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Devil’s delight Preview

Many people throughout their lives have committed acts for which they will certainly suffer severe punishment in one very unpleasant place. It is about hell, which you can visit in the virtual world of the slot machine Devil’s Delight by Netent. The game offers a very interesting story, which is appreciated by fans of horror stories and black humor. In Devil’s Delight, you will see devils, demons and even death itself. First of all Devil’s Delight slot is a game, which allows you to earn real money. This is a five-reel slot with 20 paylines, in which you can get free spins and the opportunity to play a bonus round.

The Devil’s Delight application is compatible with devices running Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

Interface and some interesting features

Despite the gloomy plot, Devil’s Delight provides you the opportunity to have fun. Most of the actors look rather amusing than frightening. You will like both the main background, in which the red color predominates, and the musical design corresponding to the theme of the game.

In Devil’s Delight slots game, you will see high quality and bright graphics, as well as animation. Graphic effects are slightly inferior to modern video slots. However, this is important for those casino players who do not want to play for real money.

In general, you will see a standard user interface with a familiar set of buttons. All buttons are green except Paytable, which is colored in red. Each reel is framed by a metal grid to give it a gloomy appearance. Above the reels, there is a block with information on winning combinations.

Reel Strips

All the symbols that are used in the Devil’s Delight slot machine correspond to the devil’s theme. The main ones are Wild and Scatter, which are represented by the Devil and the Pentagram, respectively.

In the main game, you will encounter the following inhabitants of hell:

  • Funny little devil in purple;
  • A red devil with pitchforks, more frightening, but still funny;
  • Seductive female devil;
  • Heart with devil wings and host;
  • The devil in the cauldron;
  • Burning in the yellow flame the number “666”;
  • A bony hand with dice;
  • Grim Reaper;
  • Signs of cards “Ace”, “King” and “Queen” against the background of tombstones.

The female devil is the symbol that will bring you the greatest luck. It can increase your winnings up to 4000 times.

Bonus Rounds

Fascinating game Devil’s Delight provides three bonus rounds, thanks to which you can significantly increase the amount of your winnings. Let’s consider each of them in more detail:

Free Spins
To activate this round, you need to get a combination of three Scatters. The number of free spins is determined not by the game, the player himself using the guessing method. The number of rotations and the multiplier are hidden behind the Pentagrams. As a rule, the number of rotations is in the range from 7 to 17. The multiplier is in the range from 1 to 5. You can see the Scatters even performing free spins in Devil’s Delight. If you drop two or more Pentagrams, you can get additional free spins or increased multipliers.
Soul Reaper
This round is intended for those lucky ones who saw on the screen three symbols of Grim Reaper. You will see several characters on the screen that are busy with something. Your task is to identify the sin that each character does. Devil’s Delight slots offers you a choice of 5 sins. The amount of your winnings depends on the correctness of the choice of sins. The number of collected showers is displayed on a special scale with the inscription “Soul-O-Meter”. After two days, the results of your game will be lost. This means that you must play at least once every two days.
Sin Spins
If the scale “Soul-O-Meter” displays the value of 15 souls, this fascinating round will open before you. You get 10 free spins as a reward. The amount of the win, as in the main game, depends on the amount of your bet. The symbols used in this round represent 7 deadly sins that are well known to anyone who is even slightly familiar with the Bible. Every sin has its own color and a special facial expression. The creators of Devil’s Delight (the company Netent) decided to make “Lust” the highest paid sin.

How to Play

You can play for free, or bet on real money. Since most casinos games are famous for their excitement and the possibility of winning, the second option is most often chosen. However, a free game makes sense for those players who have never had experience with slot machines.

To start the game you just need to click on the green button that will launch the reels. All the characters that you see on the screen after stopping the reels appear randomly. Their combination generates the Random Numbers Generator. If you see Wild on the third, fourth or fifth reel, it will increase for the entire length of the line and replace the missing symbols for the winning combination. Three or more Scatters will bring you free spins and multipliers. If Grim Reaper appears on the third, fourth or fifth reel, a bonus round will open for you.

If you get tired of constantly pressing a button, you can program the Devil’s Delight for automatic rotation. The slot functionality allows you to stop the game every time you get free spins.

