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Football: champions cup

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Most Internet users are fans of such a wonderful game, like football. It’s interesting to watch the progress of the football match even on TV, but in reality it’s truly  an unforgettable sight. Every fan will certainly want to personally take part in a sports match, bringing victory to his team. Dreams are easy to translate into reality, just exactly what the developers of the popular NetEnt brand did.


Team game, known since the Middle Ages, unfolds on the computer screen in all its glory, inspiring to accomplish and open new horizons! Slot machine Football: Champions Cup from the portfolio of the manufacturer, known for release and promotion in the market of interactive slot gambling, is adapted for both fixed device, as well as smartphones and tablets. This allows you to enjoy spectacular matches anywhere, regardless of the place and time.

The main storyline of  Football: Champions Cup colorfully beats a popular sport, the historical past of which is full of events – from periods of popularity among members of various strata of society, to strict prohibitions. You can also launch the slot machine in free mode, it will allow you to understand the intricacies of the rules and evaluate the variety of bonus mini-games.


Football: Champions Cup is effectively decorated, which is an undoubted advantage of this machine. Designers use a juicy color gamut, which allows the maximum possible realism to embody a football field serving as the background of the emulator. A competent selection of techniques of detail is noticeable to the naked eye – the gameplay captures from the first minutes, offering a qualitative rest.

Symbols of the slot are thematic in nature, offering a whole range of all possible sports attributes – balls, professional football shoes, a referee whistle, reward cups, etc. Animation effects add color to the game, and a high-quality soundtrack masterfully conveys the atmosphere of the real stadium. An endless noise, like the sound of a surf; the whistle of judges; screams of excited fans – the electrified atmosphere attracts fans of the Champions Cup!


The gaming machine contains 5 reels, which host 20 lines for collecting combinations and assigning bets. Football: Champions Cup lines are always active, so before the session begins, the user assigns a bet to each. There is an opportunity to play on a maximum (Bet Max); The viewer, who appreciates visual pleasure, is able to activate the automatic gameplay (Auto Play). Information windows allow you to track the size of the bet and the amount on the account. A remarkably visualized paytable is designed to familiarize the player with the coefficients and rules of forming combinations, providing linear schemes.

The spin of the reels of the gaming machine starts after the user clicks on the large round Spin key. During the game process, scatter symbols appearing on game relays 2, 3 and 4 launch a series of free spins. During the active free spins, the user receives an additional pair of badges: Wild – these are red and blue football balls. In this case, the blue ball falls on the first two reels, and the red one on the fourth and fifth relays. It is worth noting that the user can choose the favorite football team, all you need to do is click on the state flag.

If you managed to bring your players to victory, you should expect to receive a prize, the maximum size of which reaches x500. When a sports fan sees 3 or more bonus chips, a thematic round called “Penalty” will be launched, the meaning of which is to fulfill the proposed game actions for the successful completion of the regime and obtaining a generous reward. Theme game is sure to please fans of this football, transferring them to the stadium and giving a tremendous sense of anticipation of the next goal.


This slot machine is very interesting: it attracts an unsurpassed graphic representation of the familiar theme and the corresponding audio accompaniment. Game Football: Champions Cup contains a lot of extra features, which favors the formation of prize combos. The football emulator meets the requirements of the present, it realizes the match as realistically as possible; while the principles of management are extremely laconic.

It is the incredible graphics that are highlighted by the monitored machine against the background of competitors such as the World Soccer video slot. The device will once again please the loyal football fans, allowing those to try on the role of a popular football player or an experienced coach of the whole team.


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Football: champions cup Reviews by Players

Sophie Pope. Reviewed on 02.06.18
Pros: When it comes to football, or soccer, I'm never a fan. I've never stayed up late at nights just to watch some World Cup football matches before. Who wins or who loses makes no difference to me, not then, not now even! I only watched a few football games on TV because I had nothing better to do! Hahaha. Football: Champions Cup? What about it? I'm not excited about it, have not waited anxiously for it, give me some free spins and I'll play it. Where a football game is concerned, there is only one game that made my favourite list, and that is Football Rules, by Playtech. No other football game can compare with what Football Rules can pay!

For a very new game from NetEnt, this Football: Champions Cup game doesn't impress me at all with its mediocre 2D graphics and presentation. This could well have been a game from some years ago, for all I care. Nowadays, new games should be at least with 3D renditions, like those from BetSoft, Saucify, Yggdrasil and so on. Microgaming has fallen too far behind, and NetEnt seems to be falling behind too lately, but all these doesn't really matter to me at all. How the game plays and pays is what matters most to me.

The paytable has already determined what sort of game this is going to be, a medium to low variance game. The payout schedule for all the symbols says it all. 5 Wilds at only 2000x the line bet, Scatters don't pay, other symbols start from 1000x the line bet right down to 100x the line bet. The Wilds, the Scatters and the Bonus symbols are all dumb symbols to me. The Wilds don't do anything other than to substitute for other symbols, the Scatters only award a Free Spins game, and the Bonus only awards a Bonus game. Honestly speaking, all the 3 features are boring and dull to me, not even saying how poorly they pay most of the time!
Cons: The first and foremost thing that I totally dislike about Football: Champions Cup, is the awful background crowd noise that sounds more like an endless static interference! It irritated my ears so much, so quickly, that I had to play my games with the sound off all the time! Sheesh! A chanting crowd background noise would have sounded a lot better, like in some better sports games!

My several plays on this game have all been disastrous, to say it lightly! My best win was only 45x my bet, the Free Spins game would end after just 5 spins, with only once it went to 10 spins, there aren't any win multipliers at all anywhere in the game, so nice bigs wins are a dream come true! Playing the Bonus feature games only made me twitched in pain. Yeah, okay, I must admit, my goal scoring and goalkeeping abilities are almost useless. And those Free Spins games with just 5 free spins...those are a real pain in my 's' most of the time too!

