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Fisticuffs play online casino for real money

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Some casino players choose slots from NetEnt for their funny stories and generous multipliers. Fisticuffs slot machine is one of these games. When spinning the reels, you will see funny symbols and will be able to use the original functions. If you are looking for a new slot, since the usual games became too boring, Fisticuffs can be your best choice.

Main Theme

Did you know that before the appearance of boxing there was a special kind of fistfight? This particular sport is dedicated to this slot. As you know, fighting is a serious sport. However, NetEnt as always has a good share of humor in the gameplay. The characters here look more amusing than ominous. And this is one of the positive features of this slot.

Interesting Features

There are 5 reels, which display 3 horizontal rows of game symbols in Fisticuffs video slot. The game has 10 lines, which are always active. You are offered coins in denominations from $ 0.01 to $ 1. However, the maximum bet on the game round is $ 200 (double bet per line).

Fisticuffs provides unique functions and various special symbols, which we will discuss below.


Casino players who have chosen Fisticuffs slot receive cash prizes for combinations on active paylines. A winning combination is a sequence of three or more symbols. The first symbol in such combinations can be on the first or last reel (the reverse sequence of symbols). If five identical symbols appear on the active payline, the winnings will be doubled.


Fisticuffs by NetEnt uses Flash technology and runs in your browser. You do not need to download and install any software.

In the background is the ring for fights that hosts the reels. A little higher you will see a beautiful ribbon with the name of the slot. All controls are placed under reels. Using these you will be able to choose the denomination of coins, determine the number of coins for the bet and start the game round. Additional buttons will allow you to make a maximum bet and also run an automatic game process. The basic rules of the game are in the Paytable section.

You can adjust the quality of sound and graphics, turn off the initial splash in the game, adjust the rotation speed and change other parameters thanks to the function buttons located in the lower left part of the game window.

Game Symbols

Symbols in the game are images of the attributes of fighters and all the things necessary for fights. Among these items are special shoes, gong, gloves, goblet, stool, champion belt and much more. Fisticuffs slot does not contain Scatter, however there are 3 types of Wild symbols:

  • Normal Wild, which can appear on any reel. On the first and fifth reels this symbol expands to the whole reel. This symbol replaces any other symbols, helping to form a winning combination.
  • Straight Wild, which is depicted as a fighter in a hat with excess weight. It has the same properties as the regular Wild. However, you can see this symbol on the third reel only.
  • Diagonal Wild with the image of a thin mustachioed fighter. It can appear only on the second and fourth reels, replacing the missing symbols for winning combinations.

Bonus Round

In this game there are re-spins. You can get one repeated spin in case you see two different Wilds on the neighboring reels.

If you see Straight Wild and one or two Diagonal Wilds on one line, then an animation will start, in which a fat fighter casts a thin one on the fifth reel. All symbols between them become Wild symbols.

If Straight Wild and one or two Diagonal Wilds are on the same diagonal line, then one of the symbols above or below the thin fighter turns into Wild. When you do re-spin, all Wilds remain in their positions.

The functions described above are everything that is in Fisticuffs slot machine besides the main gaming process. There is no thematic bonus round.


Every player who makes bets in real money has a chance to win a jackpot of 100,000 coins.


Unfortunately, Fisticuffs slots game is not the best creation of NetEnt. However, this gaming application deserves your attention thanks to some original features and high-quality graphic effects. You have the opportunity to test the game before making bets in real money.


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Fisticuffs Reviews by Players

Errol Eisenbarth. Reviewed on 01.07.18
Fisticuffs is a Netent software powered game with a boxing theme. I used to play it quite regularly, then I discovered other Netent games and some how didn't play this one for some time. And when I played it, I mostly spent 50 spins, didn't get any important wins and went to next game. Now I know that to understand a game you have to invest time and money and in most occasions only then you can start waiting for the wins.

Earlier this month I decided to make a 30€ deposit at BetVictor casino and play only Fisticuffs. It has 5 reels and 10 paylines and re-spins. I placed the minimum bets of 0.20€ per spin and started 250 spins autoplay. I had few "big wins" of 30x bet, once I had even 13€ win, so when the spins ended, my balance hadn't changed a bit. I really liked the boxing features and the 2 boxers - when you have two of the boxers standing next to each other, they will turn to 2 wilds and after a fight, they will make one of the reels as another wild, and then you'll get a respin. It can truly be generous, with my minimum bets I once got around 60x bet win because of the wilds and respin. The wilds are arranged - there are straight wild - it comes up only on 3rd reel and pushes the other boxer to 5th or 1st reel and the reels between them turn into wilds. There's also a Diagonal Wild, it works almost the same way, except they will turn reel above or below into a wild, not like the other that makes a wild the reel between them, but the result is mostly the same.

