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dr watts up Reviews by Players

Trinidad Abbe. Reviewed on 02.06.18
Dr Watts up is another 243 ways to win slot by Microgaming and has some unusual theme inspired by a crazy Doctor who experiments on different animal like rats , monkeys to make a more superior breed. The symbols are inspired by the test laboratory apparatuses , test subjects , Dr Watts up himself (highest paying symbol ) and his assistant. I first played on this slot at club golden casino because it was a microgaming slot and i am big fan of them....

Now doing the real talking i would say the slot has very good returns on the base game and excellent returns on the bonus game or free spin round. Since 243 ways to win has somewhat increased returns then traditional liners , this slot is no different. When i first played on this slot a ended up in a profit of $55 on club golden casino. From my experience , five of kind occurs on this slot very frequently but on low paying symbols like conical flask containing some violet chemical or an android paying 10X coin size or greater generally. I still remember when i was first playing on this slot i landed 3 wilds ( Dr Wattsup logo ) on reels 1, 2 and 4 and conical flask landed on reel 3 and 5 such that 4 five of kind combinations occurred giving me a massive $60 on a coin bet of just $0.2....

Talking about free spin round , i must tell you this triggers very rarely by getting 3, 4 and 5 scatters giving 10 , 15 and 20 free spins. Now once you trigger them, you will see an electrode from above the slot making reels randomly wild on every spin. I have seen mostly it turns either 1st , 3rd or 4th reel wild but 1st reel don't contribute much to the your pocket, 3rd gives amazing winnings and 4th also decent returns. I have not got more then 3 scatters on this game.. Talking about the bonus round, it triggers by getting bonus symbol ( rat in a glass container ) simultaneously on 1-3-5 reel and you are taken to Dr Wattsup's Lab where you are required to select two different colored chemicals which are then injected into a glass chamber where mouse is kept and some chemical reaction occurs which results into new species.... I have got a Fat Lady giving me $120 , i have got a bunch of mouse giving me $80 and a Spectacle wearing Mouse close to humans giving me $126 ......

Amazing thing is that you can change the chemicals increasing you winnings and you will at least end up with 40X coin size in this bonus round and to add cherry on the cake, this rounds gets triggered more easily then Free spin round.... Nothing left to describe this amazing slot and i would rate this at least a 9 on scale of 10..
In my case, most of the times I've played Dr. Watts has not done very well, but someone with luck on their side could tell another story, who knows.
Charity. Reviewed on 01.07.18
Dr Watts Up has lately become one of my favorite slot games from Microgaming software provider. It is not a very new game but I absolutely find the theme and overall appearance very charming.

As the name already tells, the theme of this slot is doctor/science. Main characters are scientist, his beautiful lady assistant, monkey, brain, robot and other scientific elements. At first I didn't love the colors this game has, it reminds me something from 80s comics, but quite quickly I fell in love with this game. It has 5 reels and 243 paylines so it makes the minimum bet 30 cents. It has free spins round and bonus round. For me it is quite easy to trigger the bonus round, free spins are much harder to get. You get to play bonus round if there are 3 lab rat symbols on 1st, 3rd and 5th reel, no matter in which position. Then you'll be directed to doctor's laboratory and you'll have to mix up 2 genes to get the perfect result. The winnings can be really nice, it isn't hard to get at least 20 x bet win. Great part is that you get 3 picks, if you're not happy with your win, you can try again twice. I do that only if the winning is really small, usually I am very pleased with the outcome.

The other bonus round is the free spins, you can get up to 20 free spins. To me it is very hard to get them, even though to trigger them you need to get at least 3 scatters on wherever on the screen. I've got this bonus quite a few times and if lucky, it can bring great winnings because on each spin 1 reel will turn wild.

Another reason why I like this game is the fact there are wilds that substitutes for all symbols except scatters and rat symbols. And it can really pay nice winnings with 5oak combinations that come up frequently. In my last session I played this game with 40€ balance and 0.60€ bets and I played for over an hour. I got around 5 bonus rounds with 20 x and 30 x bet winnings, but no signs of free spins rounds and unfortunately, you don't get paid for 2 scatters at all.

