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Just as many other great games from NetEnt, this game is an astonishing state-of-the-art entertainment with lots of great features and outstanding graphics. With its jaw-dropping imagery and stellar sound design, Evolution by NetEnt creates a great environment in which winning seems more like a bonus rather than a purpose. Evolution slots game has a 5 reels and allows up to 25 lines to be active simultaneously.


People who love high quality art and impeccable sound design will be more than impressed by Evolution where every single design element and sound made with a lot of care and dedication. Every symbol is animated and created with a certain idea in mind.

Creatures that act as higher tier symbols are really likeable and have a cool fantastical (even whimsical) look to them. The amount of love and skill invested in these small images is truly fascinating and makes it quite simple to appreciate the work that was put in this game by NetEnt.

Here, you will be able to follow the development of life from the simplest forms to complex organisms that are fit to survive in all sorts of environments.

Interesting Features

Evolution provides you with a lot of opportunities to win big and enjoy your time. One of the main features that make this game stand out is Evolve. This is a special bonus game activated by Free Spins. Right after the payout, the whole array of symbols evolves and turns into signs a tier higher. This happens to all winning symbols on the screen aside of Wilds.

Note that several signs can evolve absolutely independently from each other allowing casino players to get more chances to increase their prize. The animation during the evolution process is stunning and will impress even the most satiated gamblers who have seen it all.

How to Play & Real Money Versions

The interface is conveniently arranged allowing for a very intuitive process of learning. There is nothing new for a veteran, but newer players may have to stumble their way to the full understanding of this game and its features. Evolution slot machine has all standard feats and offers a couple of UI improvements that elevate the experience for those who prefer comfortability and simplicity when playing.

The adjustable auto play function, huge buttons, readable fonts, and many other important features make Evolution from NetEnt one of the best video slots in the market. Playing with real money is a true joy due to a very simple paytable and simple game mechanics.


Evolution is a game designed to entertain gamblers with experience. There are ten different levels of bets and 25 active lines which allows for quite a bit of flexibility and variety when playing. Some players with specific strategies for slots will have a lot of opportunities to adjust the playstyle according to their plans by adjusting the coin value which can be set anywhere between 0.01 an 0.5 allowing you to bet up to 125 per spin. The highest paying combo will grant you a generous prize of 44 thousand coins.

Variations of this slot

The game is optimized for mobile play, but it can be played across all modern platforms including iOS, MS Windows, and Android. Many modern players are mobile and prefer to gamble on their phones and give up the comfortability of their favorite chairs and the noisy excitement of casino halls to emerge themselves in mobile versions of the slot.

History of Evolution

Released in February of 2016, this slot immediately gained traction and arrived to a multitude of online casinos. The entertainment value of this game could not be underrated. It was a visual masterpiece with smooth transitions, relaxing sounds, and exciting gameplay. By targeting the audience of mobile players who prefer quieter slow paced games, the developer managed to create a very attractive application loved by thousands all over the world.


If you are searching for something not entirely new but strangely exciting, you will be more than happy to dive deep into the world of Evolution where everything is possible. Try out one of the best creations of NetEnt.

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Evolution Reviews by Players

Zula Zirkle. Reviewed on 01.07.18
Evolution has good graphics and animation. The Net Ent provider mostly do not disappoint in this field. I really like the animation of the symbols in the reels wave in water. The idea behind the slot is of future animals and applaud to Net Ent people that they beautifully characterized them.

The slot does not have any bonus feature and there is only free spins feature. I found in the base game the slot is low on returns and it got a bit boring to play. The best win that I could make was of just 175 coins when I was betting at 25 coins. The returns just 5 times of the bet. That is disgusting!. The free spin feature is rather very productive as compared to the base game. The best part was that I doubled the bet just before the free spin feature was triggered. I hit the three free spin symbols on the reels and I was awarded with 10 free spins. In the free spins I made 4 big wins and made a total win of whooping 3388 coins. I also found that in free spin feature the frequency of the highest paying symbol that is draconius rex increases. There is evolution feature which is activated in the free spins but it was not much beneficial at least in my game play. In this feature all the identical symbols which are the part of wining combination evolve to the next symbol level excluding the wild symbol.

So as I mentioned in my game play most of the wining combinations contained the highest payout symbol so there was no scope evolving into higher symbol level.
So the slot is good during free spins but the base game is not acceptable. I would rate the slot 7 on 10.
Evolution is a very imaginative slot game from NetEnt and we can witness how the life developed in the Earth. Uncommonly the reels are spinning from bottom to top suggesting the first organisms are from the seas and basically the entire environment is placed in the deep water. The different stages of life are also noticeable at symbols as we can play with different kind of little animals from the pre-historian times and even the card elements are illustrated as little planktons. I like that the game also give out some real knowledge as the Latin names of the animals are readable on the paytable section. The graphics are very smooth and brings to the table the well-known NetEnt pictorial works and with the background image, the animations and background music this slot has a very pleasant look and create a tranquil atmosphere.

In my opinion the qualities of the game panel falls very short of expectation (at least I’ve hoped much more from this game) as neither the collectible cash prizes nor the features are among the better ones and going further I must say they are quite bad. Draconius Rex can be the most coveted figure here as 5 of them can give out the most what a line win can but this 500 times of line bet is not too persuasive. The Wild figure can appear only on the last 4 reels – I don’t understand why can’t it be on the first reel too – and unfortunately doesn’t pay any by own and also can’t multiply wins.

