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dracula’s blood bank

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dracula’s blood bank Reviews by Players

Clarinda. Reviewed on 04.07.18
1X2Games took the lately became so popular Vampire theme and made its own version in cartoonish style and though I can’t name myself as a gambler who loves this style but this kind of illustration of the subject is not a bad one. The dark color scheme and basically the used symbols (bats, blood suckers, graves, creatures of night) are remained and even if the symbols are not extremely funny but the appearance of the game are sweet and nice in its own way. I like here that every visual elements what we can expect from a game around this theme were used but the game doesn’t become ominous and it’s more of a cute illustration than to be real mystic. Because I’m not a fan of this caricature like interpretation the overall visual experience can’t be too attractive or impressive for me but I can’t record it as a drawback of the game at all.

But what I count as a real shortcoming is, hm… probable the entire game segment. It has really terrible qualities, features which (no surprise here) is really noticeable by playing the game. The best line win is worth 400 times of line bet which is more than bad. The slot uses Wild (Bat silhouette) but its function is as limited as it can be and only just replace other icons in winning combinations without multiplying that wins or having own paying ability. The free spin feature is activated by getting 3 special symbols and even though the maximum number of available free spins is not bad as well the doubled prize there but it’s a very rarely triggered feature and secondly it is also a generally bad paying one so it’s absolutely not worth to wait for it so that’s not a problem for me that this extra can’t be re-triggered. I think it’s never a good sign if a feature like this can’t excite me at all when it’s activated. The only other plus the game offers is a x150 prize if a special mixed line win is completed by soulless characters (monsters, vampires) but I think it would be silliness to hope that get that combo.

I say this because not just this, the relative better paying, but all other wins surprisingly hard to come by and because of that there are very, very long stretches without any wins and I think thanks to this not likable game habits sometimes I feel that the game not just can’t entertain me but it starts annoying me. Honestly, there is really nothing here that would impress me or has just a little piece of it what I could love. This is a real bad game for me from A to Z and what I mentioned at the very beginning of this review that Dracula’s Blood Bank is definitely not my visual style slot proved to be the less unattractive part of this slot for me and all other segment of the game is even worse. My final verdict in just a few words:bad, bad game - suggest moving on.

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