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Have you ever been to a poultry farm? Probably, you represent the lazy hens which are pacing happily along the fenced territory and cackle when the egg is taken down. This is how everything happens on real farms for growing birds. However, NetEnt offers us its idea of ​​poultry farming. Eggomatic slot machine is able to leave unforgettable impressions and cheer up even the most serious casino players.

Main Theme

What is the difference between a poultry farm, created by NetEnt, from the usual one? In the Eggomatic slot you will see mechanical robot chickens that carry metal eggs. In most cases, this is an ordinary alloy of iron, but sometimes they manage to carry out the golden egg.

The developers have demonstrated that they are fine with imagination. However, Eggomatic attracts gamblers not only an unusual story. The game contains additional functions that not all video slots can boast of. In general, we have an original and unusual slot machine, which is worth it to be chosen.

Interesting Features

Eggomatic is a 5-reels slot in which the symbols are displayed in 3 rows. The game contains 20 paylines, which are always active. By betting on the line, you will be able to choose coins with a face value of $ 0.01 to $ 1. The maximum number of coins for a bet is 10. This means that you can bet from $ 0.20 to $ 200 per spin.


Eggomatic slot is a game, in which you receive cash prizes every time the winning combinations appear on the screen. Such combinations are groups of consecutive symbols on the active game line. The first symbol of the winning combination must be on the first reel. The size of the prize per round is equal to the product of the bet amount and the multiplier used for the resulting combination of symbols. If reels display 5 robot-hens in red clothes, then the multiplier x1000 will be applied to your bet.


During the launch of the game you will see a funny video that explains the essence of what is happening in the game. We recommend viewing this video. After the launch, you will see a futuristic egg production line, into which reels are organically integrated. All the buttons and information blocks are located under the reels and are represented as a control panel of the production line.

On the main console there are a button to start the game round, a button that allows you to make the maximum bet on the round, as well as a button to start the game in automatic mode. To select the coin value and determine the number of coins for a bet, use the Coin Value and Level tools, respectively. The Bet displays the total bet amount for the game round.

Unlike other video slots, the Eggomatic slots game does not have the usual Paytable button. Click the “i” button if you want to read the game rules and see the payout table.

In the lower left corner of the screen there are 4 standard buttons, allowing you to configure the most comfortable gameplay. You can turn off the initial splash screen and video, decrease the volume of the sound, adjust the parameters of the automatic game and get full information about Eggomatic by NetEnt.

Game Symbols

Game symbols are colored hens and chickens. The main special symbol is Wild, which is able to replace any characters in the game to form winning combinations. Scatter in the Eggomatic slot is missing. However, there are other special symbols:

Free Spins Egg
If you see this egg, then you are lucky one, who got 7-50 free spins. During free spins, the current bet is used. The highest win per line is paid only. You can get more free spins during the round with free spins.
Spreading Wild Egg
This magic egg is able to turn all the symbols that surround it into Wild symbols. All formed winning combinations will be paid.
Coin Win Egg
If the reels display this symbol, then you can get a generous prize in the amount of 50 to 2500 coins. The monetary equivalent of this prize depends on the nominal value of the coins you have chosen for the game round.
Surprise Egg
This symbol received such a name because it chooses what it should be. You can get one of the possibilities offered by the 3 characters described above.

Bonus Round

You can see all special symbols (except Wild) during the bonus mini-game only. The bonus round was called Conveyer Belt. Right above the reels there is a special device, which throws the eggs on the conveyor belt. The belt is moved to one section, equal to the width of the reel, with each spin. The functions of any of the four special symbols are activated if it stops in front of the reel with the Wild symbol.


Eggomatic slot offers a jackpot of 94,750 coins. This game does not belong to the category of slots with a progressive jackpot.


Many casino players love the Eggomatic slot machine for its beautiful graphics, interesting features and an unusual theme. The main advantage of this game is unusual bonus round, which is not similar to the mini-games offered by other video slots.

Eggomatic provides not the highest multipliers for gaming combinations. However, various additional functions are often activated during the game process, thanks to which you can get generous cash prizes. In addition, this slot has a rather high RTP over 96.5%.

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Eggomatic Reviews by Players

Brenna Brayman. Reviewed on 01.07.18
EggOmatic is boring but I need to satisfy my curiosity and gave this game a try.
There was no beginners luck because I lost 40 euro playing it, I did get one bonus round thou but with no big win so I let this game be and not even give it another try.

