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Flowers christmas edition

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Why do people succumb to the festive spirit so easily when it’s time to celebrate Christmas? Well, there’s a probable answer to this. The thing is neither New Year nor Halloween got anything on Christmas because family time, a pile of presents and gifts, special music and films, food, activities, great gathering together and miracles happen nowhere else but at Christmas. The holiday vibes are spreading all over the world, and people purely enjoy the whole excitement whirling around every place. Since Christmas celebration might appear as one of the most demanded activities amongst all ages, slot-makers couldn’t resist temptation to creating winter party-theme edition of gambling machines, so that casino players would have an opportunity to get into wagering in a jolly manner. Net Entertainment, a highly reputable software-developing organisation, joined Christmas-themed fashion and presented a machine with a speaking for itself title – Flowers: Christmas Edition.

In fact, the game takes after exactly the same title machine, yet NetEnt decided to extend popular ‘series’ of slots and adorn the original concept with a range of Christmas-related elements including festive fir trees, sprinkling snow, fairy lights and fancy toys. It’s hardly surprising why the developer chose The Flowers machine to become the second installment of Christmas Edition as when the original game was released it caused a furore throughout the online market. Moreover, even since the release date The Flowers has acquired an army of admirers. Flowers: Christmas Edition slots game inherited the most part of outlook from the previous chapter – bonus games, some additional features, multipliers – so if you ever bumped into the initial version, you will find the gameplay much resembling. Nevertheless, the set of symbols and graphic representation underwent a serious array of changes where all the icons got their fair portion of snow topping and card symbols smoothly turned into Christmas cookies form.

Flowers: Christmas Edition is ready to push players onto a five-reel environment incorporating 30 fixed paying lines teamed up with a couple of amazing bonus features. Your favourite flower characters are back on set for this great plant sequel, and they are surely prepared to throw a marvellous Christmas party on the reels full of festive fun. The greatest moment about Christmas Edition machine is that all gaming icons can appear in the form of two integrated together symbols which makes the paytable feature a more extended variety of combinations. On the whole, the atmosphere seems so delight and merry, cheerful interface conjures up images of true gleeful celebration, but also Flowers slot may fetch large sums of money regarding extremely profitable extra features embedded into the gaming course.

Interesting features

To realise how incredible Flowers: CE slot machine is simply take a look at what is actually happening within the paytable frames. Overall, not to get ahead of time, players can fully take advantage of classic Wild symbols which blend in with the other set of matching icons, interesting vision of free-spin rounds with multitudinous chances of reactivating and the key feature of the machine doubling symbols under one picture. By and large, additional gaming elements are in great abundance. Yet, it’s a bit disappointing that Net Entertainment didn’t add anything new to this Christmas chapter, so those who already tried the original machine could come to a conclusion that the game can hardly offer fresh content.

The journey to interesting features starts off with Double Symbol component having quite unusual specificity in comparison with traditional slot context. Usually gamblers are accustomed to collect symbol patterns in a straightforward way meaning one icon equals one symbol that, for example, three-of-a-kind arrangement always generates customary winnings. Christmas Edition has a symbol package to be organised in a peculiar way where each regular symbol from the paytable can come as two. Double Symbols show up in pairs of flowers growing in the same border (note: low-win cards serve a conventional purpose), so instead of five matching maximum players might cash in on the whole tenner of them. Needless to say, the feature has a great potential in terms of payouts not to mention that Scatters can also arrive in a double pack.

Wilders, which for the record do not have double-base feature, serve another mission not far from habitual schedule for replacers. Basically, these symbols appear on the reels in a random method to transform into other matching icons. Here’s how the mechanism works: say, some similar symbols land on an active payline along with a Wild; the latter reads the pattern and transfigure into one more matching picture to join the string. As a result of this conversion, the existing combination gets expanded by attaching the Wild to itself. What’s more, Wilds become stacked in a group of three when free-game rounds are played.

Flowers: Christmas Edition can also impress gamblers with Free Spin symbols coming with a Double Feature. Provided three or more of those are gathered on the reel grid anyplace, players are awarded with ten consecutive free spins executed with the same bet level and coin value used for a trigger-spin. Free Game has a great merit within: it is allowed not just to re-activate rounds but win up to 30 spins with x10 multiplier for all payline winnings. In general, retriggering is directly built upon multipliers, and considering the presence of Stacked Wilds your rewarding chances soar up very high.

Bonus rounds

Flowers: Christmas Edition by NetEnt has a great line-up speaking of bonusing action. First and foremost, the machine is empowered with superb Double Symbols making your prize cashouts large as ever. The next comes Free Spin rounds equipped with an extensive possibility of retriggering in different variations. And substitution feature concludes the amazing trio of additional action offering two kinds of Wild symbols – Stacked and regular-based. It would be unfair not to mention that the set of bonusing for Christmas Edition completely follows in the footsteps of its predecessor except for designing. So, if you know a bit about the original machine, it will be no surprise to you when you run into bonuses.


