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How often do we think about what surrounds us? Many of you will respond: “frequently”, but are we talking about the same things? It is about something original and important, about the elements. How about usual water. Is it really that usual? Most of you probably heard that water is a very reasonable substance, which can change its structure, have different properties. And there are many such elements.


The developers of the slot, and that  is NetEnt, pay attention to important things that we, unfortunately, have stopped noticing. They’ve created a gaming machine named Elements. The elements of water,  fire, air, and earth are the main characters of this gaming machine.

The theme of the elements brings this slot popularity, and it should be evaluated by each player. This is something fundamentally new, unlike the others. And this is the main feature of the device, which entails a number of advantages associated with the design.


The graphics of the monitored slot shock the imagination. The background image of the Elements slot is a picture on which all elements are present in their real form, they are such as we constantly see them. To the right there is a fiery volcano, below it there is calm and quiet water, to the left is the element of mountain- clean air, and below is the earth. The design of the slot is something unique, where both modern details and initial forms are connected.

Among the symbols you will find many interesting things. For example, the lack of drums, which give complete freedom and no restrictions in the game. In addition, in this modern slot, each symbol moves and lives its life, like a real element. The interface is made in ethnic, colorful style. An unusual start button, made in the shape of a diamond, to the left of the button with the choice of the bet level and the value of the coins. The control is convenient, the buttons are even smaller, because there is no visible line selection button.


To start the game, you must select a bet. After that you can personally rotate the drums, or choose an automatic game. The slot does not provide usual features. But the clear advantage is the Avalanche Meter counter. As soon as the winning combination comes out, it hits the counter, where one of the indicators lights up. The counter is just the start button. If all four indicators start to glow, you will get free spins. Then the wild symbol will correspond to some element, making your chances of winning close to maximum. The gameplay is exciting, new, and isn’t hard. It’s interesting and unusual to play this slot


The Elements slot is a great opportunity to relax. Here, it’s even hard to succumb to stress. Even if you are not interested in super modernity and you prefer the good old one-armed bandits, try it out, it’s definitely worth it. Details, graphics, animations, sound are not just modern, they are absolutely new in the world of excitement and it’s a pleasure to play.

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Elements the awakening Reviews by Players

Ben Nourse. Reviewed on 30.06.18
Another cosmic themed game from NetEnt, with excellent graphics and animations, with pleasing sound effects and background music. Set against a dark and dusky backdrop, reminding me of Lights similar settings, the icons become brilliantly recognizable and the overall game ambience exciting. 1 star up.

I could hardly be satisfied with NetEnt’s paytable for most of their games. Elements is no different. With a highest payout of 1500x the line bet, and devoid of any other win values, including for the Wild symbols, the overall paytable becomes one with very low payouts. Not to my liking at all. 2 stars down.

Where Free Spins are concerned, Elements come with 4 exciting variants of Wild free spins feature games – Fire Storm Wild game, Air Storm Wild game, Earth Storm Wild game and finally Water Storm Wild game. Each game has the Wild symbol behaving differently, in accordance with its basic element nature. Pretty hard to say which Wild element pays better, but my preference seems to be a little bit more for the Water Storm Wild feature, whereby reels 2, 3 and 4 can become 3 reels of Expanded Wild. This is usually the catalyst for the biggest payout in any game, and probably true for Elements too. No star down/up.

When I played Elements, the avalanche of free falls were quite frequent, up to 3 times in a row, but always ending short of the required 4th avalanche to trigger any one of the free spins feature game. That got me very frustrated indeed. My credits were almost gone when I finally got a free spins feature game, which thankfully paid me back 70x my total bet, and that saved the day for me, for a while at least. I kept on playing, albeit at minimum bets, just to experience and see how the other Wild Storm free spins would pay out. Needless to say, my credits never went up again, despite getting more free spins along the way. The payouts were just not big enough to make a comeback for me. 1 star down.

Well, playing Elements was interesting in a way, but I’m rather disappointed with the overall payouts of the game. Even with 3 Expanded Wild reels, I doubt the payouts can ever be super huge because of the underlying low win values of all the symbols. I wouldn’t even be too sure if I want to play this game again, as there are some other better games that I have come across from NetEnt. 1 star down.
There are moments when the Free Spins round is less easy accessible.Also some wins (though fewer in number) have a rather low value. In some cases there may be more than 5 consecutive spins without a win.
Kizzie. Reviewed on 25.09.18
Elements the Awakening is another video slot that is brought to us by NetEnt software.

This is a slot that I tried long time ago in Expekt casino; it intrigued me with its colors. So I said why not give it a try. It is a really colorful video slot with good graphics and amazing animations. It is a 5 reel and a 20 payline slot. The minimum bet that can be placed in this slot is 0.20€ and the maximum is 100€. It is equipped with a bonus and a wild feature, but misses the scatter feature, which is ok in my opinion cause this game has a lot to offer, even though in the beginning it was really tough I basically didn't get anything, maybe couple of small wins, but the bigger wins started when I finally got the four crystals to light up after so many times in which I had three lighted up crystals.

This game resembles Gonzo's Quest in a way that it has the avalanche mode. In Gonzo's Quest the reels would fall down just like in this game, and with every win the symbols would explode and be replaced, so if this would have happened four times you would have gotten 5x multiplier while in this game you get FS when the Avalanche meter fills up with four lights. And also when the free fall feature is activated, the wild symbols each have a different action depending on which free fall feature is activated. In my case, sadly I only managed to get the free falls once. And the one I got is the Earth storm which awarded me 10 FS, and in there the wild would stick around for the wins, after that they would explode and disappear. Also the game offers a fire storm, air storm, earth storm and water storm wild which I frankly don't manage to trigger. Honestly I think that some of these features are really hard to trigger and even when they are triggered the winnings aren't so huge. So couple of stars removed for that.

Overall this is a very exciting and nerve racking game, that definitely deserve to be tried out, so I would recommend that you do that.
Mariano. Reviewed on 27.09.18
Elements is a game I always gladly try whenever my balance allows it. This game for a theme has the 4 basic elements earth, fire, wind and water. The game really has outstanding animations and graphic. Visually it is one of the best slot games I have played. The background music is really good and goes along with the theme. For anyone who is a sci fi lover this slot will be a real site for sore eyes.

The slot has 20 paylines, 5 reels and has a falling symbols design. This means that for every win a new set of symbols arrive so you can basically have a few wins with just one spin. This is a very important feature in these slots and that’s why they can have a nice payout. The paytable is descent with the highest paying symbol awarding a win of 15000 coins for 5 of them on a winning payline.

This game has a wild symbol but doesn’t offer a scatter symbol. When you start to play you get one of the 4 basic elements and it determines which bonus you will get. Each set of 4 consecutive wins triggers the free spins bonus and you get 10 free spins. This game has 4 different bonuses where everything is the same only the wild symbol acts differently. You can get and expanding wild, a sticky wild for 3 wins, a multiple wild that expands to cover 2 more positions or a wild that stays in position for the entire free spins.

I really like playing this slot and it can award some nice wins. During base play you usually get small to medium wins because of the dropping symbols but in the bonus game you can have some nice wins. My favorite is the Earth Storm feature. In a few spins you can get 3 wilds on a line and have 3 big wins.

In my last session I got all 4 bonuses in about 210 spins. My best hit was on the Earth storm bonus where I had a win of about 200 x bet thanks to 2 spins with 3 wilds on reels 2, 3 and 4 in a single line.

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