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Overview of the popular online game “Dragon Island”

The “Dragon Island” slot is a game, which is the one of the most popular slot machines in the internet space. Online game is made by the Net Entertainment Company and has become successful project of its activity. “Dragon Island” is built in the genre of fantasy. The theme is look like dragons legends, because there are a lot of elements of the ancient dragons’ culture. “Dragons” by NetEnt is really unforgettable thing!

Interesting facts

Net Entertainment declared official probabilities:

  1. With turned off option of payments in both directions we have total payout percentage: 96.6%. The probability of obtaining any winnings in the main game – 35,6%.
  2. With turn on option: total payout percentage – 96,7%, probability of obtaining any winnings in the main game – 39,7%.

Anyway, we can see the different indicators of winning. So each player can choose his own way to play this online game. Not all casinos provides such high probabilities.

Lines and reels

“Dragon Island” has 15 lines and five reels. On the reels we can find many symbols. First of all, of course, there are dragons. Then we can see playing cards, from 10 to ace. Also we have some signs to increase the probability of winning:

– wild – is the grey dragon on the green background , which helps player to replace symbol to any other (except Golden wild or Scatter);

– golden wild – is a golden dragon, which does the same as wild, but also increases the payout ratios by 2-8 times;

– scatter – is a volcano crater. These symbols are paid regardless of the location and number of active lines. The win is calculated by multiplying the total bet by a factor of two to one hundred. What is real interesting thing, is that in “Dragon Island” 3,4,5 scatters launch 10, 20 or 50 free spins at the current rate.

Bonus Rounds

There are no other bonus games, except free spins (with a scastter), in “Dragons” slots. And also jackpots are not played out here, unfortunately NetEnt hasn’t envisage it.

Rules and features of the game machine

Combinations are formed on the first and on the last reels. Also there is a function that is called “win both ways”. It mean that you can collect combinations from left to right. The number of lines can be set anywhere from one to fifteen.

To pay out the winnings, you must collect on the active line from three to five identical images.

Using the buttons “level” and “lines”, you make a payment and run the rotation of the reels by clicking the “win” button. Anytime you can stop the reel or play game in automatic mode in “Dragons” slots game.

In the payout table hidden in the “paytable” tab, you can find all information about the winnings for each game symbol. The size of prize will depend on the particular image and its number dropped out on the active lines of the slot.

And what about rates? The rates for the lines chosen for activation can be equal to ten coins, the value of which is selected in the range from 0.01 to 0.50 cents. Maximum rate is 150 coins in common game, but mode “win both ways” increases it in 2 times.

Maximum winning in the main game mode and free spins (per line) – 400 000 coins. The total maximum winning is 671,600 coins.

“Dragon Island” wait for new winners!

This game machine is a real way to have a nice time spending and win real money. “Dragon Island” provides amazing picture and special plot that will leave a pleasant aftertaste to casino players. You can try this game online in many resources. Before you come to the real “battlefield”, you can test the demo-version of the “Dragon Island” slot machine.


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Dragon island Reviews by Players

Temple Marrone. Reviewed on 02.06.18
Dragons were always a part of legends and myths and NetEnt did a great job to translate it to modern language and create an entertaining slot game. The fantasy theme is always grateful as the developers don’t have to follow any rules just trust their own creativity and trying to get the most of it. I think it may be easier achieved on the field of spectacle than to be innovative and bring some new things to technology or game system.

Well, NetEnt succeeded in both platforms with this game as they introduced their very first ‘both ways to win’ type slot with Dragon Island. So, at this slot game the lines are not just paying from left to right but the opposite direction also can be activated. Of course, using the game in this mode means we also double our initial bet hoping for a possible winning combination that starts from the last reel, but because of this in the case of a 5 of a kind win it pays 2 times.

The other unique feature is named Golden Wild. If this symbol appears on the middle reel and complete a winning line it can multiply the original win with randomly selected value (x2-x8). It’s a very good little extra. The free spins can be 10, 20 and 50 depending on how many Scatters activated the feature. Under this extra spins stage the Wild acts as Expanding Wild giving more chance to win. Unfortunately, neither the Wild nor the free spins itself don’t offer more specialty (I mean the multiplier is always x1), and I guess that’s why was introduced the Golden Wild.

I remember once I got a €5 voucher for my birthday and when it was rolled over in Sports and became free-to-use, I started to play with Dragon Island. I think I couldn’t choose better because after just a handful spins, 4 dragons appeared on the screen on a right-life line (luckily, I always play it with tis activated feature). 2 of them were the best paying ‘yellow dragons’, the third was a Wild and the 4th was a Golden Wild. It certainly knew about my anniversary as it presented me with its best, x8 multiplier. Eventually, my €1.20 bet turned into €160 just in a spin. I was really pleased with that b-day gift.

