels, and any two same symbols on first two reels.

My best result at this game is not great, I am not played it much, but have about 5 freespins features. Do not have 100 x total bets features, I think it is need to achieve high multiplier to get it, but generally each feature paid me not bad, higher than 50x total bet.
If only striking wild feature is boring, but generally everything good, hard to thumbs down something.
Herta. Reviewed on 30.06.18
I guess it wasn’t an accident that Microgaming introduced one of their latest slot games at the end of spring because I suppose they thought this football themed slot was going to be a great partner at warm up for the upcoming World Cup. To be honest I’ve waited for this game to be launched since the day I read a review about it and couldn’t wait to try it out in real situation.

The interface of the game is very correct. Somehow this theme doesn’t let too much space to the creators regarding to its symbols and graphic elements and Microgaming chose to make this game with good quality of graphics of drawn symbols instead of going with an image of a real football star. The fan packed stadium in the background and the clear, bright and very colourful characters are all great and I like the action rich, football moves illustrated symbols. I think this appearance meets to the expectation of a nowadays, modern slot and there can’t be nothing real issue relating to this part of game.

The lately became very popular 243-ways-to-win game mode is attached to this game and have to say there are surprisingly lot features that the players can enjoy. The slot has a Football Star emblem as Wild and though it doesn’t pay in itself or multiply the wins but it still play an important factor in success. These little pictures appear in stacked formats only on last 3 reels but thanks to the often occurring situations the wins with them are a permanent guest here.

The need of it increases during free spin feature after three or more Ball symbols on the table activate 15, 20 or 25 free games where the Rolling Reels feature is in still effect. Every time when a win occurs there the participating symbols disappears and all figures above them on the screen falls down one position. The real sense in it is when the second, third, fourth… wins happens thanks to Rolling Reels and that wins are multiplied with x2, x3 or even x10.

Besides Rolling Reels feature, the normal game mode has another extra to offer and this is the Striking Wild feature. During the play the randomly chosen reel (this only applies to the 3 inner reels) may turn into Wild with a guaranteed prize.

I find all of these game functions and features great and playing the game there’s really lot of wins but my problem with them is they’re all just small ones. Maybe my luck hasn’t been on my side (but it never is?) but the noticeable wins just avoided me and sometimes it is really annoying. Looking at the paytable - perhaps I’m a little bit greedy but - some of the written values can be little higher. I know because of it’s a 243-ways type game and has special winning rules and combination but it still can be more player friendly. Other than that it is not a bad game at all it can entertain us and give some funny moments but I’m still missing here something that makes the game real unique or more attractive for me.
Poor payouts during base game, difficult to hit big. Even 5 oaks are nothing special.
Leslie. Reviewed on 25.09.18
Ah! Football Star. I was thinking there’ll be icons of favourite football stars in the game, but only caricatured ones appeared for the symbols, if those are really caricatured icons of great football stars at all. I can’t recognized any of them, but then again I’m no football maniac! The graphics and animations are nice and interesting enough, but I like the background chanting of the crowd, which becomes more infectious with time - I was literally tapping my foot or finger with it soon enough! 1 star up.

The expanded Wilds appear on reels 3, 4 and 5, which should be good enough to bring in some really good wins, when it pays that is. Most of the time, even 3 reels of those expanded Wilds didn’t bring in any handsome win for me. At times, even a no-win! Dang! That shouldn’t be the case at all, not when it’s so difficult to get all three of them appearing at the same time. All I have gotten so far are only small wins, usually in the region of 20x total bet or less. This is very disappointing indeed, to say the least. 1 star down.

As for the random striker feature, he came a few times too, creating a random expanded Wild on one of the reels. Still, payouts were hardly ever a lot, despite it being a guaranteed win feature. Yeah, right, a $1 win would still be regarded as a guaranteed win, but more like a miserable “my foot!” win to me. 1 star down!

As the paytable indicates, 3, 4 or 5 scatters would award 15, 20 or 25 free games respectively, with rolling reels feature and a maximum win multiplier of 10x. Hey, 10x is certainly a high win multiplier…but only if all the other symbols would cooperate in tandem! Most of the time, the rolling reels would occur once, twice, or even three times, but very seldom more than 4 times, so the win multiplier has a damn hard time trying to climb up above the 3x mark. The maximum I got was up to the 5x mark, nothing more above that. On average, the payouts from those free spins are usually around the 30x total bet amount. Not very encouraging, I must say, considering how scarcely 3 or more scatters would appear on the reels! 1 star down.

If not for the possibility of huge wins from the 3 expanded Wilds reels, I would have to say that Football Star is exciting to play but difficult to win at, purely because the symbol payouts are rather low. 5-of-a-kinds do come quite a number of times but doesn’t pay out big enough to cover back the credits it had taken away. On the whole, just too bad Microgaming, this game is fun and exciting to play, but the payouts should have been much better – right now, it’s not up to World Cup Football class yet! 1 star down.
I have only one objection to this slot: in normal spins, for just 3 symbols aligned the slot pays too little as compared to the total bet. But I guess if the payout for 3 symbols were not so small, the wins here would be truly astronomical.
Lilian. Reviewed on 27.09.18
Football Star just reminds me of the new Cool Wolf when speaking about these extended wilds roaming on the last 3 reels. Can this slot be a clone of the old slot, "Break Away"? Oh yes it is!Football Star, Cool Wolf and Break Away do have something in common.......the 243 ways of winning, the many Wild stacks on 3rd, 4th and 5th reels AND they all have there randomly triggered Wild reel features! Football Star, in my opinion, is the second best when it comes to placing bets because Cool Wolf, to me, is number 1 when I played this at GoWild casino! I had $500+ total in my balance thanks to the Free spins feature Cool Wolf had provided me that my winning streak continued over to Football least not too awesome in ways of winning!

What I like about Football Star are the graphics & the Rolling Reels...hehe it's always these type of slots that drive me crazy with there "more than one chance to win after winning combinations!"! Whenever I place $1 - $1.50 per bet with Stacked Wilds connected with my combinations each win gets burned away for newer symbols to take their place! It's very important that stacked wilds always make their way because they WILL most likely create more than one win!! The stacked wilds, when used, almost always appears dropping another stack in it's place! I have a screen that involves 5 of a kind combinations resulting in $36.45!!! It was so sweet to get!

The Free spins feature for getting 3 scattered Footballs got me 15 Free spins that can increase in multipliers upon per win that can grow all the way to 10x....which I think is rare to nearly impossible to earn! Now that's a lot of hard work!!! The feature music to describe it in words is like a moment that the winning team has gained glory and victory over their rival team and earned the trophy/cup! It's a much more serious sounding feature than Cool Wolf. With Cool Wolf it is much more about fun and mischief in terms of the feature music and with Football Star's free spins, it sounds more enjoyable to hear! Through the 15 Free spins I can collect from $25 to $ can exactly be the difference between my combinations, my stacked wild hits and the timing they are hit.....after the 2x win, 3x, 4x, 5x or even the 10x! Right after a few weeks I decided to deposit $50 more to try Football Star again after my $400 (Yes, I got carried away when I had my lucky streak...who wouldn't push their luck?) I received 30 Free spins that gave me $23.30 in total bonus money. 243 ways, lots of stacks in the last 3 reels, a random Wild Reel feature that always strikes a win (but never with rolling reels which do su*k), 15 Free spins with multipliers growing as each consecutive win of mine appears (resets back to 1x wins after no more wins, it always starts at 1x first) and feature music that describes "glory and a winning moment" inside the Free spins!!

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