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Diamond dogs

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General Description

A new fascinating slot machine has been made by NetEnt, named Diamond Dogs, where, the main characters of the slot are our four-legged friends – small glamorous dogs that lead an active social and carefree life, and go to different parties. T


The slot consists of five reels, rotating simultaneously, and 25 game lines, which you can activate in any number you need. It should be noted, than there will be more of them in the game, so, accordingly, your chances of winning are higher. The slot is made in the best traditions of glamor with bright graphics and stylized music, creating a corresponding mood. Game characters are dogs of different breeds, hung with jewels, dog household items: booth, bone, fire hydrant, which they so love to tag, bone, various accessories, as well as symbols of playing cards in denomination from ace to jack, depicted on gold pendants.

In the masonry “Paytable” section,  you can see the payments for each symbol. All the information that you may need before and during the game is placed on the main screen of the slot for convenience placed under certain tabs. You can play directly on the site without installing additional software on your personal computer or laptop, which again saves you valuable time.

In addition to the basic game mode with fairly high payouts, the Diamond Dogs offers bonus free-drum spinning, which is triggered by three scattered chihuahua symbols, as well as a thematic bonus round of the game in which you will need to show your skills as the photographer, that will be activated by a special bonus symbol of the dog with the camera.


Before the game starts, you have to decide how many lines and at what bet you want to play, because this will depend on your chances of winning. Using the bet level and bet lines, you start the rotation of the reels with the win button in the middle and hope for luck. All five reels will rotate simultaneously. In addition, you can pause scrolls at any time, when you want, just by clicking the win button again. Thus, you will be responsible for making the winning combination. On the contrary, if you do not want to make unnecessary movements, you can run an auto-play with automatic rotation and move away from your computer for a while,  while the fate of your wallet is on the screen. The mode of additional user settings allows you to adjust the quality of graphics and sound, if it is too loud or you can completely remove it and concentrate entirely on the game.


Diamond Dogs is a colorful, fun, and exciting slot machine, where you have lots of opportunities to gain valuable prizes. In a word, an excellent combination of form and content, pleasant with useful. All of that is because the company Net Entertainment appreciates the quality and creatively approaches the solution of any problem.

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Diamond dogs Reviews by Players

Lance. Reviewed on 30.06.18
As in the physical world, the actual slot machines, as well as the online market, NetEnt company has contributed to the promotion of online gambling with their original games. Playing their slot machines, I have a feeling that I was in an old playroom, it just tells you how much has been preserved the authenticity of the real casinos in the design of their slots. However, design is not what it's got me here, just want to try as many titles so that his turn and this of which I write.

The slot machines of this house there is a special feeling when you play and win, their ease in the amount of deposit options just strike me every time when I'm tired and decide to play auto-play. While it is certainly the most attractive gain, which is located in the bonus round of the game, typical of the Diamond Dogs is that by way of generating profit irresistibly reminiscent of my favorite Blood Suckers. Everything is exactly the same except the looks of the drum, even I think that the percentage gains in the slot identical to the one on the Blood Suckers.

I liked what I had in the first spin on this game immediately receive 10 free spins bonus round, generously for the beginning of my socializing with diamond dogs.
Diamond Dogs is a game I tried only a couple of times for real money. The slot has a glamorous design with fancy dogs as main symbols. The graphic and animations are descent but I don’t like the fact that the reels spin too fast so you actually don’t see the symbols. I don’t like this option in slot games. I also think that this slot is missing some nice background music to make it more interesting to play.

The paytable in this game is really poor. The highest paying symbol awards a win of only 600 coins which is incredibly low. The game has a wild symbol which has a great payout of 10 000 coins for 5 of them on a winning payline but it doesn’t have a multiplier attached and I think it desperately needs one. The scatter symbol has a payout of 100 x bet for 5 of them on the reels, but the strange thing is that 3 or more scatter symbols award the same number of free spins which is 10. The free spins have a x 3 multiplier attached but even so the paytable just doesn’t allow for some big wins to happen.