Overall, I have a very high opinion of this slot. It’s very pleasant to the eye with its background image of sea and untouched nature, the superb drawn dragons and generally with its all layout. Definitely, Dragon Island is my favourite 15-line little game at NetEnt.
Elliot Ros. Reviewed on 30.06.18
Dragon Island is another good slot from Netent which has 15 lines and 5 reels. The theme of the slot revolves around dragons of different types which are also the highest paying symbols on the reels. One interesting thing about this slot is the "win both ways feature" which can be toggled by a button on the right hand bottom corner and facilitates winning combinations from both left to right and right to left but on the same time the total bet also doubles that is if it is $0.75 per spin when feature is not activated then it would be $1.5 when feature is activated. But i find this feature a total waste of money because the returns are less compared to the profit but the only good thing to cheer about this feature is the golden wild symbol that appears on middle reel when this symbol is activated and pays you 2X to 8X (randomly) when you get a winning combination consisting of this golden wild. But it doesn't mean that whenever you get a golden wild symbol , you will win good in fact i have seen that golden wild doesn't occur frequently and even if it occurs it pays only average or sometimes no winnings also. But if you are lucky enough and able to land a normal wild (dragon) or two normal wilds with this golden wild then you may get 5 of a kind too and i have won 900 coins on a bet of 30 coins per spin from this combination itself.

The real thing to cheer about in this slot is the free spin bonus round which gets activated by getting 3,4 or 5 scatters anywhere on reels awarding you 10 , 20 and a massive "50" free spins with expanding wilds. Can you imagine 50 free spins with expanding wild and that too with win both ways activated and probability of golden wild appearing on the middle reel , i get goosebumps when i think of it ... lol.. But being practical three scatters are practical and frequently occurs giving you 10 free spins with expanding wilds that is one reel becomes completely wild randomly and with golden wild and the normal wild, it becomes highly probable that you may go home with some hefty money in your pocket.

Normally the average winnings are 1000 coins or above from a bet of 30 coins per spin which is my favorite bet on this slot. I have not got more then 3 scatters on this slot but may be some lucky day i might get 4 or even 5 scatters. All said an overall rating of 8 out of 10 for this slot.
Staci. Reviewed on 25.09.18
Dragon Island, (sighs) sometimes I wish Dragon's would exist so that I won't have to deal with traffic. I would be able to fly to my destination without traffic lights, stop signs or fill up on gas, wouldn't that be great!? Soaring through the air and seeing the sights below!

Anyways, Dragon Island is a mirror like slot, I say this because I can choose to play it like I normally would on other video slots or I can activate the Win Both Ways option to not only win on the left side but also to the right for a better chance at winning. It's surprising to know that by activating this feature a Golden dragon wild appears on the 3rd reel. This specific wild gives from 2x to 8x my wins if it comes into contact on any of my combinations but if it happens to act like a bit%h by not being included in my combos then it stands still like a gargoyle for no wins. That's one flaw to note when playing Dragon Island. Another side effect of winning both ways tends to increase the bets by double so if I bet for example $0.30 a spin then it would turn into $0.60 when Win both ways is activated.

What I really like about Dragon Island is these free spins. I got 20 free spins for 4 volcano scatters, it was hard but it was worth it. For $0.90 bets a spin on this 15 paylines slot, I could see an expanding Dragon Wild, always at a different colour, on each spin on a different reel that would randomly give off wins. I like the way it always lands on the 3rd or 5th reel because with the Win both ways activated my advantages are bigger and more delicious to collect dollars :)! I collected $65 after my 20 free spins.

The thing that I disliked the most are scatters trying to make there way during free spins for a retrigger. How do I know that the expanding wild isn't keeping me from hitting another set of free spins? To me that's another flaw yet again! Win both ways costing double my bets but players can turn that off...recommended not to though, worthy free spins that I think should be raised for more for 3 scatters like 15 Free spins instead of 10, Golden wilds appearing sometimes and overall Dragon Island is an 8.3 out of 10!
Iliana. Reviewed on 27.09.18
Dragon Island is another great 15 payline, 5 reel slot coming from NetEnt. Sometimes I get the feeling that 15 payline slots are all that is worth playing from this software provider. The game has a descent graphic and animations. It has a fantasy theme with dragons as main characters. This game is really fun to play and can award some great payouts if you are lucky.

The first thing you will notice about this slot is that it has an option to pay both ways. Always keep it on because that way you have more chances for a win. The game has a good paytable with the highest paying symbol awarding a payout of 2500 coins. The main feature of the game are the wilds. The standard wild can some on all reels and doesn’t have a multiplier attached but the golden wild has a random multiplier of up to x 8. If you are lucky to get these two on a single payline with the right symbols and a high multiplier you are looking at a definite big win on several lines.

The scatter symbol in the game is the volcano and at least 3 of them trigger the free spins bonus. You can get 10, 20 or 50 free spins which is really great. The free spins don’t have a multiplier but there is one reel wild before every spin. Considering that you can get 2 more wilds plus a multiplier plus both ways pay, you can imagine the payout potential this slot has.

I play this slot on a regular basis and had some great wins on it. My biggest win was over 400 x bet in the bonus thanks to a retrigger and some great wins. During base play you can have some nice wins and be in plus without hitting the feature. At time the free spins are very hard to get so be careful with your bet level. If you are lucky you can get some great wins in the bonus game.
The game can turn off sometimes and not pay for a very long time. The feature stops appearing and no matter what you try it would not change. The best thing to do is to turn it off and give it an hour or too, then try again. Over all a great looking game with great feature and nice pays. My rating 7.5 out of 10.

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