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Dead or alive

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Dead or alive Reviews by Players

Phoebe. Reviewed on 02.07.18
Pros: Dead or Alive is a video slot game with 9 paylines and 5 reels created in NetEnt. I haven't had the chance to play often in casinos that offer NetEnt software but lately I had a few deposits in them and tried some of the games offered by this software provider.

Before I tried this game I saw some really incredible winner screenshots here at AskGamblers with wins of 800 x bet or more. Also I saw on YouTube a few big win videos and saw that you can have some really incredible wins here.

The theme of this game is the wild west. Beside the poker symbols that are common for almost every older video slot games, here you have many other symbols that go along with the theme like Spurs, Revolver, Cowboy hat etc. All of these symbols represent the wild west during the second half of the 19-th century.

I had a chance to try out this game for real money only 2 times. The first time I played here for a very short time. Maybe only 15 minutes and I was very disappointed because I didn't have any descent wins. The second time I tried this game was in Casumo Casino. When my balance went down to only 10 euros I remembered this game. I also remembered the fantastic screenshots and hoped for some big win. I set my bet to 0.09 euros and I started to play. On the first spin I got 3 euros for 5 Spurs symbols on a winning payline. This was a promising start but the big wins in this game come from the free spins. The free spins weren't easy to get. After about half an hour of play when my balance was under 3 euros I got the free spins for the first time. 12 free spins but with a very low cashout. Soon after that I got the free spins again. This time the cashout from them was about 10 euros. That's not so bad considering that my bet was only 0.09 euros per spin but I wanted some really big win. After that I increased my bet to 0.18 and after a short time I lost all of my money.

will definitely come back to this game again hoping for some big win.
Cons: I always liked anything that had to do something with the wild west. When I was a kid I really enjoyed watching western movies with all the cowboys and shooting. I enjoy watching some good old western movie even today on a quiet Sunday afternoon.

Ever since I got into online gambling ( I don’t know if I should bless the day or curse it ) I have played a few western slots during the years. One of the best games I tried and had the biggest win on was True Sheriff from Betsoft software. I played the game for the first time and got 5 wilds and a big win which lifted my balance quite a lot. I really hoped that I would have some similar success with Dead or Alive.

Unfortunately that hasn't happened yet but that doesn't mean I wont try it again. I am a little angry with this game at the moment because it ate a lot of balance which I hardly earned on Starburst and didn't provide me with a descent win. I hope it will pass and we can be friends again.

Anyway the game itself is a very simple 9 payline slot with a few interesting details. Well actually the only interesting detail for me are the free spins because I have never had a win over 5 x bet during regular play here. If you get 3 scatters you are awarded with 12 free spins with x 2 multiplier. Nothing fancy or interesting except for the detail that the wilds in the free spins bonus are sticky and they remain where they landed during the free spins. If there is a wild on every reel you are awarded with extra 5 spins and that is when the real payouts come in. If it wasn't for the sticky wilds and extra 5 spins this would be a very very boring slot game.

I don’t think that anyone actually likes this game but everyone are after the 5 wilds in the free spins bonus. I hope to see them on my screen some day soon.
Gary. Reviewed on 25.09.18
Pros: Dead or Alive is probably one of the most epic slots that has ever been made by online casino software provider Net Entertainment. On all big public gambling forums you will amazing screenshots, statistics and general discussions about this game. This old school NetEnt video slot has more to offer than the current new releases, which tend to have the habit to disappoint.

But let me warn you first about this slot as well. Dead or Alive is SUPER HIGH VARIANCE, so please take the amazing screenshots you might come across to on many forums with a grain of salt. It might take hundreds of thousands of spins to have that big win. Dead or Alive offers 9 paylines and 5 reels with 3 symbols on each reel. The minimum bet size is only €0.09.

In addition it also features scatters, wilds and a free spins feature which can be activated. I've played this game on several online casino's, and unfortunately never been able to book that great win every player dreams of. Dead or Alive has wild west type of team with sheriffs, gold stars, revolvers, hats and boots etc. as symbols. The best paying symbol is that of the scatters.

Five scatters equal a massive payout of 2500x bet size. Nevertheless, I never got that lucky on this game. I only came close a few times having 4 scatters, which means a win of way less. You need to collect 3, 4 of 5 scatters to activate the free spins feature on this game. You then receive 12 free spins and a 2x multiplier. In addition there are also sticky wilds in play, which tend to stick to the reels once they appear.

