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Flowers play online casino for real money

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Flowers slot is a game, universal and inspiring slot machine by Netent that offers players powerful colorful graphics that really exceeds expectations. Any game users has to deal with applicable features accessible from both PC and mobile devices, including touch screen opportunities. Flowers is available in different operational systems (OS) solutions: for Windows, for Mac, for Android, for iOS and for Linux. Each solution is accessible with different extensive features, including the optional use of 3D graphics.

Interesting Features

3D graphics option empowers users with the exponential choice of the versatile dominant characteristics for the visual effects for game players. The creators of the game provide the powerful aesthetic pleasure for the game players delivering to them an opportunity to get the lucky chance to see the bouquets of the flowers that have faces, even eyes, noses and teeth and can speak. There is a unique option to get the real revival of life, as adding the eye-catching revitalization of the slot. Flowers can come into harmonic communities that are more likely to be similar to communities of people. 3D graphics add shape to flower objects that make up the chance to observe flowers in 3-dimensional perspective.


The game includes the versatile paylines that a user can win with double symbol bonuses at casinos online. For example, double-like symbols are known to contain the same identical symbols twice that a game player can use in fairy tens of wild doubles to win a line. They fully match the theme includes the feature the provides players with a chance to win real money and collect extra profits when returning to play again and again. Flowers contains 30 paylines supported by 5 reels, and this is really enough for players to win money easily.

Bonus Rounds

Flowers as one of a payline slots offers extra bonus rounds. For instance, when a user deposits 1000 coins to an account, they can get another 1000 coins to be collected for free. The versatile bets are accessible for the game machine: coins of 2 cents, 5 cents, 10 cents, 20 cents and 50 cents. It is easy to provide variation of the game slot for users for the provision of the variety of incomes: the more skills you are getting, the more income you can see at your game account.

Variations of this slot

The slot has different variations for different operational systems, including Mac, Android, iOS, Windows and Linux. The most interesting is that this game is interestingly compatible with touchscreen devices that empowers gamers with the chance to get inspiration with touching flowers as they are growing, returning into new living being and coming into motion. Interestingly, there are variations of this game in classical Windows versions and in mobile applications. The sounds effects of birds singing, flowers communication, frogs qua-qua voices and the other inspirational vocal themes are enjoyable for players.

Rules and Features

5 reels and 30 paylines are spinning one after another, as the scenery has been changing in a slots game. There is an opportunity to observe the variety of conquering flowers that are one better than another in the field, in the water, in the garden or in the forest. Logically, as people love flowers, they want to get more and more of them in front of passing by general and specific bonuses. For example, a player can get a simple white water lily or a red rose from the beautiful garden: they are all beautiful and charming as composed into revitalizing.  bouquets. According to the rules of the game, Flowers is a slot that makes a player to enjoy with spinning reels to collect bonuses and even by winning jackpots. Inspirationally, the access to the game has been provided by means of the choice of deposits of different amounts: the higher deposit you transfer to your casino online account, the more pleasure you are about to get in the future gaming experience.

History of Flowers

The theme of the Flowers slot is based on the classic game theme of the bonus and jackpot type. The natural-like scenery is based on the versions from the loving nature theme. Ecological history of the game slot is known by everyone: those who love ecological issues and protecting nature should be true lovers of this game. Flowers are created like true heros and heroines who can communicate with each other. They are similar to people in their habits, so they can share the human-based atmosphere of living being. The more interesting type of their life is the continuous motion: as the reels are spinning, a player can collect more and more flowers to be compatible with one another in bouquets.


Flowers is one of the most inspiring slots game offered by Netent, the leader manufacturer of app games for players’ entertainment. The natural-like scenery and ecologically friendly theme make this game wonderfully compatible for the user-friendly experience. The collection of many mysterious wild symbols are graphically correct for use by both experienced users and for beginners. The whistle of nightingale and qua-qua voice of frogs are contrasting in the leading scene in this game offered for casino players. It is welcoming to enjoy the topic of spring melody of the riverside, the bank of the water, the field and the forest whenever you wishe, when choose to return to play eventually. Netent offers a unique chance to get drown into natural atmosphere of spring.

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Flowers Reviews by Players

Ling Quintero. Reviewed on 30.06.18

Flowers is a video slot game by Net Ent providers. Slot features bold symbols and has more of a classic look. In returns I found that slot does not allow for big wins much rather wins of around 5 times to ten times of the bet are very frequent.

There is a very different feature in the slot game in which the two symbols lie at the same seat on the reels. This is basically two headed plant. In which occurrence of two single symbols are counted. The wild in the slot can not substitute these double symbols. Thus many wining combinations were not formed due to the presence of wild symbols. The maximum win is of 2000 coins possible when you hit 5 double headed rose symbols on an active play line. The free spin feature is triggered when 3+ free spin feature appear on the reels with maximum of 30 free spins are awarded when 5 double headed free spins appear on the reels along with a 10x multiplier.

For much time in my game play I kept bet low that is at the starting bet of $0.30. Then I increased it to $0.60 but soon I brought down again to $0.30 because I found that I doubled my bet but the returns were approximately the same. I did trigger the free spins few time in my game play. But I was not satisfied with the returns.