Medium-win and Scatter symbols might come as single icons or as double-stacked ones. Generally, any Double Symbol is considered to be 2 single symbols but appearing in one picture. You will notice it by the way all Doubles look: they resemble a single image, yet the picture in the middle is duplicated. Double Free Spin symbols can land strictly on reels 2, 3 and 4 – other positions are graced with regular single Scatters. Taking into account ‘dubious’ nature of some symbols, the maximum number of icons that could probably appear during both base game and free game is 10 while the lowest quantity makes it 3.


Free Spins are packed to the mat: Stacked Wilds expanding on the whole reel, Double Symbol feature making each one appear in pairs and re-triggering with diverse multipliers depending on the number of Scatters. Overall, Christmas Edition requires 3, 4 or 5 Scatters (cheerful snowflakes) to pop up onto the reels for 10 spins to be given away for free. Initially, players start with x3 multiplier applied to all winning combinations from the paytable, but each subsequent pack of spins come differently. By catching three plus Scatters players can re-activate either multiplier with a certain value or another set of free spins. Noteworthy aspect is that Scatters is supplied with the Double Feature, that’s why the list of additionally allocated spins looks as follows:

3 None x2
4 10 x2
5 15 x2
6 20 x2
7 25 x4
8 30 x10

Simple as it is: you firstly activate the initial band of bonus Scatters and play through your 10 spins with x3 to your winnings. As soon as from 3 to 8 Scatters get on the reels, you are rewarded in accordance with the previous table. Additional spins provide their own multiplication, so the opening x3 multiplier is voided and the new one comes into view. You can also profit a lot from Double Symbol feature for the regular icon and Stacked Wilds which are going to be discussed a little later. As you can see, the most lucrative combination is to collect four double-headed Scatters to activate x10 multiplier and 30 Free Spins added to your overall pot.


Rules and featuresFlowers: Christmas Edition provides an interesting setting for Wildcards which could appear in two different forms – a classic replacer or stacked one combining three Wilds in one compound. Classic formation would do all the same range of things including higher rewards for combination of Wilds starting from three-of-a-kind string and substitution for other in-game symbols from the regular table. Stacked Wilds is a feature applicable solely to Free Game mode when Wilds appear in a set of three icons so that to cover the reel entirely. Treat them as overlaying expanders if you are familiar with three-match principle.

The layout for Christmas Edition hasn’t changed a lot since the first release of the initial chapter. You will encounter the same grid with five reels and three rows powered with 30 fixed win-lines (though the original game allows to customise the value). You are offered to select a wager consisting of two essential parameters – coin value and bet value. The latter in extremely important as it acts as a multiplier for the paytable value. Generally, there are five various levels of bets and five respective coin value denominators. It all determines stakes to begin with 0.30 credits and climb up to 75 per one single spin. To jump at the highest wagering sum, you can simply click at “MAX BET” button next to the spin trigger. Note that in different casinos might be different wagers, but it’s not common to alter machines.

Flower: Christmas Edition slots engage the good old company of symbols consisting of regulars provided as Christmas cookies, snarling Flytrap, always happy Sunflower, tough Red Rose, slightly perplexed Blue Bell and Water Lily with a cute facial expression.  And do not forget about special feature allowing each of those flower guys to double in their number. Wilds and Free Spin symbols are also extremely adorable in their appearance and carry great prizes to your pocket. But also get to know the paytable which looks as follows (again, the value given is a basic one counted the first level of betting):

SYMBOL 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Red Rose 20 40 160 250 400 600 1000 2000
Sunflower 15 35 140 225 350 550 900 1800
Flytrap 15 30 120 200 300 500 800 1600
Lily 10 25 100 175 250 450 700 1400
Blue Bell 10 20 80 150 200 400 600 1200
Ace 5 20 200
King 5 20 150
Queen 5 15 125
Jack 5 15 100


Crossing the finish line, Flowers: Christmas Edition slot is a game that would never get stale even if all winter holidays approach their end. Specific festive theme is a brave thing to do for the slot industry as it’s some kind of a rule that machines created for a concrete occasion might lose much in popularity as soon as the event vanishes in the maze of dates. NetEnt isn’t afraid of getting irrelevant, but mostly because of overwhelming Christmas accompaniment remaining the hot topic during all seasons of the year. Besides, Double Feature and Re-Spin patterns make the game incredibly beneficial outside of the subject, so it’s out of question whether players can win real money or not.


