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Get in a rampantly fast car and keep your foot down like you are starring in some Fast and Furious series where no one could possibly catch you up. Sounds applicable to your current mood state? Then, you surely should check out a new featured video-slot game brought by Net Entertainment software developing company with a great deal of thrilling racing action involved. This is The Drive: Multiplier Mayhem, this is uncontrolled wilderness happening on your screens. So, you feel like experiencing the adrenaline rushing through induced by amazing sound effects and epic gameplay, meet relentless female character called Jette who is on the road of serious competition with naughty Hamaki, Bruiser and Twitch looking really formidable. But do not doubt, she is ready to take the fight and be engaged to the mat.

The Drive by NetEnt, which, just for the record, has already become a worldwide phenomenon in the sphere of casino gaming development by their exclusive approach to creating digital production, is an impressive game full of unexpected twists and turns immersing you into deep waters of dangerous racing action with one thing required: be risky and have no fear before speed. Net Entertainment has managed to devise a very exciting gaming environment with smooth interface, user-friendly control options, stunning animation effects and entertaining additional features characteristic for car-themed subject. The colouring set is comprised of dark and saturated shades of blue and steel shades and quite catchy background painting where you can see a little indistinct big city lights. What’s more, gaming symbols have incredibly touching implementation and design – main characters are paired up with classic card icons and Wildcards resembling a speedometer. The reel grid is practically transparent to add a bit of street-life authenticity, so unquestionably NetEnt went the extra mile to deliver such a marvellous games to casinos.

Drive: Multiplier Mayhem, altogether, incorporates a standard reel of five sections including 15 betting lines with a fixed number. Taking account of the layout, it seems like The Drive slot machine offers traditional arrangement wrapped in an interesting shell with a couple of extra elements. Here players would be presented with Multiplier Wild symbols, some timeless Free Spins and Scatters in an unusual set of levels and Nitro Collect feature allowing to fetch extended rewarding. All in all, you will find a few great alongside moments in The Drive slot in a marvellous combination of classics and untypical courses, so that every gambler can explore different important for them bits. Graphics addicts will get amazing animation, action devotees get their fair share of diverse motion and racing fans would simply enjoy the whole theme around.

Interesting features

Drive: Multiplier Mayhem has a lot of offer: eye-catching gameplay, dynamic 3D animation, realistic appearance, and, of course, some seasoning in the form of additional features pleasing your eyes. Basically, there are three different interesting aspects concerning featuring prospects which are unconventional Wild symbols having an unusual set of responsibilities, Nitro symbols participating in free games and Scatter triggering these rounds. Let’s see in a quick manner what the features actually do as to some they might seem a little shred intricate.

Apart from different symbols relating to street racing subject, casino players will also see quite peculiar Wilds depicted as a speedometer with a multiplier in the middle. The reels are organised to carry some certain values of multiplication and Wildcards are assigned to land on respective strips. So, for example, the third reel will always house the Wild with x3 multiplication to your bet while the fifth reel would have x5 respectively. These symbols, on the whole, serve a standard mission to replace for regular icons, yet they also provide a multiplier for a combination they join. When you have a pattern on two matches and one Wild landing next to them, say, on the fifth reel your resulting combination will be multiplied by 5 accordingly in addition to base payout. Look pretty lucrative on the outside, and that is the reason why the paytable has relatively low values for matching arrays.

Nitro symbols in The Drive slots game is another fascinating group of icons appearing during free-spin games as a level-up incriminator. Briefly speaking, your bonus rounds can be prolonged by these Nitros, so that you will be able to move to another gaming point. You are going to play for Jette and compete against three other proficient racers in a drag-style run, but to override them you have to utilize some boosting power from nitro injections. As soon as you collect three Nitro symbols, you win the opponent and are given a few more perks for the next contest lap. Note that Nitro icons do not have any rewarding for forming a string, they simply carry you into the further step. If you gather 9 pictures during the free games, make yourself comfortable because you become the winner defeated the whole row of mature racing hustlers.