Free Spin symbol has the most correct quality which can compare other slots and has the ability to pay up to 100 times of total bet and if 3 such icon appears we get 10 free spins but it can be even 15 or 20, but that session really can’t give any plus as they are played with unchanged condition comparing them to normal spins.

Unfortunately, getting an entry to the bonus game is a multi-level task as the game can be triggered only from free spins so you have to have some luck to get there. There special winning combinations with animals leads to another wins and possible bigger prizes as the symbols step one on the evolution line and evolve to the next, closest symbols. It’s very interesting to see that kind of illustration of life evolving but somehow I don’t really a fan of it in a bonus secondary game.

I can’t help but I’ve got an ‘empty feeling’ when I’m playing this slot and always seems that something’s missing here. It’s not just because of the not so good features and poor paying ability but I don’t really feel that this game would be a good one and often it seems to be an unfinished business from the developer’s part. Graphically and from visualization aspect the slot is more than OK but problems are all around the other parts of the game and in my case they truly influence the overall playing experience badly and that’s why I’m not a fan of this game.
Mitsuko. Reviewed on 25.09.18
Today the slot I am going to review is Evolution produced by Net-Ent. Evolution is a 25 low variance set payline video slot themed on the history of Animal/Amphibian evolution! Evolution really is a one of a kind video slot the music and sound fx suit it perfectly giving a slightly strange but fitting ambience to your gameplay!

I will be honest completely I used to dislike this game intensely as I could just not seem to win anything more than a few quid on it but my opinion like with some other Net-Ent titles has completely changed! Why do you ask? On first inspection this game looks quite average not a great payout for 5 scatters not a great payout for top symbol (500coins) No multiplier during free spins and a below average base game. Do not let all of this fool you though! This game is a hidden gem!

The reason this game is actually very good is this it’s the free spins round! In Evolution free spins the symbols actually evolve upon every line win until they get to prehistoric squirrel like symbol named a draconius rex sorry I don’t speak latin need to look this up to work out what it translates as(this pays 500 x line bet for 5) This means kings turn into aces Lizard turns into mouse basically every line win the symbol below it in coin value transforms or evolves if you like into the one higher! This can make massive winnings for the player! For example if you transform mouse into squirrel a few times the chances of 5 of a kind is highly increased because you now have more squirrels on the reels! Paytable makes for nice reading when you work out the amount possible on even just a 50p/75p bet!
Premium animal symbols range in value for 5 lowest being 150 x and highest 500 x as explained above,Alpha numeric characters range from 40 x to 100 x,the slot also features a substitute wild symbol which replaces all symbols except scatter but pays nothing by itself.

Scatters pay in order 2 x bet for 2 scatters,3 pay 4 x bet+10 free spins,4 pay 20 x bet + 15 free spins and 5 pay 100 x bet and 20 free spins! As I said even though the free spins do not feature any multiplier the chances of winning big are high thanks to the evolution feature.

Pros of Evolution:

Evolution feature in the free spins

Great to wager on because at low bets it's quite low risk.

Looks fantastic

pays for 2 or more scatters

Does not take too long to get the free spins

Quick spin feature.

In summary Evolution is a very nice little slot and highly underestimated amongst the more popular games Net-Ent has to offer! I give it easily 9/10!

When playing it can be infuriating how often 2 scatters come and the third nearly lands.

The music can suck you in too much and can be distracting.

Not the best paytable but Evolution feature compensates it.

Can run very cold after a big win leave it as soon as you hit one!
Dollie. Reviewed on 27.09.18
Evolution is a 25 Payline video slot from NetEnt that always gives me the knack to play it. It almost gives me the same interest I have with the slot Elements: The Awakening, they both have their unique way of expressing their styles! What makes me interested about Evolution is the fact that there is one feature that potentially can bring about mega wins with the start of just 10 Free spins. It can be more free spins for scatters higher than 3! I love the way scattered Free Spins symbols land especially the very last one, as if making a sound from a cannon or from a gun although I think that exact sound should sound more slower, louder by 20% while it echoes...that way it makes triggering the free spins more treasured , dramatic and epic.

I would definitely lean against my computer waiting for suspense to kick in then I would expect optimistic results coming from matched symbols on the reels! The second the free spins became real the screen moves upward to show a place brimming with life, then later showing me I've won 10 free spins. There are no multipliers on this feature but...the symbols which evolve say for example, from a 10 symbol will become a Jack. Any symbol upgrades by one higher symbol until it reaches the highest symbol, the Draconius Rex. I always get amazing wins from free spins and the way it wins and goes to a point where a bunch of same symbols comes rushing on the reels!

The biggest win I've had for only $1 is $163. There were so many Draconius Rex symbols on every reel giving me two 5 of a kind symbols, one on a "W" payline and another on a "V" shaped! I was literally cheering for more! It turned into a chain reaction of winning symbols if the reels are cooperating aggressively! The Wilds inside the feature is a major big help I'll tell you that! Another reaction stirred itself the moment I saw the meteor destroy that "place" filled with life. It was like a moment where for example my hard worked is completed such as a project or something I built for a long time then it gets destroyed by something or someone unexpectedly giving me the words, " NNNOOOOO!!! All my hard work!!!". It's all good knowing I made large winnings in the free spins after the meteor hit :) !

Evolution by surprise gets a 9.5 out of 10!

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