No doubt that big wins are possible in the final round, but like in any real football championship tournament, only 2 teams can make it into the final. Tens more will lose out! Convert that into game plays and you will get my meaning. Generally speaking, all the payouts suck big time! I would even dare to say that this is probably the worse sporting game that I have ever come across, or played. Give me Playtech's Football Rules any time, a game that existed since more than 15 years ago!
Ashly Sclafani. Reviewed on 30.06.18
Pros: Football’s passion is again the source of inspiration of the creative team of NetEnt since in this month of May it has launched one of its most recent slots called “Football: Champions Cup.”

As for the theme and sound effects, this time and like always, NetEnt has shown all its professionalism by designing such an emotional stage, with totally stunning graphics and especially I liked so much the energy conveyed by emulations of football fanatic’s celebrations played every time we hit a line or score a goal in the bonus round.

The format used this time by NetEnt is the traditional grid of 5 x 3, and the number of lines set for this slot is 20. On the paytable, we can find 10 regular symbols, half of them use icons relating to football and they are the best paid, and the other half are symbols represented with letters and numbers. As for the special symbols they are a wild symbol represented by a ball, a cup which serves as the scatter symbol responsible for triggering the round of free spins, and there is another scatter which we identify by having written the word Bonus on it and that is our pass to penalty rounds.

All the features of this game are incredibly exciting, however, my favorite is the round of penalties because of two reasons basically, the first is that during my playing time it was the feature I managed to trigger a greater number of times, and the second is that through it I got the best prizes of my entire session, and mainly I mean some round where I managed to save three penalties and further beat my opponent, which resulted in a 4x multiplier to be applied to the total bonuses earned during my whole round of penalty kicks, hence I made one big win of almost 70x my total bet, the best throughout my session.

At the time I left the game, my balance was positive for a few dollars, however, it was not all rosy while playing, I think this was one of those matches you suffer during all 90 minutes and finally you resolve in your favor just in the last minute of play. While I was playing I had slumps that cast doubt on me about hit average of this slot during the base game; and on the other hand, free spins rounds became particularly elusive to me and the only win I got from this feature did not exceed 20x my total bet.

In general, I believe that “Football: Champions Cup” is a totally fun slot, however, in terms of money, I do not know, I think you really need to sweat for a long time and a bit of luck as well, to get victory, although this does not necessarily mean it is an invincible game.
Lindsy. Reviewed on 26.09.18
Pros: With the Euro 2016 coming up and NetEnt's release of the Football: Champions Cup game raised exciting times in my mind. I am a big fan of football and love watching soccer even though I do not play soccer. NetEnt released this game on 23rd of May 2016 and days before the release when I saw this game on the NetEnt website, I was so excited and couldn’t wait for the 23rd to come for me to try this new Football Slot. This would be the first Football or should I say soccer theme game I played in my entire online casino career.

I started playing this slot and my very first spin I got a big win of 820 coins. I like the theme, the icons and graphics were good. I checked the payout screen and noticed higher paying symbols had a nice payout of 3 symbols on a winning line, which is good, I saw it has a bonus game with Multipliers and Free Spins feature with a max 10 000 coin win if you win the final plus whatever you won during the free spins.
Cons: But as I continued to play the game I started having negative thoughts about this game. First of all I had 50 auto spins at minimum bet and made loss of $7 out of the $10 that was in bet during the 50 spins. After 123 spins I got the Bonus Game, which didn’t pay out much as didn’t get a lot of multipliers, maybe I'm just a shitty goal keeper. I spin the reels and even 300 spins later still no free spins. I got the overlay feature 3 times during all these spins and the combos were not great or the feature kicked in when there was mostly low paying symbols on the reels. Now I am not sure if this game is of High Variance, but I didn’t experience any good wins or see any of that 96% + RTP that this game has to offer. I made a loss of $50 in a matter of 1 Hour. I know you lose some and you win some or maybe that just wasn't my day.

2 days later I tried the football game again and still haven’t pulled of the free spin feature after another 200 spins. I haven’t gotten to experience the free spins feature so I cannot comment on that. But I decided that I am done with this game and decided to stop playing it.

I feel my excitement and waiting was for nothing as it was not worth it. Even though in future if I do get lucky, I still feel you need to invest a lot of time to make a lot of winnings and profit from this game.
Arlyne. Reviewed on 28.09.18
Pros: Football: Champions Cup was released this summer during the Euro Champions Cup. What a clever way to promote a new slot from NeEnt provider. Of course the theme of the slot is Football, a theme that is very popular and can attract many players, especially the men. I had many free spins offers for this game and I liked it, it has some good potential for good wins so I played it a lot when it was released.

The graphics on this slot isn’t something special, it has very simple graphic design, not very usual thing for this provider, I believe they should have better graphics. I like that when you start to play the game you can choose which national team you want. Of course I do not think that the wins of this slot has to do anything to do with the team selection, but I find it nice. The slot has 20 paylines and minimum bet 0.20. The paytable I believe is average, 5 of a kind for the best symbol the wild is 2000 times the line bet which is ok. The returns during the base game are average and I believe you can have a lot of fun even with a low balance on this slot. There is also a random feature on this slot that is called Overlay wilds and can add to the screen 2-5 more wilds. This feature is not as often as I would like.

There is a bonus game also where you can try to win a penalty shootout, which is a pick and win feature, where you pick a corner of the goalpost to score or to try and save the goal. With a successful pick you win coins.

Finally there are free spins where you try to reach the final and win the extra prize which is usually big, around 500 times the bet. There are extra prizes for second and third position too.

Overall I like this slot and I will keep trying to reach the final and win the tournament.

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