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dr jekyll and mr hyde

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Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde slot is a game designed by BetSoft. An interpretation of the gothic novel by Scottish writer Robert Stevenson that was published in 1886. The plot natured Dr. Jekyll and his evil twin Mr. Hyde. BetSoft developers have created an exciting machine with stunning 3D graphics, quality animation, and interesting soundtracks. The doctor is working in his laboratory and is creating a potion that in the future will allow his dark side to break out.

Gameplay and Prizes in “Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde”

No downloads or registration required. You can play online free or real money, but the principles and bonuses remain in both versions. Just select a bet and turn the drum.

In order to start the game, select the amount of the coin’s bet and click the spin button. The minimum bet is 1 coin, the maximum is 150. For decisive players, there is a button “Max bet spin autoplay”, which will speed up the receipt of the win.

You can play free until blue potion meter is filled. Each blue potion that occurs on the reels is equal to 1 unit. When potion meter rich 12 filled units free game will end.

Paid version of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde provides additional bonuses and Jackpot of $6,000. Collect red potions to unlock free spins mode. When the potion meter is completely filled during paid games, free spins mode will be available. Each red potion that occurs on the reels is equal to 1 unit. To unlock free spin mode collect 100 units.

Game symbols and bonuses

The slot game symbols fully correspond to the plot. You will find here Dr. Jekyll and his evil twin Mr. Hyde, the Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde Logo – wild symbols of this game. Other subjects of the plot of the novel are a police officer, a police station, a fireplace, a newspaper, laboratory notes and a key.

Frenzy bonus. The combination of Mr. Hyde + Logo + Mr. Hide on reels 2, 3 and 4 brings you an additional bonus. When Mr. Hyde comes to a turn, go left or right avoiding police.

Potions bonus. The combination of Dr. Jekyll + Logo + Dr. Jekyll on reels 2, 3 and 4 opens a potions bonus. Use it to craft the anti-monster serum. Find ingredients as faster as possible and win up to 160x the game bet.

Wild symbols

The red potion that appears next to main character symbols or logo on the reels 2 and 4 makes them wild. All symbols on the reels will mess up and create an entirely new field, paying out more winnings.

If the Blue Potion occurs next to the Mr. Hyde symbol, brings the player an award of 20X multiplier on the original bet. In addition, a random multiplier multiplies the bet between 5X and 20X.


Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde is a great example of what slot machine must be. BetSoft made an effort to ensure that a casino player could not only test their luck but also enjoy the atmosphere of this game.

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dr jekyll and mr hyde Reviews by Players

Delsie. Reviewed on 02.07.18
It definitely seems that every new game created by Betsoft Gaming is better than the last one, and now is the turn for "Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde," a slot based on the horror novel "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" published in 1886 and written by the famous Scottish writer Robert Louis Stevenson.

This fantastic slot 5 x 3 reels and 30 paylines, has a theme with sleek design and its main stage is the Dr. Jekyll’s library, place where he also experiments with potions he uses for transformation from Dr. Jekyll into Mr. Hyde and vice versa. The game takes place between excellent 3D animation and nice sound effects that give an atmosphere of suspense and that, added to the very well made mini-films that take place when triggers some special features, help players to be immersed so deeply in the game to the point of losing track of time.

However, the rules, paytable and special features are no less great than the technical aspects. Several symbols are multifunctional and act according to the context in which they appear. During the standard spins a wild symbol which replaces any figure does not appear, here there is a symbol with the logo "Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde "who works as a substitute only for icons with faces of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, but additionally assist in other special features as follows: 1) interacting in the middle of two potions of the same color (on reel 3,) it becomes the icon with the face of Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde, as applicable, to trigger features Dr. Jekyll/Red Potions or Mr. Hyde/Blue Potions. 2) In the middle and adjacent to Dr. Jekyll, triggers "Potions Bonus" and in the middle and adjacent to Mr. Hyde, triggers "Frenzy Bonus." 3) When something happens that turns Mr. Hyde into Hyde Wild symbols, each symbol logo on the screen also becomes Wild Hyde. The logo symbol only appears on reels 1, 3, and 5. The potion symbols only appear on reels 2, 3, and 4.

"Dr. Jekyll / Red Potions" feature is triggered as follows: Red potion + Dr. Jekyll (or logo) + Red potion. Once this feature is triggered, all symbols of Jekyll, Hyde and logos are converted to Wild Hyde then all elements are relocated on the screen to forming new winning lines.

"Mr. Hyde / Blue Potions "feature is triggered as follows: Blue potion + Mr. Hyde (or logo) + Blue potion. The prize is a bonus up to 20 x.