I do not like this slot much and I even I find a bit boring to play. While I also think that chances big win are very rare. Thus this is not the slot which can boost your balance. As I earlier said that the slot is more ever is like a classic slot which does not has good animation and graphics. I would rate the slot 6 on 10.
I didn’t knew anything about this slot but I found about it when I received 10 free spins to play because I made a deposit! From these 10 free spins I won only 3.4 euro and lost them finally but I wasn’t upset because I had fun with this slot!I like it very much because of the theme about flowers and because of the features like wild symbol, double symbols, free spins and stacked wild ! About the graphics I can say that I like very much,the symbols are very nice and the game itself runs very smooth! It is a 5-reel slot with 30 paylines and 0.30$ minimum bet, the maximum bet is 75$ but I only play this kind of slots on the lowest bet possible!

I think this slot has a great payout rate because I played only 10 spins and I won 3.4 euro!I think its perfect if you have a bonus and you want to complete the wagering requirements or you want to make a smaller deposit like 10 euro and to play on the 0.30 stake hoping to double your money! I am very sure that my next deposit will be to a NetEnt powered casino and I will probably play this slot to try my luck even on 0.60$ stake!

I will rate this nice slot from my own experience and I will start with the graphics and characters and I will give a well deserved 9 because I like very much the look of the slot,another 9 will go to the features like wild symbol,double symbols,stacked wild and free spins!The payout rate seemed to be very good from the 10 free spins and I think it deserves another 9 but I will think again about this because I played only 10 spins and maybe for a long time wont pay so good!
Ruthie. Reviewed on 25.09.18
Flowers is an online slot I've played several times, and I think I still don't completely understand how the paylines of this game work lol. First time I chose to play slot I was attracted by the friendly theme and design. I think Net Entertainment done a great job developing this game, it looks simple but the way it's constructed makes it fun to play and the melodies are quite inspiring too. In my opinion the background sounds do have an important role as well. Maybe an underestimated factor, but I can't be annoyed by slots with decent music or melodies.Flowers has 30 paylines, 5 reels and the minimum bet is €0.30. My first session playing Flowers was extremely profitable. I played the game on a bet size of €1.50 and had won around €480 in no time during free spins. The symbols of this game consist of several flowers, including roses and sunflowers. Some are evil looking, while others have a friendly smile on their face. The best paying symbol is that of an evil rose. What confused me in the beginning is that some symbols appear as double symbols. I did not understand how the payout worked when hitting a winning combination.But simply said those double symbols count double or as twice the prize of single symbols. The paytable explains all this briefly, but I was too stupid to understand it initially. The game also has wilds on every reel. 5 wilds even tops the payout of the best paying symbol (10 roses). I think the double symbols simply show that some flowers grow in multiple form from one seed. Same goes basically for the free spins symbols. You need at least four single free spin symbols or two double free spins symbols to activate free spins. 2 Single symbols and 1 double would be sufficient as well to start free spins mode.Depending on the number of symbols, you could win up to 30 free spins. I never won more than 10 free spins though, which is the lowest number. Yet this was sufficient for me to win big. All rounds in free spins are multiplied by 3x. My biggest wins are 300x bet size and a couple of 150x bet size thanks to many wilds appearing in free spins, and I really haven't even played this slot much.My final rating for the lovely Flowers slot is 8.5/10.
Celestine. Reviewed on 27.09.18
Flowers is a very nice slot from Netent software and in the last few months I've been playing it often. Before that I used to visit this slot every now and then but never hit good winnings so I just didn't continue to play it. I've seen many great screenshots from other players from this slot and that encouraged me to be more persistent with Flowers.

As the name already says, Flowers is a flower themed slot with 5 reels, 30 paylines and free spins bonus round. I think Netent has done a great job in terms of graphic design for this game, these flowers have faces, some of them are smiling but some of them aren't happy and that little bit of sarcasm makes this game fun.

As many other slots, this game has wild symbols that substitute for all symbols except scatters and double symbols. Double symbols in my opinion is a very interesting thing because I haven't seen that before. In the free spins rounds there are also wilds, but in bonus round they are stacked so the winnings can be quite promising. The best part of this slot is the free spins round. It can be triggered when 4 or more scatters come up and you can win up to 30 free spins which all are 3x multiplied. Generous, isn't it? And what I love is that the scatters can come up also as double symbols, so it isn't actually that hard to get them, all you need is 2 doubled scatters. Free spins can be retriggered too. My personal achievement was around 140 x bet winning, when I had 20 free spins.

Quite recently I spent 1000 spins on this game with minimums stakes, which are 0.30€ per spin. I lost only about 30€ but I also got 3 free spins rounds overall and one of them was close to 100 x bet size win.

I believe this game is really amazing. It can give very nice winnings in the main game, even better ones on free spins. Last time when I had near 100 x bet win, it came from 10 free spins so I can only imagine how much I would win with 25 spins for example.Graphics and design altogether is a real eye candy for my taste, payouts are good, game is exciting and there's nothing to criticize it about. Everything I could wish for from a slot.

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