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energoonz Reviews by Players

Oscar. Reviewed on 03.07.18
When I first saw this Energoonz game, my heart went "oh gawd, another 5-reels 5-rows game!" This seems to be the 'in' thing with Play'nGo game designers. Always creating their games with such number of reels and rows. Just look at all their newer games and you can see what I mean. No wonder none of Play'nGo games have made it into my favourite list as yet.

My first ever play on Energoonz came from some free spins offer, as usual. I played it, I didn't win anything from it, I didn't like it, and so I shelved it, simple as that. One fine day came and I suddenly decided to give Energoonz another try, but only using fun money. Don't wanna lose any more of my real money, but I had wanted to see how this game really plays and pays, as so many players seem to love this game. That got my cat instincts very curious indeed! Hahaha.

The first thing that hit me was the similarity of the paytable with that of the game Golden Ticket, also from Play'nGo, something which I hadn't noticed before. Then all of the previous bad memories came rushing back into my head, but I prodded on nonetheless. After all, this is Energoonz, not the Golden Ticket. And I do know that even though 2 games may have identical paytables, each game do not play and pay the same way! I have already noticed this trait in many similar games incidences.

Okay, so what sets Energoonz apart from Golden Ticket? Ah! Quite a few things really!
Firstly, the cartoonish icons. I do like cartoon icons more than illustrated circus icons, and the characters in Energoonz have that 'crazy' attitude that I like very much, especially the orange-coloured one. He makes me smile all the time! Hehehe. I wish the black one could be a little silly too, but it isn't, so never mind. Presentation wise, it beats Golden Ticket any time! The overall look and feel of the game is so much more pleasing, with better animations too. I just hate small little icons like those in Golden Ticket! Gameplay wise, ah-hah, I told you the two may not play and pay the same way, and here is yet another proof of it! Energoonz has a more interesting and vibrant gameplay than Golden Ticket. Even the Bonus Rounds play better. Payout wise, yes, a little better too, but I cannot rely on payouts in the fun mode, because it isn't the same as in the real money mode. This I also know as true! Nonetheless, my fun mode play on Energoonz was interesting and fun enough, so I decided to play it with real money next, to see just how far apart fun mode play and real money play would go!
Well, just as I have expected and known too, the real money play was a far cry from the fun mode play! I couldn't get the Bonus Rounds as easily as I could in the fun mode, the payouts all tend to be much lower, and the wins in the base game seems to be less too! My deposited money went with the wind within just 1 hour of play, leaving me feeling disgusted at the difference in play between the two modes! I was hoping Energoonz could and would give me some satisfaction at least, but I got none instead. Nonetheless, Energoonz is still a better game to play than Golden Ticket, but none of these two games can ever make it into my favourite list!
Lucrecia Ponce. Reviewed on 26.09.18
Energoonz is a pretty interesting slot that provides a different gaming experience from what we’re generally used to with video slots. This game basically follows the same concept as some other Play’n Go video slots such as Golden Ticket and Gemix. First time I came across this game it definitely took me a lot of time to figure out how it worked.

Because of this, it probably will take you some time to adapt since the winning combinations conclude in a quite different way. Energoonz makes use of a 5x5 reel set with all types of symbols that laying around an energy field type of setting. On the right there is a reactor which will go off with every winning combination.

While on the left there is a multiplier which keeps increasing after every consecutive win. The minimum bet on this game is 20 cents, but I played it on 1 euro bets mainly. Keep in mind that the winning combinations only can get formed by getting 3 of the same symbols appearing horizontally or vertically.

Forget about any diagonal paylines because those are not possible during the base game. That’s why it can be confusing to play Energoonz if you’re not used to this type of setting. The energy symbol acts as wild btw.

I must say even during base game Energoonz offers plenty of opportunities to cash in win. A 5oak wilds for instance pays 500x bet, while clearing the whole grid pays 1,000x bet. Although both seem quite unrealistic, other prizes are very decent as well if you add the steadily increasing multiplier to the mix, then you can imagine what this game is capable of doing.

I never got the multiplier going further than 5x though, not sure what the max is if any at all. During base game my best hit was around 180x bet so far after a couple sessions of playing. There is also a bonus feature which can be triggered. On the background of the Energoonz reels, during the spins the word Bonus will be written vertically at a particular reel (often more than one).

If you manage to clear that complete reel and reveal the whole word, then you the bonus feature gets triggered. This is harder than it looks though as it often took me like 250 spins. Not sure if I was unlucky or if that’s the norm. During bonus game you can achieve wins much more easily since they don’t have to be on any line at all. Other symbols get used and the payout there is a bit lower for a 5oak combo, but it still offers great payouts for better combinations.

Here I won a total of 320x bet once after a lucky spell. This feature can also be re-triggered with 5 of the blue reactor symbols. Overall this game provides a lot of entertainment and certainly gave me value for my money!
It takes a while to adapt to this game. I guess our brains are used to something else after playing so many slots. But a change of scenery can prove to have a good effect and this slot isn't any different for that matter.
Terrie. Reviewed on 28.09.18
The slot Energoonz from Play'n'Go casinos is very funny. At the beginning I said that unfortunately this is a nice slot having bad rules, but after only 50 spins I realized that with other rules you could win too much here. To make a comparison, the slot is a bit like “SugarPop” from BetSoft or like “Candy Factory” from Cayetano, but here the rules are stricter. If you have not played yet at any of the two previous slots, then imagine a 5x5 matrix in which symbols are falling. The symbols here are different “monsters” that after all, each have their charm. If you have at least 3 monsters of the same type on a vertical or horizontal, they are electrocuted by a high voltage insulator found at the right slot, and disappear from the screen. Instead of them, in the middle position, a Wild sphere appears. Other symbols will not continue to fall from above, but the existing symbols rearrange and thus together with the new Wild sphere, they can form new winning combinations. (The major difference from the first two slots is that there other symbols were falling to fill the remaining gaps, and also the winning combinations consisted of any adjacent arrangement of symbols of the same type- not only on verticals and horizontals).

Because here “3 of a kind” pay less and because the number of possibilities is limited, I thought in the beginning that the slot is weak.But first time when I was left on the screen with more than 2 Wilds (spheres), I discovered that the number of winning combinations grows exponentially (and the existent Wilds multiply the same way).So with a little luck you can make disappear all of the symbols on the screen and win 200 Euro (for the minimum bet of 20 cents).And screens almost completely emptied of symbols are encountered quite frequently here!

If this was not enough there is another possibility in the game: if a whole vertical (5 symbols) is gone, all the letters in the word BONUS are discovered and you enter in Free Spins (again quite frequently). Now the “monsters” change their appearance and go to sleep. At least 5 monsters of the same type (this time wherever they are located) are awakened from sleep by the “electric shock” and you get a payout.

Thanks to these new rules the slot is almost as good as the first two ones and receives a good rating from me.
I just don't like the fact that almost every spin I made, it either gives me a spin that makes one combination or that it makes unreasonable pays (ie. $0.10 or less). But the biggest problem is trying to hit the 10 bonus spins.

The background before my normal spin shows my potential for the bonus as it has the word "Bonus" in a vertical way, now the trick is for me to win enough times that it'll reveal all 5 letters!! It'll take my sanity and my time for this but I'm glad I hit the 10 bonus spins quickly as possible before my insanity settled in, thanks to luck!

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