"Potion Bonus" feature is triggered with: Dr. Jekyll + Logo + Dr. Jekyll, and involves finding the formula of anti-monster potion by combining different substances. The faster it is done, the higher is the prize (up to 120 x the bet.)

"Frenzy Bonus" feature is triggered as follows: Mr. Hyde + Logo + Mr. Hyde, and here you must guide to Mr. Hyde to the right or left walks of committing several robberies. The award can be up to 30 x the bet value.

Finally, free spins are triggered when the meter bar, at the bottom of screen, is filled up with red liquid that is deposited every time a red potion symbol is displayed. The number of free spins is undefined, since it will end only when meter bar is full with blue liquid.

While I was playing, I could enjoy all the special features on several occasions and as result, I ended up with a pretty positive balance.

To summarize, the game seemed great to me since all points of view and I think it deserves a try. Good luck!
Shelly. Reviewed on 26.09.18
Dr Jeckyll and Mr Hyde is a fine example of slot that takes the gaming experience to another level. The game is produced by Betsoft and they are pretty much known for their wonderful 3D video slot that are packed with features. If you’ve never played their games before, then I certainly would recommend giving them a try.

Even in free mode they can be fun and exciting enough to keep you busy playing. With this slot review I won’t get too much into the specifics of Dr Jeckyll and Mr Hyde because otherwise I would need like 5 full pages to describe each and every feature of this entertaining game.

The game itself focuses on the story of Dr Jeckyll and Mr Hyde. I’m sure most of the gamblers are somewhat familiar with the book in question. I had to read it for my English classes back in secondary school so it was nice to see this game available as a slot.

The Dr Jeckyll and Mr Hyde slot contains 5-reels, 3-rows and 30-paylines. I’m not too sure what the minimum bet was for this game. I believe each casino has their own settings when it comes to applying their betting limits. Some might expect you to wager 60 cents per spin instead of 30 cents.

I played this game on 1.50 euro spins however. The gameplay is quite innovative since the free spins don’t get triggered by random. There is a progressive bar which gets filled every time the red potion symbols appears. You need at least 100 of those potion symbols, before the free spins feature gets triggered. Since more potion symbol can appear during a spin, and since they appear quite often it’s hard to say how many spins it takes.

I believe it’s the same as a randomly triggered free spins feature, but at least it does give you an idea how close you are. In addition, there is a very awkward Wild symbol (Dr Jeckyll and Mr Hyde symbol), which only replaces winning combinations for Dr Jeckyll and Mr Hyde.

Other symbols don’t count. It only appears on reels 1, 3 and 5. Then there are also some special bonus features which get triggered if you get a particular symbol between the red or blue potions, while the Frenzy bonus is also fun to watch.

Going back to the free spins topic, the number of free spins is unknown as well. They keep playing until some progressive bar is filled. Every time a blue potion appears, the bar increases. After 12 of those potions the free spins feature ends.

Overall this is a very decent game which certainly is a good choice for the casual recreational player that likes low variance slots. Unfortunately this game only has a top prize of 1200 coins. So there is no way to win big here.

My wins were very marginal when I played this game despite experiencing every feature Dr Jeckyll and Mr Hyde has to offer. Therefore, I certainly can’t recommend this game to players who are going for the big win.
The paytable isn't designed for a monster hit and that's what most of us players do hope to achieve eventually besides being entertained and getting value for our money.
Sirena. Reviewed on 28.09.18
Dr. Jekyll and Mr.Hyde is a fantastic 3D slot game coming from Betsoft software. I didn’t have too many chances to play in casinos which have Betsoft slots in their offer but still I am amazed with these games. The 3D slots that Betsoft has to offer are a real refreshment for me.

he first time I had a chance to try them out I was positively shocked with their appearance. They were so different than anything else I have seen before in games from other software providers. Also the graphic and animations are really state of the art. Not only that these games offer many features and it is a real enjoyment to play them. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is for me one of the best slots offered by Betsoft.

The theme with this game is the famous novel by the Scottish writer Louis Stevenson- Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. This is a dark story and so is the atmosphere with this game. The first thing you will notice here is Dr; Jekyll standing and after every win says “ Tally-ho!”. Even though it repeats all the time after every little win it doesn’t get boring even a little.

All of the symbols here are animated and after every win you have a chance to see a 3D animation. The free spins bonus is triggered after you get the symbol with a red potion 100 times. That’s not so hard to collect because after every second spin you get one or more of these symbols. I have gotten 3 symbols the most in one spin. The best thing about this game is the short movie which starts before the free spins bonus. in that movie Dr. Jekyll drinks the potion and turns into Mr. Hyde. There is an option to skip this movie if you want but I wouldn’t recommend it.

I recommend this game as well as all other Betsoft 3D games. It’s a real shame that most of the casinos that offer these games don’t accept players from my country.

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