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fish party Reviews by Players

Bradley. Reviewed on 30.04.18
I’m really quite a fan of Microgamings collection of 243 ways slot games, and some of them such as Thunderstruck 2, Playboy and Immortal Romance have taken more of my gambling budget most months than I’d care to admit… so of course I was quite excited to give Fish Party a try when it was launched just a few months back to great fanfare as with most Microgaming releases these days – flashy promotional videos and heavy advertising by casino affiliates have become par for the course. One thing I definitely appreciate about Microgamings videos though is that they tend to be a little more on the realistic side than those produced by NetEnt, who have a habit of showing you the slot hitting the jackpot in their videos – and personally I think that’s taking liberties when many of those jackpots have NEVER appeared in screenshot threads for real here at trustgamblers or on any other casino forum that I know about.
So, I expected Fish Party to be a clone in at least some ways of another existing 243 ways game, but that doesn’t seem to be the case, at least not a clone of a game I know of anyway – this is a new engine with a new paytable and a new set of rules. Sadly though, I think this is really a bit of a stinker as far as the 243 ways games go. I usually love stacked wilds, but I think they work much better in games with regular lines because with 243 ways, having stacked wilds brings the (very rare) possibility of an enormous win, but also forces the payouts for the regular combinations – even a full line of wilds – to be horrendously low.

The top regular symbol, the treasure chest, pays out just over 13x your bet for a five of a kind, and even the wild symbol is only a little over 27x your bet, though of course if you have a wild on every reel you’ll also be winning many other five of a kinds and such simultaneously, but my experience of playing the base game on this slot really isn’t good – much lower win potential than say Playboy or Finer Reels of Life, and the five scatters only pay 100 times your bet as well.

Things do pick up a little in the bonus round, you get additional free spins depending on how many scatters drop on the reels, which is always a feature I appreciate, and there is also additional stacked symbols during the free spins round as well and retriggers are even possible, but I struggle to see many people having a really amazing session on this game. Maybe fun for a few spins, but I’m sure most players who tried this have already gone back to Playboy or Immortal Romance, or maybe moved on to Jurassic Park, which is a much better effort than this one.
Cheryle. Reviewed on 01.07.18
Fishing or anything related to fishes generally put me asleep. I see others who have reviewed this game gave the slot Fish Party a pretty good rating. I’m not even sure why I played this game when it was released, because it was boring the hell out of me. Maybe all those screenshots on several forums had their effect on me? Who knows!

Not everything we do as human beings has a logical reason for that matter lol. Anyway, Fish Party is another slot from Microgaming that follows the revolutionary 243 ways to win format. The theme is based on several cute looking fishes who can bring in a fortune.

Of course that doesn’t go for everyone including me, but in all honesty maybe I haven’t played this game long enough. But 500 spins was enough for me and really put my patience to the test, since I simply couldn’t enjoy this game; nor were my winnings encouraging me since there were none worth of a mention.

I played this game on the minimum betsize of €0.30 and even though the game has stacked wilds, I hardly seen any of them appear during the base game. Not surprisingly I lost more than 20 euros in no time without being able to trigger the free spins. You need 3, 4 or 5 scatters (shell fish symbol) to win up to 20 free spins.

I won 15 free spins for 3 scatters if I recall correctly. I only managed to trigger it once, but in free spins there are super stacked wilds and the symbols are stacked as well. So it should be easier to come to a good paying combination. Despite my urge to seem crazy combinations appear on the reels, none of that eventually happened.

I won 3 euros with that whole feature and left the game all disappointed. In fact, I believe it was around 4AM when I played this slot. I directly went to sleep afterwards, so I guess I could say this game really put me to sleep lol.
Not really known anything about this slot when first time I opened it to play but I just wanted to try something new. At first sight it seemed a very cute slot, perhaps a little bit too cute, but I liked the graphics much and found some of the fish symbols funny. The colors were great and I loved the aquarium illustration as transparent background image. Maybe this appearance is not what I would chose for my favorite type but if I popped in I thought I use it a little.

The slot is a 243 ways-to win style game and every time when I play with a game that falls into that category I always hope something better results than at other ‘normal’ games. As we’re used to it, the line win values at these games are not as indicative so don’t let fool yourself if you see that the best paying line is worth only just around 26!!! times of bet. This special Fish Party symbol also works as Wild and even if it doesn’t have win multiplying ability but at least it appears in stacked format on the reels.

This kind of payout quality really would be ridiculous but because of lot of simultaneous wins it is really not that meaningful data, but I still think this and generally all other payout values should be much better. There are sequences when not much happens and the regular non-Wild or -5 of a kind win very rarely gives back more than the placed bet which is getting frustrated as the time goes on.

