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dream run Reviews by Players

Lashawna. Reviewed on 04.07.18
Street racing and fast cars that's the theme of the Dream Run video slot made by Real Time Gaming provider, yet another game, with 5 reels and 25 pay lines with a minimum bet of 0.25 cents. Player can take part especially if you are fan of car race with all the equipment that every car race needs such as nitro buttons, traffic lights, speedometers, steering wheel guns, grid girls which is the highest paying symbol, wheels and the old tradition symbols as letters and numbers.

The game has wilds, scatter symbols multiplier, free spins feature, so yet another average slot made by RTG. The wild but also not regular one is the Racer which he always and only appear on the first reel, but what makes it special, when triggering him on the first reel the winnings get tripled. But the beauty of the wilds, the first Racer has an opponent Racer, which he will lend on any of the 4 reels except from the first one and the second wild if triggered only will not multiple any winnings, but triggering together with the first racer, then we are talking about nice big win.

Dream Run has two bonus rounds which will award you with free spins feature. The first free spins round will be triggered if getting up to three green lights anywhere on the reels will trigger the Dream Run Racing feature, giving the opportunity to choose one of the 5 racers, awarding the player with 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 free games, well that depends in what place you will finish the car race.

The second bonus game is not much different from the first one, the only difference here while you again have chance to choose from the cars to race, but the difference is here you have a chance to qualify to trigger the Jackpot feature. The second bonus will be triggered while you play the base game every racer will appear on the reels will be added to the Racer Tally ,so having 10 Nitro Racers submitted then you will be rewarded with the Nitro Racing round. Nice game having good potential of big wins, definitely deserves to be tried.

This slot “steals” in the best RTG tradition. I mean for a bet of 25 cents, when you win the payout is 5-15 cents which is less than you invested. Even when you have scatters (some traffic lights) on all reels, you are “stolen” because of an extra rule introduced by this game: there are pays only for green and not for red. And there is something else very bad: after you have entered with difficulty in Free Spins, sometimes you are awarded only 5 Free Spins to win between 1-3 dollars. From 3 rounds of Free Spins I won 1, 3 and 17 dollars. So that, in many cases you wait for Free Spins for nothing. As I said, only in certain circumstances you get out “even” with the money, otherwise you lose in the RTG tradition.
Nakia. Reviewed on 27.09.18
Dream Run is a video slot game with 25 paylines and 5 reels which is created in Real Time Gaming. This game reminds me very much of Green Light which is one of my favorite games from this software provider. I think that Green Light served as an inspiration for this game.

Here the graphic and sound is improved and everything else that was good on Green Light was kept. Also there are some added features that weren't there on the previous version. This is one of the many games where you can expect to have big wins only during the free spins. Like in Green Light the bonus is activated if you get 3 symbols with a green light anywhere on the 5 reels. That is when the race and the fun begins. You choose one of the 5 cars with different colors. Depending on the place your car finishes in the race you can get 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 free spins. But if your car finishes on one of the first two places you get a chance for a second race where beside the free spins you get 5, 10, 15, 20 or 100 x your bet. That’s not all yet. If your car finishes on one of the first two places in the second race you get a chance for a third and final race. Depending on the results of your car in the third race your wins in the free spins are multiplied from 3 x to 7 x. By the way if you don’t make it to the third race your wins are multiplied by 2.

The free spins bonus doesn’t come easy. You will often have to spent a lot of time an money to get it. But if you do manage to trigger it the fun is guaranteed. You also have a chance to make good money. From my experience I can say that if you get to the third race you have a guaranteed win of minimum 50 x bet or more. Dream Run is a very good game and I recommend it to everyone.
Alonso. Reviewed on 28.09.18
Dream Run is a slot of RTG casinos and has 25 paylines. In some respects it is a bit better than the average slot slots here, but in total it remains an almost weak slot. When playing at the old RTG slots, an average or high volatility only means that you will lose money faster, but here at Dream Run from time to time you manage to get even with money after each hundred of spins played. That is, sometimes under certain conditions you will not lose nor win anything. RTG casinos advertise for all their slots a return of 90-91% which is very little. However playing this slot, at least in what it concerns me, I have not lost a lot. Perhaps the slot is made for the 300% bonuses offered by RTG and I would be surprised if here ever one will be able to meet the RTG wagering (about 50x in general) but one will probably be able to play pretty much before losing all the money (including the bonus).

The theme slot is the racing and among its symbols one can find two drivers, a race car wheel, a driving wheel...The good thing is that many symbols pay for “2 of a kind” and the bad part is that in 99% of wins you will have no more than “3 of a kind”. There is also a so-called “Feature Guaranteed” but the indicator is advancing in quite difficult conditions (that is, when a particular driver is present only on reel 1).

Overall you can try to play this slot if you are in an RTG casino. It is one of those new slots where certain weaknesses of old slots have disappeared.

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