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Flowers christmas edition Reviews by Players

Carlena Corlett. Reviewed on 01.07.18
What is the quickest way to come up with a new game? Yes, add some snow to all the symbols and scenarios and name it 'Christmas Edition'! That's exactly what NetEnt did with the original Flowers game. They change the season into winter, added snow everywhere, and voila, a new game is born, Flowers Christmas Edition. What the 'f'! I would have expected at least a few upgrades or some minor changes to the original version of the game, but no, NetEnt decided adding some snow was sufficient to label it as a new game. What the heck, I can certainly do better than what NetEnt had done. Change the seasons, add the corresponding weather scenarios, and voila, 3 new games all at once - Summer, Autumn and Winter Editions! To be really critical and cynical, I might even add a 'Drought Edition', hahaha.

Like I said, what you see and what you get in the original version, is what you get in the Christmas version too, plus bits of snow everywhere. And to make it realistic to the seasonal change, the Wilds now become Santa Wilds. Oh gees! Do flowers bloom in winter when there are snow? No. Do flowers even exists in winter? No. Can flowers smile in the blardy shivering cold? No. There you go! So much for realistic seasonal changes for the game! For brilliance in creating good games, NetEnt can be down right silly too!

My plays on Flowers were never that good. My plays on this Christmas Edition were never any good either. For one reason or another, I just couldn't get any good decent wins on the blardy game! Maybe just my no-luck, maybe just my bad luck, but whatever it is, the game to me is simply 'what the *uck'!
What I didn't like in Flowers has automatically been duplicated in this edition too. The non-expanding, non-moving Wilds, stacked only in the free spins game and not in the base game, and the overall low win values for all the symbols, except for the reasonable 5000x line bet amount for 5 Wilds. 10 free spins with a 2x multiplier is nothing to shout about, when the norm is usually 15 or 20 free spins with a 2x multiplier. Needing 4 scatters to activate the free spins game is yet another thing I don't quite like, because I keep getting only 2 or 3 scatters most of the time. Needing 10 of any symbol to get its maximum win value is doubly harder to get. Not only that, get 10 of the top symbol, the red rose, and you win only 2000x your line bet. What the 'f'. If 5 is the usual number to win 2000x, then 10 should double the win to 4000x at the very least! Do you think it is easy to get 10 red roses? Definitely not! Can you understand why I don't like this game? Yes. Clever you! Hehehe.
Barbar. Reviewed on 26.09.18
Today when I opened to spin the Flowers in demo mode, I didn’t like it design like last year when NetEnt launched one of its releases.

I definitely liked this game and I wanted to play it and spin it way more then my bankroll allowed me last year but I cant remember any descent wins of mine and what else I could do but enjoy beautiful screenshots posted in the forum .

We had many of these and I remember it was so much fun and I was always said if slot doesn’t like me…well, no way that any slot could like someone…it was about my bad luck, limited bankroll and so on.

In my personal opinion NetEnt failed with their Christmas edition.

I've never thought about that but truth is they never paid attention nor created holiday slots and I don’t even have a clue, why is that..

Maybe its business secret, who will know, but what I know is, if you make special Christmas edition, there should be something special and something new.

I am unsure they added any special feature, or at least special award if this slot meant to be special gift to the gamblers.

Paytable looks the same like in standard Flowers slot and I noticed, my eyes actually hurt because of the extra decorations attached to the every single symbol in this slot.

Even the background sound is the same like in just… Flowers !

I am curious to find out more about NetEnt, its been a year now.

Considering the fact I have someone in Sweden who knows, I might get some answers and share with our community but to know business secrets isn’t possible…if there is a secret behind all this.

I would strongly recommend you to play just…Flowers and have fun!
Edwin. Reviewed on 28.09.18
Flowers Christmas Edition is one of the newest video slots which came from NetEnt software provider. This game is identical to first edition of Flowers and only difference between them if design.

Talking about design I like Christmas edition version more. It offer better feeling while I was playing it with all those snow effect on the symbols.

I received many offer for free spins on this game and sure I used them. The results were sometimes good, sometimes bad. But I played it even with my own money and I had some nice good winnings.

At flowers video slot I really like free spins feature. It offer stacked wild symbols which could bring you big money. I had once a win which was over x100 total bet and I also post it here, at AskGamblers forum.

Otherwise I think it is a great game. It has big potential on winnings and I like to play this kind of games. I think all likes this kind of video slots. Who would like video slot which only take your money, right?

I will rate Flower Christmas edition game with 9 stars. I will took it one star because NetEnt could designed even better version. Not only in design. I think they could add different, even better feature during free spins. I would like to see better multipliers and things like that. Otherwise it is a great game and I think I will play it more often now when it is winter. And later when will be spring or summer I think I will play again the fist version of this game. I would recommended Flowers Christmas Edition video slot to all who has not try it out yet. It is very nice game and I enjoy every time when I play it.

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