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drone wars Reviews by Players

Goldie. Reviewed on 02.07.18
Drone wars is an old Microgaming slot. I did not know if it will be interesting for you to read my review of this slot, but I am pretty sure after it most likely you will not start playing this slot, there is nothing interesting.

This game looks very outdated, and not interesting for me. Also I found when playing that sounds in this slot is very annoying for me, and it is hard to relax while playing this slot.

Drone wars slot has 25 paylines, and minimum bet here therefore is 0.25, basic info, but probably for some players it is will be important. There wilds, but they generally did not do anything only substitute, and max win for 5 wilds is a joke, 40 x total bet. It is possible to trigger feature by 3+ scatters, then you will need to choose what you want, usual pick bonus game, or 5 FS with random wilds. From my not big experience I can provide you information that both features boring, and it is hard to win something decent, because 5 FS is too low to hit something decent.

I tried this game only once, and it was at 32 red casino. I can say that I did not like this game at all. It looks bad, and payouts is too low. Bonus features is not interesting and also pay very bad. I lost only 20$ on this slot, but I am really sad that I spent 20$ on such bad game, it is really just like put my own money in fire and laugh.

I rate this game with 3 stars, it is not interesting, and there is really nothing interesting, and I suggest you did not even touch this game, it does not worth to spend money on it. Microgaming games portfolio allow's to choose much more better and interesting slots to play.
Drone Wars is another slot that guides us out of this world and has space, alien theme which wouldn’t be a problem at all but for me this appearance is a fine example how a game isn’t able to be impressive. A little bit strange that Microgaming made this game because we all know what they capable of providing really great and attractive slot but this product definitely doesn’t belong to them. The interface is unreasonably too colorful and this not just can get irritating to the eye but absolutely not fit to the theme in my opinion. The graphics quality is very poor and reminds me of the first made video games at the beginning of this revolution what we played with as children. The symbols are also ugly ones, some of them are un-categorized, too colorful, haven’t got detailed illustration and basically they’re not just not attractive but for me a little bit annoying and totally useless for playing. I don’t want to repeat myself but this appearance and visual work are terrible and simple this is messed up creation.

The only thing that could have saved the game for me if something real great feature would have been assigned to this slot but it’s not the case. In best case all we can find here are a very average quality game segment which doesn’t have any real chance to surprise us in positive way. The best line win is worth only 1000 coins which is not a great attribute and because of the Wild symbol doesn’t have the power to multiply it so we can’t expect that this ‘grand prize’ would increase in any way.

What I like here – and there are no many such things – is the freedom to play our bonus side game after getting 3 or more Scatters on the screen. When it happens we can select whether we want to play free spins or action-rich bonus which requires the player to be more active during extra session. The free spins consist of only 5 extra games which instead of using any win multiplier it is working some extra Wilds on the table as at every spin randomly chosen symbol(s) from the reels can be turned into Wilds. At the Planetary Assault bonus we have to fight against drones and try to destroy them and all perished machines reveal cash prizes and extra session lasts until the drones destroy our protecting shield.

This latter type of bonus is much more interesting and provides some kind of excitement though the cash prizes here are not too generous and I think this bonus is not worth to play in moneywise standpoint. The free spins should contain more spins and even if sometimes there are Wilds in great number on the reels but somehow this extra also can’t be too profitable but obviously it still more rewarding than the fight bonus. I can’t really understand why both independent bonuses can’t be triggered separately and why they haven’t got better paying tendency and ability.

All in all, this project is a massive disappointment for me and I don’t see the reason why Microgaming thought it would be a great game. Honestly, I don’t find here any little things that I could love and be crazy over for and I really think that this game would be considerable to any good products on the market. If we don’t chose the Planetary Assault bonus the game also can’t be an entertaining partner and to not extend further the words, in my opinion this is a real bad game especially from one of the big gun developers. I believe they would do better if they take away this project from their repertoire because I don’t think this slot would be a good representative for them.
Charity. Reviewed on 26.09.18
Drone Wars is a 25 paylines Microgaming video slot just available in flash versions. Now it would be wonderful had the download and the instant flash would merge themselves to bring about their variety of slots together so I won't have to go on one version just to play a specific game!

Every time I open up Drone Wars I will be delighted by the wins it can produce like 4 Queens on top going in a straight line for $1.80 on my 3 coin / $0.75 bets or something better like a wild on the top, 1st reel while 4 Aces are forming in a mountain shape, lol, mountain shape, sorry it's the 5th payline (what was I thinking hehe) for a $4.95 win combination! Other wins were smaller for $0.45 - $0.90. I was chasing the free spins for a long time, long enough to lose $30. Dam* scatters were pushing it!!! Highest win here so far is just a mini $15 win off of the 5 rocket symbols coming from the 23rd payline! I like it for it's easy wins for combinations but not how I was teased to get no triggers on Drone Wars imao!

Interesting Wild symbol rolling with lights, fair to medium sized wins, hard to hit 3 scatters and overall I'm not a fan of the tune during each spin, the slot scores 6 stars!
This video slot is now my enemy as I have lost $30 trying to win over the 5 Free spins. It is the scatters that teased me the most. In one scenario the scatters are on the 1st reel and the 2nd on the last reel, my chances there stopped! Or when I felt lucky that 2 scatters were on the 3rd and 4th reel thinking I'll trigger the free spins and right, you guessed it, the last reel contained nothing! By the way the paytable about the free spins sounded, it looked amazing for me to chase! Unfortunately, I was an unlucky victim into chasing the free spins, losing a fraction of my balance and accepting my defeat in lassoing 3 scatters as a cowboy!

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