I must say that the game is different than other NetEnt video slots. It's the eggs that came out of the EggOmatic machine that kept me playing it because if you saw a rainbow egg or a free spin egg you need to have it. They did a great job making this video slot, apparently they have thought it very deep how to keep us playing it.

A few month ago I found a NeoGames casino that offered a free 5 euro no deposit bonus and nowadays NeoGames casinos also offered NetEnt video slots which is a major improvement.
I signed up and received the 5 free instantly. 5 euro is not much but I saw EggOmatic in their games list and decided to try it one more time. Within 2 minutes the EggOmatic machine spit out an egg with 50 free spins, my heartbeat went up and I crossed my fingers. When the egg reached the middle reel the wild symbol appeared under it and the mechanical chicken pop up, spread his wings and catches the egg.

The free spins bonus gave me a wonderful over 60 euro winning. I didn't knew that there was an 50 free spins egg and now I wonder if there also an other egg with 100 free spins?

It doesn't happen very often that a NetEnt game pays more than 200 times bet.
EggOmatic has convinced me that it's possible, you just need a little bit luck.

Last week I have tried this game again but with no luck, it only sucked my money like a vacuum cleaner sucked the bread crumbs of the floor.

I do recommend this game to all my fellow players, that's if you like chicken!
Eggomatic has the potential to be a good slot but unfortunately it just doesn't work out like that. The reason why I think it has so much potential is because there is so much going on in this slot. But what's the point in having loads of good features if they hardly ever come in? There is just no point at all.

Every spin gives you the chance of winning something extra as the little fire machine pops out certain things, like extra money, free spins, expanding wilds. These appear at the top of your reels and there is potential that you could have one of these features on top of every reel, all you need to do to win the feature is to get a wild on your screen. A wild will allow whatever feature is showing at the top of the reel to drop down into your game. You can win the odd pound or fifty pence when placing a minimum bet. I am not sure whether when you increase your bet that these amounts you can win will also increase, I imagine they would, but I am not willing to take the risk of betting more to find out.

I think the free spins are really hard to get, the same concept works though. The machine shoots out a Free Spin icon which works it way across your screen on each of the five reels, to get the free spins you just need a wild to appear on the right reel at the right time. Like I said, this all sounds good but when put into reality, they hardly ever drop down into your game.
Denise. Reviewed on 25.09.18
Clearly "Eggomatic" is one of the most original NetEnt games I've played; the idea of a factory egg is like a flash of ingenuity and proof of the creativity of slot machines designers is limitless. In the game, the robot hens emerge as the solution to the problem of low egg production by organic hens.

It is noteworthy the enormous progress that NetEnt has made on design to incorporate 3D animations on their slot machines, but additionally Eggomatic has something that looks pretty interesting, and it is its special features do not require scatters or any other symbol, except wild symbol, to activate its special features, and this is a big draw, as well the player has more chances to complete their normal lines, for example, in other slots, often the appearance of a bonus symbol interrupted me a line of 5 of a kind. By the way, these special features are, without going into exaggeration, genuine and exciting. I say this because the feature is activated when the appearance of a wild symbol coincides with the position of one of many different eggs with different prizes circulating on a conveyor; all time wild symbols are appearing and all the time eggs are circulating, and these adds a load of extra excitement when we do force by the appearance of some wild just below the position of each egg, and even more because the prize offered by eggs is painted on their shells, I do not know how else to express it, but this system seems just great to me.

The characteristics as such, are not as unique, but still quite attractive, and they are:
- Spreading wild egg: activated by the "W-egg” and becomes wild all adjacent symbols to the wild involved in the triggering of this feature, this means it has the potential to completely fill three reels with wild symbols, with high probability of obtaining a "big win" on that shot.
- Free spin egg: awarded by a green egg with arrows expressing a turn, and a number between 7 and 50, which is the number of free spins you get, written on it. The most common number given, in my personal experience with this game, is 10.
- Coin eggs win: the golden eggs appear with a number written on them, and that number is the amount of coins player receipts as instant win.
- Surprise Egg: grants randomly one of the prizes offered by 3 eggs above.
The wild symbol acts as a substitute for other symbols in addition to participating in the activation of the special features.

In summary, I am very satisfied with this game because it has meant me long moments of pure fun plus some bucks, and I think worth a try.

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