As easy the wilds appear during base game, this however is not the case during the free spins. I think NetEnt should inform players that the reels set up is way different from the base game. Right now that's not the case, and it might give players the wrong idea.

The screenshots you see on forums of massive free spins wins are sometimes 2,000x bet size all the way up to 10,000x bet size. Dead or Alive is simply one of those slots with huge potential thanks to the paytable. It's extremely difficult though to achieve even one of these wins.

As I've said before the wilds rarely appear. Most of the time I never get a win that exceeds 10x, 20x bet size after waiting so long to trigger the free spins. On average they trigger every 150 spins. However, if you get lucky you'll have 5 sticky wilds on every reel, because then you get 5 extra added spins with all wilds already active.

This means a guaranteed MASSIVE payout! The art is to have them on one payline, and then it means at least 1000x bet size win. I been able to trigger the extra free spins 3 times now, but never had them on one payline. In other words I'm one of the DOA losers, who fails to get that massive big win lol.

My best win been like 900x bets size on a €0.45 bet and 500x bet size on a €0.90 bet. But most of the time it has just been trash to me. Not sure why I still keep playing it, just hoping for that big win I suppose. Maybe one day, one day….hehe

Remember to keep your bet size modest on this game, since it can really be brutal and destroy your whole bankroll. HIGH HIGH HIGH VARIANCE guys! Don't chase the big win, but just give it a try every now and then and you won't be too disappointed.
Cons: Triggering the feature is a difficult task !
Davis. Reviewed on 27.09.18
Pros: Dead or Alive ah how to describe this 9 line 5 reel Cowboy themed slot from Netent(one of the older titles). Basically Dead or Alive can be very very nice to you or it can crush you into dust. At times you want to lie on the floor in the foetal position after a bad session on this game it can be that brutal! This game is super high risk so bet carefully or you will bust very quickly!

Dead or Alive comprises of several Wild Wild West symbols including Wilds 5 of which pay 1500x line bet,Sheriff badges 2nd best symbol pay out 1000x for 5,Holsters,Boots,Stetsons,Shot Glasses and alpha numeric symbols ranging from 10-ACE. The video slot also has a 6 six shooter scatter symbol which is by far what the players want! The reason for this is, if you are extremely lucky enough to hit 5 of them you win 2500x total bet! I have never seen such a big return for 5 scatters on any other slot!

Ok so you are probably thinking right so the scatters pay loads, I bet the free spins are not so great then!? Wrong! If the player gets 3 or more six shooter scatters they are awarded 12 free rootin tootin spins! Yeehaa! During free spins sticky wilds sometimes randomly land on the reels. The really amazing thing is these wilds stick like glue for entire free spin session! The task every player is trying to achieve is 5 wild cards in a line during free spins! But even if you only land the wilds all over the place but not in one payline you can win big! This is because this magic symbol substitutes for every other symbol!! If you do get 5 wilds on 5 reels you are then awarded 5 extra free spins! Giving you even more opportunities to hit the elusive 5 wilds! So just imagine if you hit lots of wilds within first couple of spins even at say 0.36 or 0.45 bet size the win can be sick! I know just how sick as I hit 5 wilds with 3 free spins remaining this morning and scooped a huge €712 for 0.45 bet!

The great thing about DOA is that this game can be enjoyed on a budget or if you have lots of money to bet with. With bet size ranging from 0.01 all the way up to €/£18 a spin! This means everyone can afford to play it whatever there betting range! I'm not on a high income so I opt to build up a balance on other games then go on Dead or Alive last! This has worked well for me.

Overall I would rate Dead or Alive very highly! It really is an amazing video slot! Well worth playing but play with extreme caution as mentioned before!

Here are my Pros and Cons of Dead or Alive.


Can win a fortune on small bet sizes!
Sticky wilds in free spins
The award for 5 scatters is outstanding! 2500x!
Fantastic paytable
Graphics look great (especially when all the wilds show up!)
In Summary this game is only for patient players because it does take a very long time to win big on more often than not.
I give Dead or Alive 9/10 It is so high risk and can be cruel I just can’t give it a 10 but I do adore this game!

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