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Fantasini: master of mystery

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General Description

Every person in their life has at least once faced with the wise advice – not to feed illusions. However, the gaming machine-novelty produced by NetEnt claims that it is very useful to fantasize and believe in miracles, because it brings profit and pleasure. Themes of the wonderful Fantasini Master of Mystery gaming machine reveal the secrets of a professional illusionist. The creation of imaginary images before the eyes of the enthusiastic public was always considered as a skill – an art that was akin to magic. The secret lies in the sleight of hand, but it’s hard to guess: the magic of the skillful mysterious magician lies in the ability to create miracles, enthusiastically perceived by others and shrouded in a veil of secrecy.

Fantasini Master of Mystery captivates with high return rates of funds exceeding 96%. The slot is available in a free mode – gamers do not need to make bets and make real money on the balance.


Fans of the mystical slot machine Panther Moon will certainly appreciate the design of this slot. The Fantasini Master of Mystery is built on secrets and mysteries, so the color scheme is very interesting, leaving a subtle train of mysticism. The back plan of the slot is made in dark colors, associated with a circus backstage, poorly lit by the light of the ramp. Game pictograms have a thematic character, showing the connoisseur of online fun items that are needed to learn the skills of an illusionist. There is a witch ball foreseeing the future; charming and bold assistant; gilt chains, as well some other interesting attributes.

The gameplay is animated, giving you visual pleasure. Audio track of Fantasini Master of Mystery slot fully corresponds to the general mood of the slot machine, immersing the user in a magical, surreal world of illusion, miracles,and magic. The navigation panel of the slot is located at the bottom of the interface; there the user will find a set of keys for controlling the device. Mastering the algorithms for controlling the device is not at all difficult – the game is available for any inexperienced gamer.


To successfully start the game process, you need to familiarize yourself with the technical characteristics of the slot. There are no traditional pay lines, there are only 243 variants of the formation of prize chains. The number of game relays is standard and is equal to 5. You need to bet on the line of the slot – the credits are available in real or virtual format. The player can use the “Level” key, which determines the number of coins to spin. It is worth trying the game with a maximum bet – in that case, there is a chance to get the maximum prize. However, if you want to press the “Max Bet” button, you should understand the principle of controlling the gaming machine, so that you won’t have any difficulties further on. Before starting the rotation of the Fantasini Master of Mystery drums, it is worthwhile to visit the information section of the slot, which shows the principles of the formation of sequences of symbols and the coefficients brought by them. Then the game drum of the device is activated; in the course of spins prize combinations are formed.

If the user wants to enjoy the presentation of the illusionist without any hindrances, it is worth choosing the option of automatic rotation (Auto Play), which will allow you to collect the prizes due to the result of the session. The navigation panel of the Fantasini Master of Mystery contains indicators that allow the player to track the size of the current bet, win; number of coins on the user’s balance.


During the creative gameplay, the user will have a chance to try out a wonderful option, which allows them to earn good winnings. This option is called “Linked Reels” The player who starts the free spins will notice that the neighboring game relays often show the same chips. In this case, the winning positions are surrounded by the magical gilded chain of the illusionist, allowing you to create a much larger number of prize combinations. The abilities of the connected drums will give user the pleasure associated with participating in this interactive game and the gift of creating illusions in an exciting online world. The only bonus option of the device is activated randomly – during any rotation. If the number of drums surrounded by a chain reaches 5, then the gamer gets a significant gain.


Fantasini Master of Mystery is very interesting slot – despite the lack of traditional options, like a risky Rwanda, a Scatter-symbol, or a themed bonus game. The amount of a fixed jackpot is not played out here, but the ability to create a unique sequence of symbols with a great frequency will bring remarkable wins and satisfaction from the victory. And all this – thanks to the creative option that combined game relays! Fantastic mystery unfolding on the screen of Fantasini Master, will surprise the ordinary user with involvement in the mystery, its originality and unpredictability.

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Fantasini: master of mystery Reviews by Players

Lovetta Hagstrom. Reviewed on 30.06.18
Fantasini is a slot from Netent software that was released in most Netent casinos this month. I was quite surprised about that, because being a fan for Netent I am always up to date with their new game releases, but then I read it was a previously exclusive slot, so this was similar as with their Glow release last month.

From the first look this game really reminded me of Netent's old slots like Sim Salabalim and other magician themed slots. I really can't say I liked the design. I received free spins on this slot from many casinos, but at DoubleStar casino I made a deposit to receive 50 free spins, to see how much I could get from them and to explore the game a bit. From the 50 spins I won only around 4€. This game is almost like a sister game to Twin Spin slot, which I really like. Reason for that is the fact it has 243 paylines and no bonus round, but it is compensated with linked reels feature. As symbols it has wild which looks like a young, handsome man, and other symbols that fit to mystery theme, along with letter symbols.