Betting limits, wining and jackpot

You can bet on each spin in the range of 0.20 to 100 coins. In all, you are given 10 betting levels and 20 bet lines in the game Devil’s Delight. Perhaps you will be impressed with the maximum amount of winnings in the bonus round, which is 2000 coins. However, this is not the limit for Devil’s Delight. You have chance to break the jackpot, the size of which is 200,000 coins.

Short history of the slot

Devils Delight is one of the first developments of NetEnt, which is known for its quality video slots with exciting stories. Despite the fact that this slot was created a long time ago, and NetEnt has already had time to please its fans with new hits, for example, Jimmy Hendrix, Devils Delight remains relevant. You can find it on the sites of various online casinos.


This is, perhaps, one of the best games from the company NetEnt, which deserves attention from any gambler. Despite the fact that the game plot is built on a diabolical theme, all the symbols in the game are more amusing than ominous. You will like the following:

  • Good interface;
  • Quality graphics and sound;
  • Simple and interesting story;
  • High percentage of payments;
  • A generous jackpot.

If you want to get wealth from the devil himself, involve as many lines as possible. This will increase your chances of winning.


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Devil’s delight Reviews by Players

Fabian Telles. Reviewed on 02.06.18
Devil's Delight slot is not typical old net entertainment game, i think this game was created quite after this all clone games, because it has some new things which has big difference with old games. Okay, let see what you can find playing this definitely great game.

Devil's Delight has 20 paylines, and expanded wilds on reels 2 3 4. Best paying 5 of a kind paying x 200 total bet in base game, but due to expanded wilds on middle reels payout can be greater, but unfortunately i am a bit bad with such math, so can't count. Okay, i will try ;p At least you will have chance to smile at me: since single 5 of a kind paying 200 x bet, if 1 girl appear on middle first reel, and 1 on 5 reel also in middle, we will have 7 lines of girls 5 of a kind, and this is 1400 x total bet, + few other wins which probably will boost 1500 x total bet. So best possible hit in base is about 1500 x total bet. Looks like i am not so bad in math right? Free spins can be won by 3+ scatters, and player will be awarded by random number of free games and random multiplier. In free spins two scatters add free spins or multiplier, once i played about 30 free spins at x3 multiplier, but it pay me sick, only about x 100, not great agree? Also here is possible to trigger bonus game, it is quite fun and interesting, since some time passed, netent start do good bonus games. And after collecting 15 sins in bonus game, we start sin spins. Check it out yourself, i already told you best things about this game.

One of the most interesting netent game with medium variance. Game can pay very well, but be aware that sometimes it is just suck money.I will play this game again, i am sure with this thought.
Devil’s Delight goes around this evil, supernatural, mystic them in funny way. Though the graphics are decent somehow I feel as it wouldn’t reach the well-known NetEnt’s quality level. The symbols are jesting and we can meet with some typical recognizance that belongs to Devil like 666, the reaper and the devil itself in many forms (I guess it must be just coincidence that one of the illustration is a sexy women).

What true for its appearance, true for the game itself as I don’t think it would bring the same rewarding qualities that an average NetEnt products does. Free spins are activated with 3 or more appearing Scatters. After picking one of the Scatters it reveals the number of free spins and multiplier (7-14 spins at x1-x5). I don’t know how could get x5 multiplier because since I’ve been playing it I never got more than x3. Increasing the number of free spins is easily possible as 2 Scatters on the reels during free spins offer the option again to pick from them with the difference that this time it doesn’t add any multiplier value.

Wild (without multiplier function) doesn’t pay in itself and just substitute for other symbols but if it appears on the inner reels it becomes expanding wild. Bonus also work on that three lines to open Bonus game where we have to match sins (lust, wrath, greed…) to characters of the side game and if we have a good match we can collect a soul and it indicates on the Soul-o-meter. Every occasion when this occurred and instant prize is credited. If we collect 15 souls, 10 spins are awarded which is played with totally different figures and by payout rules. Here the best 5 of a kind win pays 5000 coins (during normal games it’s 4000).

Personally I don’t find this extra too captivating or entertaining. It’s little strange that neither the Wild nor the Scatter can’t form a winning line or can reward cash prize. I don’t remember any other NetEnt’s slot that possesses this not too positive quality. Anyway, as I said it doesn’t act as a typical game of this developer. It pays poorer, the features appear more rarely and collecting that 15 ‘items’ and go to Sin Spins is time-consuming and sometimes must have more than 10 entry to simple Bonus game to do that.

