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fire queen Reviews by Players

Alejandro. Reviewed on 03.07.18
The “Fire Queen” slot is nice and generous. I was impressed by the 2 WMS slots that I have played recently and chose deliberately this WMS slot. And what to say, this slot again was very good, bringing with it new things that I have not yet met. And like this were all previous WMS slots.

Almost all of these slots have a certain particular arrangement of reels which brings many paylines. Here there are two groups, each of two reels, one group at the top and another below the first one. These two groups are followed by 3 huge common reels each of 6 lines. The total number of possible paylines is huge (it is like as you have 2 different slots each 2x2x6x6x6), and 100 lines of them are paid. Like other slots with a big number of paylines, a bet of 1 cent/2 lines was chosen here so that the pay per spin is moderate (50 cents/spin).

The Fire Queen (Wild) is a character that occasionally extends and includes several individual symbols from the two initial groups (of 2x2 lines) and on the 3 giant reels is stacked. Moreover all the major symbols are stacked on reels 3, 4 and 5 and so there are times when wins are huge. But the best part is that just for 20 spins of all my game here I found myself at a loss. The other times I had won nicely and some moments I had more than 10 Euros extra. Every time I was nearly my starting amount, the slot gave me another nice win that brought me an extra advantage. It happened once that 2 reels from the last 3 to be completely filled with “Fire Queen” and I guess there is a possibility that all 3 last reels to be completely Wild. The biggest win I had was about 12 Euro and is shown above.

The slot is nicely arranged and here you are always under the impression that you cannot lose. Frequently two reels are at least half full of Wilds and the payouts are nice.
The only bad part is that there are also 5 cents payouts, for 3 minor symbols but if you catch 20 paylines that each pays 5 cents means you have a win of 1 Euro or 2x bet. And there is something else only subjective: the slot is too small on the screen for so many paylines, but I assume that played in a real casino it can be extended.

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