This game also has a cash bonus. It is triggered when you get at least 3 bonus symbols from left to right on a winning payline. Here you take pictures of different celebrity dogs until a picture with a paw appears. Still the wins here are small and the most I won was about 20 x bet.

My sessions in the game were pretty disappointing. I got the cash bonus 3 times and never had a win of over 20 x bet. Base play wins were small and I got a lot of dead spins. The free spins game was even worse. I triggered it 4 times and my biggest win was 25 x bet and the smallest 7 x bet. Low variance slot but with incredibly low payouts.
Marinda Spahr. Reviewed on 26.09.18
If you can't stand the sound of barking dogs, then the Diamond Dogs slot is probably not the best option for you. For the ones who read my review about the Great Griffin (Microgaming slot), I basically have the same feeling about this game. I think Net Entertainment could have done a much better job composing the sound effects on the background for this slot.Every time you spin, you hear a dog bark loud. Well, there isn't a sound I hate more than barking dogs lol. However, I'm only annoyed by that because other aspects of the background sound is pretty appealing. It has a bit of a hiphop type of vibe I'd say, since Diamond Dogs is a theme based on several type of dogs carrying lots of Bling Bling!Diamond Dogs has 25 paylines and 5 reels. Several dog races make up the symbols in this game. It contains two second-level features: Bonus Round and the Free Spins feature. In addition this game also has wilds on every reel, which substituted for every symbol except the bonus and scatters.The minimum bet on Diamond Dogs is 25 cents. I think this is a good slot for low rollers since it probably low variance. I often had a lot of small hits that kept providing me playtime. However, because of the annoying sounds I didn't play this slot too much though. To get to the bonus round, you need at least 3 bonus symbols on a payline appearing on reels 1, 2 and 3. During the bonus game you're a sort of a paparazzi who has to take pictures of several celebrity dogs. Every picture you take, reveals a small prize. The game stops as soon the picture isn't in color. I always find these type of bonus games quite lame though. They never award more than 5x or 10x bet size.To trigger the free spins you need 3 or more scatters (chihuahua symbol). It's a shame though that it doesn't matter how much scatters you get. Only the prize increases, but the number of free spins which is 10 and the multiplier which is 3x, stays the same unfortunately.I made it to the free spins at least 3 times, and never won anything spectacular. I'd say the average win is between 20x and 30x bet size. This slot is probably not for all, you have to love this theme to really enjoy it.My final rating for Diamond Dogs is 5.5/10.
Sherri. Reviewed on 28.09.18
Diamond Dogs is a 5 reel and 25 payline game from Netent software. I discovered it earlier this month and since then I've been playing it a lot. My first impression was that maybe this game was somehow connected to Legally Blond movie because one of the dogs really reminded me of the character from the movie. And that's a compliment, I really love how this game puts a smile on my face every time I play it.

This game is all about dogs but not just regular dogs, they all are like celebrities. The design is really fun and colorful. There are two bonuses in this game- a bonus round and free spins. For me the bonus round seems really easy to trigger, and although the bonus doesn't change, I don't get bored. In it you'll see lots of celebrity dogs and you will need to pick dogs to photograph them, most of them have coin winnings but the game ends when you get a blurry picture. Only once I've had it in the first pick and ended with 0 win, but my best winning has been 11€ which is a decent result for minimum bets.

The second bonus is free spins round and I think it's the best part of this game, because for 3 scatters anywhere you get 10 free spins with 3x multiplier. But from my experience they seem really hard to trigger. In my last session I played over 500 spins on this game and not even once received free spins. But the few times I've had them, I was close to reaching 100x bet win, because in base game and free spins there are wild symbols that substitute for all except scatter symbols, and that, together with the free spins multiplier can bring big winnings, I think.

Overall this is a really fun game from Netent, it has great graphics, the music is nice as well. I really like the bonus round because it comes up regularly and can boost balance decently. I don't think this game can produce mega winnings as I haven't seen any winning screen shots or have won over 100x bet, but it is a good game with average payouts. But what I like the most is when I am playing this game, I feel positively charged.

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