Devil’s Delight can’t become a slot that I could love. Nothing here was able to catch my eye, my taste or my style and didn’t plant a desire in me to play it very frequently. I think there are countless NetEnt slot that can give much more than this slot, being it bigger wins or more beautiful, funny interface and not speaking other parts of the game.
<hr><h2>Коментарий о всем:</h2>
Devil's Delight video slot is net entertainment video slot, and of course if you experienced gambler, i should not describe to you who is it netent and what place they take in this industry ( online gambling industry, of course).

Devils delight video slot has pretty average graph and sounds, due to date of release, yes it is not new slot, but it is still very favorite by players, and i think also that this is very good slot. Theme is hell i believe, and everything which linked with it. If you are too religious, probably you should just left this slot and does not take it, because of your thoughts. But do not blame net entertainment for creating such slot, there is no such thing like religion in this gambling world. Gambling is already sin, no? At least this is my point of view...

This slot has 20 lines to deal with, and it has expanded wilds on 2 3 and 4 reels. Of course i like such slots, and also i should admit that this slot is almost exact copy of golden shamrock, except bonus game and sin spins of course. In bonus game in this slot you should choose sins and people, nothing to add, just picky game where nothing really depends on you. After you collect 15 sins, you trigger sin spins, which is the most interesting thing in this slot, because this is where nice wins can happen. Also this slot has free spins triggered by 3 pentagrams and this free spins works exactly how in golden shamrock they work.

I am not often player of this slot, but all my time i play this slot i have a lot entertainment and fun, so i suggest you to try this slot if you never do, it is really interesting video slot.
Yuko Arceneaux. Reviewed on 30.06.18
I don't really like to mess around with Devils themed slots or anything close to that satanic atmosphere at all for that matter lol. However, we do all sin every now and then so I also gave this slot a shot at several occasions. First time I heard of the Devil's Delight slot was when I read a Dutch player won a huge amount on this game.He did however bet very high considering he was a high roller. Maybe that news item gave me some false expectations, since my experiences so far have been nothing like that. This game does offer high entertainment value though, because it has multiple options to win big. First of all there are 3 expanding wild symbols on reels 2, 3 and 4. The devil with the suit is the wild symbol. I noticed they can pop up quite often, but completing a 5oak is still hard to achieve. Devil's Delight has 20 paylines and 4 reels. The minimum bet is 20 cents, but I've played it on 60 cents bets most of the time just like Icymod. The symbols are nicely decorated with gravestones, 666 icon (number of the beast), devilish hearts, black cats, lady devil, monster devil, skeleton man and skeleton hands. The best paying symbol is that of the lady devil.On reels 3, 4 and 5 the game features a skeleton man symbol which is that of the bonus round. They have to appear all 3 to trigger the bonus round. During the bonus round you have to guess of which sins several people are guilty of. There are 5 sins to choose from including: wrath, sloth, pride, greed and envy. If they match you win a prize, if they don't then you have to move on to the next guess. The nice thing about this game is that every good guess lights up a part of the "Soul-O-Meter". I do reckon you have to play a lot of bonus rounds to fill up the whole meter though. The more times you guess it right, the quicker the soul-o-meter becomes active.When you've lighted up all spots, you get 10 sin spins with even higher awards. Other symbols are being used during Sins Spins mode, which makes it easier to win in my opinion. Although I have played this game at several online casinos, I never managed to get to the Sin Spins mode lol. I've seen the potential though at some screenshots.Anyway back to the bonus game. Most NetEnt bonus games are a bit silly if we talk about the prizes they award. Same basically goes for Devil's Delight, since I never hit more than 5x bet size.Free spins were much better for me in that aspect. If you hit 3 or more scatter symbols (round thing with a star), then you must choose one of the scatters. They award a random number of spins with a multiplier. My pick was good enough, since I've received 10 free spins and a 3x multiplier. Multipliers can go up all the way to 5x.During free spins 2 or more scatters give you additional free spins or multipliers. During my first free spins round I accumulated more than 100 euros, which equaled like 160x bet size. Incredible win! Other rounds were very decent as well, awarding me 40x bet size on average I believe.I still want to experience the sin mode myself though. So I'll definitely give this slot a try again in the near future.My final rating for Devil's Delight is a 7.5/10
Federico Camarillo. Reviewed on 25.09.18
Devil's Delight is one fiery h e l l of a slot! It takes players to where evil and sin lurks underground. It's one very entertaining video slot containing 20 Paylines and a set of features. What I thing this slot needs is 30 Paylines because I always see combinations that would pay on over the 20 paylines such as the 25th payline.

