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desert treasure Reviews by Players

Nick. Reviewed on 03.07.18
Desert Treasure features 20 Paylines of entertainment, 10 Free Spins at 3x multiplier, a normal wild out for those fangs and a simple but not so high paying bonus. Desert Treasure in my perspective is like the video slot for meeting wagering requirements on because the smaller wins are often recognized for coming about and easy to say this that the bonus, triggered when at least 3 compasses land on an active payline appear, boost winnings enough to make more wagers again and again. It gives me that status quo feel that both my cash wagers and the winnings coming from Desert Treasure are fighting each other...yet I don't even make note that they are because they are dueling from right under my nose.

The amount I usually win for a $1 triggering bet is about $17 inside the 10 free spins and I do find that retriggering them can be difficult to follow up. The bonuses for that matter can be just my average picking bonus to grab prizes close to my triggering bet. It's not at all like the picks I would see in Age of Discovery, Gift Rap or Pollen Nation under the Microgaming software where it literally lets my balance grow but here I'm begging for some water in a super dry desert instead of collecting gold. About $5 or less can be expected for Desert Treasures bonus. I have to say for a small bonus like this one, the new Desert Treasure II came a long way from the original version. The bonuses are more interesting, there are expanding wilds but......I will save my story for Desert Treasure II.

Frequent wins in a small scale, good enough to finish a good amount of wagering requirements, cobras bite only if I'm close enough to grab a good win, a little if they are hungry and overall the free spins look like they need some help getting out of the quicksand, it struggles to provide wins once it's trapped inside it.

Desert Treasure gets a 7.3 out of 10!
Annamae. Reviewed on 26.09.18
I remember the first time I received a bonus in Playtech casino I tried first all slots here playing for virtual money and I thought that the Desert Treasure slot was offering the most frequent wins and the highest return. Maybe it is just an opinion or maybe I was a lucky that day but whatever would be, Desert Treasure, along with Great Blue and X- Men is one of the sound slotswhen you enter into a Playtech casino.This slot has 20 paylines and one can play with a minimum total bet of 20 cents (1 cent/line). Getting a bonus of 5-10 Euro (which most Playtech casinos offer as no deposit bonus to the all new players) you will be able to play here over 200 spins.

The theme of the slot is the desert and its treasures, the „Camel“ and „Bedouin“ symbols paying here most. Playing on the long run, you will acquire very frequent small wins that will add together and the overall gain or loss will not be greater than a few (1-3) Euros in 100 spins. In this respect this slot is like a Swiss watch fine tuned by the watchmaker with a thin screwdriver. Otherwise, like in almost all Playtech slots you will have here the two standard features: Free Spins (triggered about once every 100 normal spins by 3 Scatters - „Girl“ - ) and Bonus game (triggered about 30-50 normal spins by 3 „Map and watch“ symbols in aligned on a payline). In the bonus game one is offered many pots and chests from which the player chooses at random three of them, each offering a certain amount of money. Overall, the bonus game is paying between 50 cents and 1 Euro and during Free Spins one can win about 3-6 Euro. The only way you can get in this slot with zero balance is to have The Free Spins round triggered after more than 150-250 normal spins.

Overall the slot brings the desert air, the spins are played very fast and total payout is the best possible.
Georgeanna. Reviewed on 28.09.18
Desert treasure slot attracted me a long time a go when i was just starting my online gambling adventures and i never played it again since that. I registered with my first playtech casino and saw desert treasure slot in the list, i thought this slot could be similar to book of ra my favorite slot in land casinos so that was the reason i opened it in the first place.

I did not had much money at my disposal so i started betting small so i can discover some bonus rounds this slot has to offer.It did not take very long time and i triggered free spins feature.Ten free spins ended in a blink of an eye and got me "amazing" win of around 1 dollars lol.I told my self it was just a bad luck and i should keep trying.

Next bonus that pope up was when i got three compasses.The Arabian dude told me i found hidden oasis and get to pick three items for my efforts.I was happy like child in a candy land.In my mind i could see bills of ten and fifty dollars coming out of those items but in reality i got next "amazing" win of little more than 2 dollars total.I must admit that my bet per spin was just one dollar but still those bonus round i won payed terribly.

Since i already wasted most of my money i continued playing and after few more spins i had lost it all.That was very nasty welcome to online gambling i had.I felt like new convict first night in jail.Ever since that i avoided desert treasure slot in fact i think i developed some kind of desert treasure phobia.Now to summarize i will rate this slot in my three categories.First payouts i give it 0/10,second fun i had playing desert treasure and this i will rate 1/10 and last win big bet small possibility and that is also 1/10

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