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Dracula play online casino for real money

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Small overview by The Dracula slot. What is it?

Earl Dracula is a legend for many slot machines. But this 3D video-slot The Dracula by Netent is catching one’s eye. You will not stay indifferent. But first things first: The Dracula slots have 5 reels, 4 rows and 40 pay lines. You should mean that you have 20 active lines in any case. All bets the same. When you start slot machine game, on its reels may be some persons of rom about blood great Dracula or coats of arms with letters. This piece alphabet mean game cards, like ace. Such strip sometimes is big. In 3 vertical positions can stay pictures with earl Dracula or a girl. Netent take care about special Wild and Stacked Wild bonus symbols. Watch on Stacked Wild symbol – there are Dracula with his girlfriend. Wild symbol can be like another images.

What interesting features there are?

It have no risk game on chances and no progressive jackpots. Here you’ll see as some classical pictures, as some special elements on reels. Wild symbol you’ll get in base version. It looks like a red letter W. And Stacked Wild for free spins only.  In any free spin activates special bonus – The “Bat”. It’s win option. It changes images at random, when bats will fly over the reels. Also, you can freely use it on any modern mobile device, like Android tablets or iPads, Kindles and all the latest mobile phones.

Reel strips, lines, bonus rounds & Real Money Versions.

Bets can varry from 0,01 to 1 coin. You can win real money. There are two payment cases. In the first, it is bets on any lines. All combinations of symbols you’ll find in the payment table. It varry from x5 to x200. But if you are lucky and you will catch several win lines in one spin, it mean that you get more money. 96,6% – it’s official statistic of bets, wich come back to you. However, it’s good thing for many slot machine from Netent. So you should jump at the opportunity become to rich in a casinos!

If you get picture with earl Dracula on second reel and a girl in fourth – it’s a lucky break! You get 10 free spins! If you get Stacked Wild on third reel it change another pictures and gives 2 free spins. By the way, The Dracula have thematic bonus round and free spins with the best options.

Is there any variation of slot machine else?

The Dracula slot machine have special button for maximal bets and auto-game. Casino player in any moment can on/off such options like fast spin, miniature, or change volume, grafical quality, etc. Just press on question symbol to watch rules, payment table and other.

New Dracula’s history.

Dracula has left Transilvanian home. Now, when he live in Cawfax Abbey, in London you should find a victims for him. He want new blood donors! If you’ll quench his thirst for blood you’ll live in clover! Because you will grow rich with The Dracula slot game. Remember, that he like alcoholics, tramps and fat ladies, but if you find a young girl for him… Dracula will lavishly pay to his helper! He will make this girl immortal!


The Dracula slot is a game for brave people, because earl Dracula likes all of a sudden show his bloodthirsty fangs and it will be really scared! The Dracula provides cool emotions and can catch you off guard. Netent create qualitative and entertaining slot machines! Without any doubts, you will like it! Try your luck and Dracula will rewards you. You’ll walk on air! Enjoy it!


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Dracula Reviews by Players

Vera. Reviewed on 01.07.18
Is your room light on? Don't read this in the dark. There might be something behind you..quick...turn around and have a look now! No Dracula behind you hah? Thank god! Hahaha. Just to get you in a scary mood for my review on this scary game. Nah, I'm not afraid, but I know of a few people who do get goose bumps whenever they play this game, like the dreaded Dracula is right in front of them. Well, he is! The game I mean. Hehehe.

That fanged guy doesn't look like a Dracula, does he? More like a vampire to me, but what the heck, they are both the same. But does that sweet Lady knows that her guy is a vampire? Hmm, I guess she doesn't. Makes this game a little bit like Immortal Romance, the vampire bit, not the 'Troy-bites-the-girl' bit. Whatever it is, both Dracula and the Lady pays a very low 200x the line bet for 5 of them, both can be a Stacked symbol, Dracula on reel 2 and the Lady on reel 4, get both of them fully stacked and you get 10 free spins, but without any win multiplier. Now that is what I call a really cheap skate offer! Just 10 free spins with nothing more! Sheesh! There is also one more Stacked symbol, which is Dracula with the Lady, appearing only on reel 3, and only in the Free Spins game. Getting this Stacked symbol awards 2 more free spins, it can appear a few times during the Free Spins game, but it must appear fully stacked in order to award that 2 extra free spins. Appearing partly awards nothing. Another cheap skate excuse! Sheesh!

The red 'W' is the Wild symbol, a true blue dumb Wild as I would call it, can only substitute for other symbols to create a win, and can appear on reels 2, 3 and 4 in the main game only. Does that make it a doubly dumb Wild? Hmm. All 'figure' symbols pay a flat 60x the line bet, and all other symbols pay a flat 40x the line bet. Makes me wanna fall to the floor flat! What a blardy poor paytable!

A Bat Feature can be randomly activated in the main game, whereby a cluster of symbols get transformed into one same symbol. This cluster always happen on reels 2, 3 and 4 most of the time, but it doesn't always award a win! In the Free Spins game, this Bat Feature occurs for each and every spin, but, doesn't always end up with a win either! That's 2 more cheap skate moves as far as I'm concerned.

Playing Dracula was like playing the game with him sitting right in front of me. Not the scary bit, but scaring-away-all-the-wins bit! What I always get are dumb clusters that pay nothing most of the time! But when they do pay, it was mostly peanuts. This Dracula thing thinks I'm a monkey or what? I want nice cash wins, not peanuts! Sheesh!
Kacie. Reviewed on 27.09.18
Dracula is another new product from the tireless Net Entertainment company, one of the slots, which is a short time won the hearts of players around the world. And I'm one of those players and I'm happy because there are platforms that despite all these offers can still surprise us with something new and different from anything we've seen all these years. The specific appearance of the drum and the animation of all the bonus rounds in this game, classify this slot among those whose time has come. NetEnt has all the more graphics-intensive slots and who is not able to follow it, you should not complain, because the competition is fierce and if you do not offer something new, original and better you do not exist. Dracula slot've tried practically the first day when he came out.

I got a free spins at several casinos: Unibet, Mybet, Vera & John and so on. There are many casinos that operate with NetEnt software offers free spins on this slot, and without the required deposit. Mostly they get active players which is completely logical. Every couple of days I open this slot and play a couple of spins. So far I have often opened Bat feature that brought me the most joy. Free spins bonus I won yesterday and after this round, my account has increased by € 24. My role here range from 0.40 to 2 €, all depends on the current amount in the account. The rule is that my role in the slots with more than 25 payment lines, never exceed 2% of the current amount in my account. If the amount in the account less than 20 €, then the percentage os stake rises to 5%.

My last adventure was yesterday at Bet365 casino when I after the Big Bang game about which I spoke, on account I had € 38 and after another attempt to Jimi Hendrix slot machine. I took the auto-play and after 50 free spins on the account I had € 52. It was enough for the day and here I gave up. Since winning money is more important graphical perfection that accompanies this game, these bats that fly over the drum and disappear on the other side of your screen, they actually left a couple of symbols in black, which means that when they fit the drum together with the others to give a winning combination. Truly creative, and the sound is so scary that is in fact perfect. My impression stops in three words - Victory for NetEnt!

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