So far I've made around 2000 spins on this slot and I have to say I think it is a decent game. I was a little too harsh at first as I didn't have the best first impression. Payout wise I have had almost 100x bet size winnings and most of the time game is a decent option for wagering as it keeps balance steady giving 10x bet winnings very frequently. For my eyes, I would still go to play Twin Spin, I like it a lot better. For this game I missed sort of an introduction, why this theme and what is Mr. Fantasini because then I probably would like the design better.

One thing I surely know about 243 payline slots and this one is no exception, it is important to have a steady balance and leave the game if it's not giving any winnings, because even though minimum bets are average- 0.25€ per spin, this game can also be a money eater. Even when I had 50 free spins where I won around 4€, all spins were almost empty except for one, so that's how I ended up with that win. But I would recommend to give this game a try, linked reels feature is great and I think this game has good winning potential, I haven't won over 100x bet yet but I think it can give a lot more.
Cleotilde. Reviewed on 26.09.18
"NetEnt" is the magician of innovation and another proof of this is its new "Fantasini: Master of Mystery" slot, launched during the current month January 2016 and which in my opinion is the right game to start off this year with the right foot. On this game, NetEnt has incorporated a number of new concepts never seen before on other slots and the result has been a fairly simple and almost flat slot since it has no bonus rounds nor free spins, which it also has a paytable somewhat tight and yet it is still one of the most interesting slots I've played in recent months; the manner in which this provider has managed to do this is by inserting a feature shown as a chain encircling completely two reels during every spin and making the symbols inside to be the same on each of the 3 rows, for example, on the row 1 we can have two symbols with the image of poker cards, on row 2 two letters ”A” and on row 3 two crystal balls; so far nothing looks very promising, however this feature can increase its power when the chain suddenly appears encircling not two but three or even four reels at the same time, which it gives us a high probability of forming one or more lines of 5 of a kind, and considering that this chain may also happen from reel 1 it can also ensure 3 or more lines of 3 or 4 of a kind.

Now this slot looks much more interesting, doesn’t it?but that's not all, there are other factors that tend to improve the aforementioned feature that they increase our chances of getting a big win: 1) 243 ways to win; 2) stacked symbols may appear, so it is likely that all symbols encircled by the chain are equal; and 3) There is a wild symbol, so if it appears inside the chain box, it will be repeated horizontally like other symbols; I have personally come to have up to 4 wilds on the same row.

Because of this feature, what we can expect from this game is to have streaks of spins with small payouts eventually interrupted by a big win, and I think this kind of dynamic allows us to classify "Fantasini: Master of Mystery" as a video slot of high variance. If this game maintains this high level of performance I see no reason why it should not become one of the most popular slots from NetEnt.
Xenia. Reviewed on 28.09.18
Fantasini Master of Mystery is powered by Net Entertainment and is a 5 reel, 243 ways to win slot game which can be played on desktop, mobile and tablet devices. This is another slot using the Linked Reels feature where up to 5 reels can link together on every spin for wins of over 1,000 times your stake. Based on the image of the man as wild and the high pay symbol woman it kind of gives me an idea that this is based somewhere in the 19th century era or similar.

Some of the symbols include a deck of cards, a chained magic box, handcuffs and a crystal ball which are all items used by a magician. I believe the wild symbols is the guy who is the magician and the high paying symbol lady his girlfriend, or someone he admires? Who knows?

The game uses a linked reels feature, similar to what you will see in other Netent releases like Dazzle Me and Twin Spin. With that said, there are not free spins feature, but there are plenty of opportunities to win big. Especially when 3 or more reels linked up, you will sit with anticipation that something is about to go down and you could hit it big. On the other hand, you can prepare yourself for disappointment too.

The disappointment or sometimes I get upset part happens, when 4 linked reels are appearing on reels 2,3,4 and 5 with only reel 1 deciding the winning combination giving you symbols that are not matched with the linked reels and those linked reels could have 2 rows of diamonds, but you just missed it. I once manage to win x200 my bet and then some other small wins. This game has a lot of empty spins at times, but just a good symbol 5 of a kind makes up for it, which are not difficult to trigger. I prefer this over Twin Spin although I made bigger wins on Twin Spin, but the RTP for me seems better in this slot. I think this slot would be a big hit if it was an all ways pays slot.

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