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dr lovemore Reviews by Players

Vivan. Reviewed on 04.07.18

Dr. lovemore it is another one good old playtech game, which of course was created long time ago, but i think this is one of the best their old game, and graph here not so bad like at many others.

This game has 20 paylines, and in game involved wilds. Wilds here is very important, as a payout in base game for 5 of a kind wilds will be really great - 500 x total bet. I never hit 5 wilds on this game, my best result was 3 wilds on payline, and payout was something like x 75 total bet, of course i hope to get more, but 3 wilds it is also very rare combination. Scatters here did not trigger any feature and just pay money, my best hit for scatters was 4 scatters, and payout was not too big, but 5 scatters in this game pay generous x 250 total bet, and i think this is good payout for 5 scatters in any game.

Free spins triggered by bonus symbols on reels 1 and 5, and i did not like that bonus symbol is a pants of dr. lovemore :P Anyway, bonus game give 20 free spins with x 2 multiplier, not so big, but good think that free spins can be retriggered, once i had 60 spins with x 2 multiplier and won x 200 total my bet, and this is my best result on this game life time. Also here is involved dollar ball jackpot, but i never enable it, because did not like any kind of keno's, and because i need to bet extra 1$ to get a chance to win jackpot, and it is big money to spend it, and i think chances to win dollar ball jackpot is extremely low, therefore i just enjoy game without any jackpot.

Medium variance slot, with not cool graphic but still very nice, with a little chance to win really big, but at average payouts not so bad. I will play this game again, because i simply like it.
Dr Lovemore is one of the oldest Playtech slots containing 20 paylines! Whether it be excitement or a good time I know I can enjoy it here on Dr Lovemore. Can you believe if they called it Lord Lovemore instead imao? This is one of many slots I went on that I find to be really good in both cost effective bets and burning off my wagering requirements.

Being as an above satisfactory slot, what Dr Lovemore has is your average 20 Free spins at 2x feature just to have fun with. Although I must admit this feature can be exciting overall. Every time I land Dr Lovemore's boxer shorts symbols on Reels 1 and 5 they triggered the feature. A big hit came when this exact feature went for 3 more retriggers. On a 5 coin bet, $1 equivalent, 80 free spins total had me ecstatic for a $109 total win. The small and collective 4 to 5 combinations had a lot to say for my bankroll and with that I wanted to trigger the free spins again!

This slot was working hard to get me what I want even though this slot is not my ideal slot for graphics. The graphics here look horrible compared to any Microgaming game, even Iron Man II had more personality. Of course, any bets lower than $1 can be terrific too.

What Dr Lovemore needs is a bonus round. Something in the form of "Pick items" for your date to award nice prizes with a cool 3x multiplier hanging about inside an item would be awesome. That will surely let me know how much more I want to play Dr Lovemore. Alright graphics, very nice and effective 20 free spins at 2x, an echo-effect of retriggers that I fully enjoyed and what's more the negative side lacks a bonus round....sometimes free spins aren't easy so something like a bonus should come in handy. Dr Lovemore, gets an 8.3 out of 10!

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