Obviously, to initiate the Nitro-boosting action, The Drive slot has to allocate three Scatters on the reels for the bonus game to start. Outside, this bonusing looks like a solid dollop of free games, but on the inside NetEnt prepared tasty sweets for the rounds. Not only will you get overlaying Multiplier Wildcards, but also some splendid scenery of a real car-race competition with three tremendous runners not willing to give up too early. The games can be retriggered, but not by Scatters. The Race bonus feature will be discussed later in the respective paragraph.

Bonus rounds

The sweetest part of Drive
Multiplier Mayhem slots is free spins arranged in a thrilling mini-game with an additional dose of extra animation and new moving backdrop tapestry. First of all, fish out three Scatters on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th reels consecutively in one base-game spin to open a chance to race against your main in-game nemesis – Twitch, Hamaki and Bruiser. Your gaming character is Jette, a brave woman wanting to play a fair game with the guys, and your mission is to help her pass them all in a short drag race across the city highway. But you are not alone, because your car is a beast equipped with the nitro boost system allowing you to raise chances of winning. Though, gas injection is strictly bonded with Nitro symbols which you have to collect in a group of three to beat the opponents. Besides, some great Wild moments will aid you to raise money from the races as while you’re concentrated on the road.
These cards are out of line in their behaviour, because when they build a matching string, big wins come into view, and don’t be surprised with the numbers. In general, as it has already been said, each reel operates a multiplying value in accordance to its position – reel 1 offers x1 topping, reel 2 has x2 extra multiplication and so forth. Wilds landing on a reel get the same level of multiplication as the number of reel. Note that there might be more than one Wild in a symbol pattern. So, in case you combine several multipliers, the total value represents a re multiplication of the whole set. For instance, you have one Ace card symbol on the first reel and three more Wilds on the subsequent reels, and they all stand on the win line. You have, in total, four Aces in a row which is rewarded with 10 coins, but now this value is increased by x2, then by x3, and x4, so that you will get 240 credits instead of regular 10.
Unfortunately, Nitros have to reward to bring, yet they have an important mission to help you on the way to success in the free game rounds. Primarily, you just gather icons from the reels, and then there’s three of them in your pot, you are progressing onto a new level. Speaking of gameplay, three collected Nitro symbols activate a quick boost advancing you to the finish line instantly.
Now let’s take a closer look at how the rounds are going. First and foremost, you have to get three Scatters on the reels for the race to begin. Provided you collect an ample quantity of respective symbols, Jette jumps in her swift car and starts with competing against Twitch. You have 10 attempts to spin the reels and receive three Nitro icons to successfully accomplish the run. Note that you can gather Nitros for the future rounds in advance. Twitch is defeated, and you have the second run on Hamaki, but the machine awards you with some additional spins and appends one overlaying Wilds for each next spin. Then you have the same set of rules for racing against Bruiser as well.
LEVEL 0 1 2 3
ADVANCE FACTOR Automatically 3 Nitros 3 Nitros 3 Nitros (win)
OPPONENT Twitch Hamaki Bruiser Bruiser
SPINS 10 +4 +3 +2

Generally, there’s hardly anything difficult in having free spins with The Drive slot because frankly you cannot possibly influence the number of Nitros coming on the reels. So, you are simply a spectator of Jette’s ups and downs settled in a beautifully-animated gambling action. Overlaying Wild multipliers make the rounds extremely beneficial regarding that they can form a Wild multi-combo. Each new level gives access to another overlay and more free spins. To provide more insight on rewarding during the bonus, here’s a full table-description of stages you are going to be through:

Rules and features

Naturally, Drive: Multiplier Mayhem slot is game tightly tighten with multiplier Wild which is clear from the game’s title. The most incredible moment is that these multipliers can create bonds with each other to form ‘a multiplied multiplier’, so no wonder why the game uses just 15 lines (fixed) and low-win regular pictures, because your 5 credits can be easily transformed into 1500. Wagers are quite moderate with the minimum of 0.15 and the maximum is 75 credits. The Drive slot provides only one bonus game, but you won’t find it to be insufficient, because extra rounds are marvelously organised in a mini-game action.