Overall I think this is a great game from Microgaming software and there's a good winning potential there. I do recommend to play this game with low stakes or to have good bankroll because as many other 243 way slots it has the tendency to eat money fast if it's in a dry mode. I would rate this game with 9/10 just because the free spins sometimes seem almost impossible to get.
Caitlin. Reviewed on 26.09.18
What!? No one yet has written about Dr Watts Up! Hehe well, I'm up as the first person to do it! Cool! Dr Watt's Up is a favourite of mine with payouts going on 243 ways. I like putting my bets of 3 coins forward and found that lower symbols such as 5 potions and 5 ray guns can be easily landed on here. But as these symbols are some of the lowest they will slightly improve what I've put down. It's not much but it is better than leaving a spin without a win!

For 3 coins, stepping into the bonus round for 3 scattered rats on 1st, 3rd and 5th reels together lands me a position to be a mad doctor. With my expertise in hand, I can choose two coloured formula tubes to use on the specimen to create different results. If I don't like my wins then I can try again! The best results to get here have been this suited up gentlemen rat who looks like a bachelor and this really hot seexxy lady in a rat costume. OMG, I'm seeing Cameron Diaz or Pamela Anderson fitting in this seexxy outfit. They gave me $31.50 for my choices of an orange formula and a green formula. Other combinations resulted in the specimen going into a different figure like the slime monster or a pile of duplicated rats. It's a lucky guessing guess!

The other feature is that of 10 Free spins. The laser on the top left turns active after hitting 3 scattered Atomic atoms! Usually when I have this feature it puts a better perspective on my winnings because every free spin has a Wild reel appearing randomly after the laser chooses a reel and shoots it's laser! It can be worth it and combinations get good wins for the single wild reel...if turned wild in a correct position! When I had a huge win, coins were flying out of the slot delivering a very big $88 win total to my free spins! The music fits this video slot very neatly and I like it! The bonus and free spins are good examples of a fun time!
The Experimental rat scatters for the 3 reels on 1st, 3rd and 5th reels are easier to land than that crazy atomic scatters for 10 Free spins! The laser in the free spins seems very choosy to fire it's laser on a specific reel to turn wild. Some free spins had a reel turned wild for my combinations that didn't make any sense (4th and 5th reels or 3rd reel without any relevant combinations)! Needs more free spins though!
Mari. Reviewed on 28.09.18
Dr Watts up slot is made by Microgaming. This is pretty good looking game, but I do not often play it, did not like that it is very unlikely that this game pay something decent.

I like how this game looks overall. Sounds, animations, and drawn symbols is great. I do like theme a bit, but just a bit because not very like science at all, since school, probably I am stupid.

I like that there is 243 lines. There is no stacked wilds or any special feature with wilds, it even do not have any multipliers, and this give some unique thing to game. Just playing and did not expect anything. Sometimes with some games it is good, sometimes it is bad, with this game i like it.

I like bonus game very funny. When bonus symbols appear on reels 1 3 5 in same time bonus game is started. You required to pick two potions and see what happens. And you awarded a prize. If you did not like it - you could change your mind and choose other potions. You can do it two times only, so better think did you want to risk amount you was awarded. I am usually change my mind if I had less than 30 bets. My best was 75 bets feature, but probably it could pay higher who knows.

I like freespins feature. It is triggered when 3 or more scatters appear on reels. I always got three scatters in this game and get awarded with 10 freespins. During each freespin one reel randomly will be turned wild. Not much potential for good wins.

My best result in this game was in bonus game it is a bit unusual for 243 lines game. In feature best I got was about 50 bets only, because one wild reel does not help much to get nice win. I rate this game with 8 stars.
I took one star because freespins feature is not very interesting.

I took another star because game seems did not have potential to pay really good.

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