I already mentioned the wilds, so the wilds increases the winnings and the boxers turn into wilds as well, in the respin. But in the respin, the stacked wilds will appear only on 1st and 5th reel and that was the reason I got the 60x bet win, because the stacked wild came on the 5th reel giving nice winning combination. After that I increased my bets to 0.40€ bets per spin and and played another set of 250 spins. I had mostly 2x bet wins, regular, and also few 20x bet wins, so after this autoplay my balance was up for 20€. Then I played with 0.60€ the same amount and ended with a profit of 70€.

This game was "left in the freezer" for me for some time but now I will definitely play it more often. I like the design and the respins, and the good thing is that the respins come up very often. I definitely recommend this game, it is great!
Jacquetta. Reviewed on 25.09.18
Fisticuffs is another slot from Net Entertainment which hasn't brought me the success I was thinking before choosing to play this game during various sessions. As the name suggests, this slot is some type of boxing themed game. I like how the innovative format turned out to be, just like other NetEnt's slots it's tends to be quite unique.

The game features wild symbols, re-triggers and pays both ways (from left to right, and right to left). Fisticuffs has 10 paylines and 5 reels, but because it's a both-ways slot you basically play on 20 paylines and that's also reflected in your bet.

The minimum betsize for this game is €0.20, but I always used to play this with €1 bets. Something I wouldn't recommend to do while playing Fisticuffs is quick spinning. Especially during a bad run, this game can completely destroy your bankroll.

I think I once lost like €150 within a time span of 5 minutes that way. This game does not have a second-level bonus feature like free spins to be triggered. In addition it also can create some extra wilds on the reels, but you need some specific symbols to make this happen.

The symbols are made up from several boxing accessories, like bets, gloves, chairs and two boxers (1 skinny boxer and 1 fat bald boxer). The skinny boxer symbol appears on reels 2 and 4, while the fat boxer symbol appears on the 3rd reel. These act like wilds, but if 2 or 3 appear diagonally from each other, then the boxing feature will start.

One boxer punches the other boxer to turn an additional symbol wild. The best combination would be having all three boxing symbols appearing on one row at reels 2, 3 and 4. In that case reel 1 and 5 will turn wild as well, which guaranteed a major payout. However, you also get a re-trigger while the wilds stand if the boxing feature is triggered, and there will be additional stacked wilds appearing on reels 1 and 5.

Therefore the potential can be huge when you already have 5 wilds and see another few wilds appearing on the other positions.

I only experienced this situation like twice, where I've won like 200x betsize. It's a small amount though compared to the money I've spent on this game. It has potential but it takes a long time, and I don't think the constant marginal wins are worth it. There are better options elsewhere.
Oscar. Reviewed on 27.09.18
This slot starting with the role of 2 € per spin, so I opened it over Guts casino and I paid € 120 through Neteller account. Immediately take autoplay 25 spins, and after ten auto-play spins I lost 14 €.

The auto-play game already was at an end and I already thought about giving up, but then something amazing happened, after a wild symbol in the third and fourth column, I received a re-spin followed by my first column was filled with wild symbols and won I "Big Win" of 36 €. Then I took another 10 auto spins but I had no success. Fisticuffs slot in a way, is dedicated to the boxing sport and its elements.

The graphics are complex so that you will recognize among the symbols: boxing gloves, belt champion, winning the cup and many other symbols that are closely related to boxing. The sound is also good, and as a blow gong marks the beginning of the struggle in all five columns of the drum, the 10 payment lines. Maybe will feel that this slot has enough payment lines, but to him as well as the Starburst slot machine payline are calculated and from right to left. If we consider all aspects of the game, according to my criteria, this is one of the most complete games from NetEnt company.
I did not like that payouts are generally very low. It is hard to win something good without respin feature. Respins is frequent, but most times pay very low. It is hard to win decent money on this game. Perfect respin could pay decent amount of money, but my best result in this game is about 50 bets only.

I did not like box theme. Nothing special, just not for me, absolutely not for me. Probably one of the reasons why i do not play this game much.

Game is generally not very fun. Of course when respin awarded it is good, but i do not think that most players will like to have 10 - 50 bad spins, and then get one respin with a chance to decent win, but with very small chance. It is not like I want to see online slot game, specially from NetEnt.

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