Your main task as a gambler is to place wagers and get profitable combinations of icons on the reels, but also you doubtlessly need to catch three Scatters and then beat three massive opponents in a race game. The jackpot is estimated to be 75’000 credits which is also the maximum value possible to be won during both bonus and regular rounds. The Drive slot has a clear in understanding interface, but of you still hesitate about gaming rules visit the info section by clicking “I” icon on the command bar. Overall, your paytable values are also multiplied by ‘bet level’ number, so here’s the map of payouts for the first betting level:

Symbol 3 4 5
Jette 25 75 150
The Car, Bruiser 15 60 90
Hamaki, Twitch 10 45 60
Aces, Kings, Queens, Jacks, Tens 5 10 30

Note that the paying value is fixed to a concrete number of credits for a combination, but this credit value is multiplied by your level bet and Wild multipliers if they appear on a payline


The Drive slot by NetEnt is a state of the art, without any doubt. It is dynamic, energetic, thrilling, interesting to play machine offering a very exclusive bonus game laid on the theme of car-racing action. NetEnt cared about music accompaniment and included upbeat electro soundtrack and car-engine effects to establish an overwhelming atmosphere of attractive gambling in the surrounding of cute racers and amazing vehicles. In terms of percentages, The Drive slot machine is empowered with really low volatility number, so wins are frequent, but not sometimes as large as they should be. Nevertheless, players still can aim at winning real money sums as jackpot is quite promising – 75’000 coins.

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Drive: multiplier mayhem Reviews by Players

Suanne. Reviewed on 30.06.18
With a game name like Drive, I instinctively knew that it must be a game about cars and with cars, just as with the game Supe It Up. When I first I saw this game, I was quite impressed. Nice presentations, nice graphics, nice animations, but the Jette lady should have been more bee-you-tiful than that, rather than looking like a cybernetic lady. Well, maybe she is supposed to be one, who knows, but I always prefer any lady to be bee-you-tiful please! If a real cybernetic lady can be made beautiful, as those made in Japan, then Jette should be made beautiful too! Okay, okay, so I admit I'm a big sucker for bee-you-tiful ladies, cybernetic or not, hahaha.

This new game from NetEnt certainly has new features added into it. The Multiplier Wild, for example, has a win multiplier according to the reel it appears on. If on reel 1, then its 1x, if on reel 5, then its 5x. Hmm, looks pretty good to me, but what is even better is that if 2 or more Multiplier Wilds are on the same payline, all multipliers get multiplied for the win! For example, if 2x, 3x, 4x, and 5x Multiplier Wilds are on the same payline, with lady Jette on reel 1 to complete the winning combination, then that would pay a huge 18,000x (120x 150 for Jette) line bet win! Wow! But wait a minute! That figure may look huge, but it isn't really! Getting the lady Jette with that 120x multiplier would only pay $180 on a $0.01 line bet, or 1200x the total bet! Not really that big is it? It is only a fraction of what the biggest paying possibility from another game could pay! So don't get too excited with that 120x Multiplier possibility. NetEnt is just playing a very tricky ploy here, making that 120x looks so so big! Hehehe.

3 Scatters, on reels 2, 3 and 4, activate 10 free spins. Those scatters don't appear on reel 1 or 5, so no 5 Scatters win is possible. They don't pay anything anyway! Dumb Scatters! Hahaha. During the free spins, every Nitro symbol collected adds up in the meter on the left of the screen. With every 3 Nitros collected, that level race is won, you go to the next race on level 2, win an extra Multiplier Wild, plus a few more free spins, starting with +4 free spins for level 2, +3 free spins for level 3, and +2 free spins for level 4. Additional Multiplier Wilds are +1, +2, and +3 for level 4. Only 1 Overlay Wild (without any multiplier) can appear on a reel during the free spins game. All these may sound rather complicated, but not so after playing the game for some time.
Well, I was really looking forward to see what this Drive: Multiplier Mayhem game can offer and pay, but after looking at the paytable, after doing some basic calculations, the whole game failed to impress me! My real money plays didn't bring in any impressive wins. I did finished the race at level 4, only once, but the overall payout was only about 184x my total bet, not impressive at all! Trying to get 3 Scatters to appear on the 3 reels was more frustrating than exciting! The game may look interesting and exhilarating, but the truth is far from it, from my point of view.
Hortensia Prestridge. Reviewed on 26.09.18
Drive is the newest game from Netent software and was released less than a week ago. I was waiting for this release as I had seen the promotional video and the game seemed refreshing. I have to say that design wise Netent has done a great job, in my opinion, the game is inspired by car race theme and that's something I haven't seen from them before, therefore it was fun. The color scheme was dark, as the race is in the night, but I love it.