I always bet $0.60 even if I appreciate the essence of evil that comes from Devil's Delight. To talk about some of the features it contains a bonus triggered when 3 Reapers appear on the last 3 reels at the same time, Free spins having a mystery amount so it would be expecting it the same as the Sneak A Peek slots (Doctor Doctor / Planet Exotica) only the spins are a bit higher and lastly........another free spins called "Sin Spins" earned from collecting souls from victims in the bonus! The reaper bonus is I believe the smallest bonus. Once I miss putting a punishment such as Gluttony or Greed on a victim it will no longer be available meaning I won't get a payout. If I land the correct punishment on the victim, the victim gets killed, I collect a prize that's about 2x - 8x based on my $0.60 bets and collect a soul that fills the Soul O Meter! I need to collect 15 souls to get 10 Free spins in return so it takes serious digging into many bonus triggers to fill this baby up. Of course collecting less souls in the bonus make it harder and the meter takes's a frustrating process! Hahaha lol one soul collected from one trigger wow!! Once Sin Spins start, all symbols are now punishment symbols like Lust, greed, gluttony with the Wild Boss devil. It's kind of worth hitting this but it just takes too much work!!

The other Free spins feature for 3 upside down Pentagrams triggers a random Free spins and multipliers. I would have to pick from one of the scatters to get a mystery amount. The other scatters show what I could of had if I chose them. The most I've seen are 10 Free spins at 3x! Each time I find just one pentagram scatter inside the feature the reels rolls around to try to land on another for 2 total. Sometimes I get a bit of an impression that the slot is frozen/disconnected because it rolls around constantly not realising that a scatter stopped on a position. If I land at least 2 I would choose from either scattered Pentagrams to find free spins or a multiplier increase. They can have two of the same kind like 2 multiplier increases so on occasions it can be a waste to pick from them if they have the same thing. Usually if my multiplier is at 3x or more I always want to find more free spins to get it perpetuated! To expect the best in free spins would give me on average $18, more or less depending on how devilish this slot can be!

Good payouts in the main game, expanding Wild Boss Devil symbols in the middle portion of the reels, a satisfactory free spins and lastly Sin spins that are achieved at the pace of a turtle, just waiting for it to reach it's goal. Go turtle go! Devil's Delight gets an 8 out of 10!
Sabrina. Reviewed on 28.09.18
Devils Delight is an interesting game coming from NetEnt. The game for a theme, well basically has hell for a theme, which is very interesting and gruesome at the same time. The slot has a descent graphic and animations and the symbols have a funny cartoon design. Overall this is a fun slot to play.

The game has 20 paylines and 5 reels with a descent paytable. The highest paying symbol awards a win of 4000 coins and 4 of the main symbols have wins of over 1000 coins for 5 of them on a winning paytable. This is a solid paytable so wins during base play are usually medium and you can have an occasional big win. The wild symbol comes expanded when substituting in a win and only lands on reels 2, 3 and 4.

The scatter symbol in the game trigger the free spins bonus and you need at least 3 of them on the reels. Here you get a random number of spins with a random multiplier up to x 5. Usually the multiplier is very small but for every pair of scatters in the bonus you can get additional free spins or extra multipliers. This game also has a cash bonus which is triggered when the Reaper lands on reels 3, 4 and 5. Here you basically kill people by matching the sin to the person and in that way you collect souls and win coin prizes. If you collect 15 souls you get 10 sin spins in which the symbols are the sins themselves and they have a bigger paytable.

This can be a fun game to play. Usually the free spins award wins of 50 x bet and the cash bonus can awards 20-30 x bet wins. Just match the sins with the look of the persons and you will surely guess at least 3. The sin spins can award nice wins and the most I won was 60 x bet. Overall a descent slot to play.

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