Getting 5 Shell (Scatter) figures on the table means the best possible win is achieved in base game and 100 times of total bet amount is credited to the balance but why this symbol can be important from other aspect is the free spin feature triggering ability. When 3 or more of it appears on the reels free spins awarded up to 20 games. Sadly the free games has no any multiplier number attached but at least 4 additional symbols appear on the reels in stacked format which increase the winning chances.

Back to my introductory sessions, as I’ve said I didn’t know this game at all so I had no clue what rules and what payouts it has and at the beginning nothing happened and even the smaller wins were avoided me so I started to think it was a mistake to land on this slot when the free spin feature triggered and at the end my final won amount was around $40. I thought with that given money I was spending at least a half an hour to get to know the game in details. So I kept playing but after 25 minutes later and with around $75 poorer I decided to quit the game. From that free spin session the game closed its wallet and it really gave me nothing. I didn’t get another entry to free spins and even though I had some winnings with Wilds but they clearly weren’t from that wins that I hoped for. I’m not a real fan of Microgaming’s gambling feature but I must have used it at this game to have a chance to win something at times but this time it also let me down.

Maybe I had just a terrible luck but other occasions when I returned to this slot weren’t much more successful and I came to that opinion that this is not a player-friendly game. I think it is more of a cute slot than a playable gambling products and its payout system is simple not competitive at all. There are much things that would require improvements and more features is also welcomed but actually this weak rewarding system just kills the overall playing experience. To be honest I’m disappointed in this game and in Microgaming to create such product and in my book this is not even close to being a good slot especially if I take into the consideration that this is a ‘243’ type game which should have much more potential to give out potential large amounts.
Mitchell. Reviewed on 25.09.18
Fishy Party is a slot that is brought to us by Microgaming and I have tried it several times so far. I like playing it sometimes because it is very interesting and also funny based on the symbols expressions.

This is a 5 reel and 243 payline slot with a minimum bet of 0.30$. Every time I approached this slot I bet with a 0.90$ and almost every time I got out of this slot with a profit at least above 35$. But there was that one time when this slot ate my 30$ in less than 15 minutes, so it depends how lucky you get at a certain point. This slot has a gamble feature that can double your money if you choose a correct color of the card or even quadruple your money if you choose the correct suit of the card. Honestly I have rarely used this feature especially if a get a higher win, but I did use it plenty of times when my win was smaller than the bet were, so that I can at least match my bet. The slot does have a wild symbol that can be stacked on all reels so it definitely came in handy many of times. Also the slot has a scatter symbol that when it is triggered (3 or more) you get 20 FS with super stacked wilds and also during the free spins the first highest paying symbols also appear stacked on the reels which in my case led to some really good wins. Also the cool thing about these free spins is that they can be re-triggered although I only did it couple of times since it is really hard do it actually.

Overall a very nice slot with a lot of funny symbols and a nice background music that I would gladly recommend to any of you.

Probably I can add here no multiplier during free spins like a weak point. Also you can add here that sometimes it is very hard to get free spins, and game can suck a lot of money, then give you freespins feature, which will pay almost nothing. But I saw this at other slots, so nothing terrible for me.
Debera. Reviewed on 28.09.18
Fish Party is a very nice slot because of the funny characters of fish from its symbols. My hunch is that the whole game takes place in one of those gigantic aquariums, in which an underwater castle (have you ever seen the castle of the fish from Tom and Jerry?) holds a party of the fishes gathered from all over the underwater kingdom. Here Ms Fish winks at those who watch at her, the Hedgehog Fish swells from pleasure when you pay attention to him, the King Fish (wearing a crown) is simply dazzled by the success he has, the Common Fish is surprised when accidentally he swallows another smaller goldfish, and finally the Starfish is always mad at all others. And to be all complete, the worm from the fishermen hook is also present, being afraid to not be eaten.

Because all these fishes are unique, the game is very entertaining. You will not manage to make a fortune or go bankrupt playing here, this is all about the player desire to take part to this fish party. Speaking about game statistics, the 7 fish symbols that exist in this game pay somewhere between the bet value (30 cents) up to 1.25 Euro when they are 4 in the same combination (which is good enough).4 fish of the same type you will get quite often at least every 10 spins so you will not have the occasion to lose too much playing here. In normal game the Wild symbols (the “Castle”) are stacked.Also the “Shell” is here Scatter and during the 10 Free Spins awarded by it all symbols become stacked. There is no Bonus game, but there is a possibility to double up by gambling each win.

I played here on two different days. The first time after 30 minutes and about 250 spins played I lost more than 10 Euro, the second time I had 2 “Big Wins” in a row in less than 20 spins and I gathered more than 30 Euro extra.

It is nice to stop occasionally to play here, especially because the slot is one of the new ones from Microgaming casinos having 243 ways to win.

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