When the game launched, as usually casinos were giving free spins on it. In most occasions I would get 5 free spins and win few cents, so when Doublestar casino was having a promotion that if you deposit 10€ the next day you receive 50 spins on it, I couldn't resist. The free spins overall gave me 15€ win, because I managed to trigger free games within them.

There are many things I like about this game. First of all it has amazing wilds feature, whenever a wild lands, it multiplies the line win depending on which reel the wild is. So the wilds are from the regular to 5x, and many times they appear together, so for a 15 payline slot I think the winning potential is decent. Second thing I really like which isn't very important, is that whenever you get a spin, the wining combination stands out, since the slot background is dark, it is easy to just see if anything enlightens, that's a small thing but I like it.

My favorite part of the game is free spins and I really look forward to getting them. I do think that sometimes they can be a little hard to trigger, in one of my sessions I played over 700 spins until I got the free spins. That's because they appear only on reels 2, 3 and 4. But they are definitely worth the wait, as they are exciting and rewarding. Free spins are like a race, which has many parts. If you collect 3 nitro symbols, you get to race the next person. And with each race you get extra spins and extra multiplier, that will appear on every spin. My best result so far has been around 80x bet, but that's when I haven't gone to the last race and I haven't managed to get so far. But I think then you can see really nice winnings.

Overall I think this is a successful release and I will continue to play it. The only thing I don't like that much is the fact that it's a 15 payline slot. I rarely play games with less than 20 paylines,but this might be one of my favorites from 15 liners. I recommend this game, it has nice sounds, good looks and even though on base game my best win hasn't exceeded 30x bet and on free spins 80x, I think it has potential to give a lot more, thanks to the different wild multipliers.
Tera. Reviewed on 28.09.18
"Drive: Multiplier Mayhem" is the new creation of "NetEnt" recently released during this month February 2016, this slot is specially made for those players who love speed and enjoy strong emotions, its theme is inspired by illegal street racings that occur in the evenings of the world's major cities; game graphics are modern and its characters look rough and daring, this game is all about action, a very attractive slot indeed.

The main feature of this slot during the base game is related to wild symbols and each of these symbols come with a multiplier depending on the number of the reel on which it appears, therefore, if the wild appears on reel 1 then comes with a x1 multiplier, if it appears on reel 2 so comes with a x2 multiplier and so on to the reel 5 wherein it appears with a x5 multiplier, best of all, if several wild symbols are involved in the formation of some combination then their multipliers will be combined to be applied to our winning, for example, if we have two wild symbols with multipliers x2 and x4 on the same line, then our win is multiplied by x8. This feature is great even though "Drive: Multiplier Mayhem" is a slot of only 15 lines, but as expected, the paytable is not very strong, this in order to balance payouts so the game remain profitable for the casino.

This slot is also equipped with an initial round of 10 free spins that may be triggered by the appearance of 3 scatters that only can occur on 3 central reels, this event usually does not happen very often but we must recognize that this is a feature rather exciting since once activated they may appear on the reels special symbols called "Nitro symbols" that we collect and every 3 entitle us to compete against a new racer and additionally we are awarded additional free spins and several wilds with multipliers to be randomly overlaid anywhere on the reels on each of the turns.

The mixture of all the elements in this game such as hit average, number of paylines, payouts and special features make "Drive: Multiplier Mayhem" a slot of medium variance in my opinion, so that with good money management and some luck you may get some moderate gains, it is possible you may eventuallyfall into a slump caused by a decrease in the occurrence of wild symbols or high symbols as it happened at the end of my session, but this is something normal in this type of games and if it occur it is best to leave before you lose everything you've won so far. Good slot, very fun.

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