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The precious stones are the main attribute of the kings, strewn with stones crowns show the strength and power of every ruler, which is why the creators of NetEnt online slots have developed the Dazzle Me slot machine. It is devoted to the theme of jewelry and luck symbols. Not only will you find topaz, rubies and other precious stones, but also sevens and bells, which could be caught on a classic slot in the casino


Slot machine Dazzle Me is presented in a rather original style that allows you to get the maximum number of winnings. Although the theme of the game is similar to the popular slot machine Just Jewels Deluxe, but it was able to stand out, thanks to the interesting design. You will find an unusual set of five reels, since the symbols add up to 76 payouts, and three, four and five images are placed in the drum cells in a row. Each of the symbols has an excellent graphic design, which allows you to enjoy an exciting game.

Quality animation and classical musical accompaniment make Dazzle Me slot very exciting and interesting. But the interface is simplified as much as possible and built on an intuitive principle, so it’s easy to start the game process.


In  Dazzle Me slot there is a non-standard number of cells on the reels. The first two reels contain three symbols in a row, the next two have four symbols, and the last has five symbols. At the same time, the game has 76 payment options for winning combinations, and the prize lines always begin with the left drum. Everything else in the game slot is built according to a typical principle. The game process must start with choosing the size of the bet:

  • Dost button. The coin will allow you to choose the value of one coin. By clicking on one of the arrows you can choose from 0.01 to 1 for a coin.
  • Level button will allow you to determine the size of the bet on each line. You can put 1-10 coins on the spin, while in the window you can see the final t bet size.
  • Max button. The bid suggests to choose the highest bet size in one move.

After the bet is determined, you can proceed to the process of rotating the reels. By clicking the Rotate button, the game reels will start. It is worth noting that the slot machine Dazzle Me has quite a lot of profitable features, so your gameplay will be very profitable.


Dazzling Wild Reels is active during the main game and consists in the fact that the drum can turn into a wild  symbol and be covered with a symbol of the Diamond. At the same time, almost all the drums can be converted in the game, and you get a decent win. The Diamond symbol is a wild symbol, which means it can replace all game pictures, but it does not work for the Free Spins symbol.

Free Spins is a series of free spins of drums that activate the eponymous symbol. When three or five Free Spins characters fall out, the player gets the right to run 8, 12 or 16 free scrolls.

Linked Reels is only active during the Free Spins game. Drums under numbers 1-4 can copy each other, while only adjacent ones are copied. So you can easily get an incredible amount of winnings.

All the bonus options of the Dazzle Me slot allow you to get the maximum number of payouts, although the multiplication size for the combination in the slot is not that high. But every rotation almost always gives a winning combination.

There are a few more buttons to control in Dazzle Me. For example, the Auto game button offers to play in a relaxed environment, since you can run up to 1000 automatic twists and just watch the loss of winning combinations. Such rotations of drums are made taking into account the chosen rate.

In the lower left corner there is a configuration box. A button with a wrench will help you to configure several options in the game: fast rotations, screen saver and start of reels by pressing the Space key. The Volume button will allow you to set the required level of sound, but the button with the question mark will open a new window where all the information about the game process will be displayed.


Dazzle Me slot machine has a rather original design and a decent number of lucrative options. The drums of the slot are decorated in an incomprehensible style, that’s why there are 76 lines in a game. This allows you to earn the maximum number of multiplications and wins.

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Dazzle me Reviews by Players

Jamal Marrufo. Reviewed on 02.06.18
The Dazzle Me has 76 pay-lines that are arranged very strange. The reason for this is the unusual design of the game. In fact, the Dazzle Me has 5 reels of different sizes. The first and the second reels have only by 3 fields, the third and the fourth have by 4 fields and the fifth reels have 5 fields. I'm already used to the unusual design of the NetEnt games so I was not too much surprised by the design of this new NetEnt game. Also the symbols we have here are quite unusual. Here, next to the symbol of 7 and the bell, we have symbols with diamonds of different colors. All in all, to be honest, the design of this game is not much appealing to me.

From features, this game has a couple of them. There is first of all the "Dazzling Wild Reels feature". During the game any of the five reels can be entire converted into a wild symbol. Then, we also have here the free spins feature. Depending on the number of symbols that say "Free Spins" you can get 8, 12 or 16 free spins. Finally, also here you can get to the "Linked Reels" feature.

On several casinos I received from 5 to 15 free spins for this game. In these free spins I didn’t had a great success or some big wins. The first time I decided to try this new NetEnt game for real money at the Next casino and that was in the moment when my balance fell to below 5 euros. Of course, I played with a minimum bet of 0.2 EUR per spin. I expected to lose all the money very quickly but it was not exactly so. I did it, before I lost all my money here, to make probably more than 300 spins. At one point my balance went up to more than 20 EUR. I must admit that I had a good time playing the Dazzle Me.

Therefore, this game will get from me a positive rating, although at first sight I didn’t liked it too much. For the Dazzle Me I give 6 out of 10 possible stars.
Dazzle Me is one of the newer games which is powered by NetEnt software. It has 5 reels and unusual 76 paylines. The first time when I tried this game was from free spins. Many casinos offered free spins on this slot, because it was new and I wanted to try it out.

After I used some free spins I was disappointed. On some casinos I didn't received any winnings with 10 free spins. I was really surprised what kind of game is it. I must say that on one I received free spins feature and from it I won around 6€. The game design is great. It has diamonds, bells, numbers. The graphics is also good especially with lighting background so as the sounds, but this will not convinced me to play it.
Beside free spins feature the game offer random dazzling wild reels where some of the reels can turn into wild. I had some of this feature, but i received only one wild reel never more than that. In theory all reels 1 - 5 can turn wild, but you must be the luckiest player on the world that moment.

When I read about this game before it was released I expect it would be so much fun, great and so on. Later when I tried it, all these expectations are gone. For me this game is one of the worst from NetEnt software. Till now I didn't saw any great winning screenshots on it.

I think I will leave this game on some other side, I will not play it with my money at all. It has so many dead spins, the free spins feature could be much more better and the game doesn't have any wilds symbols in the main game. I believe these are the reason why is so bad for me.
Malia Mcadam. Reviewed on 30.06.18
I have been looking forward to see another release by Netent, Dazzle Me slot.

I like gems and this is the glittering and glamour themed slot and has a lot in common with Starbust slot which is super popular.

To be honest I got super tired of the Starbust slot and we will see if Dazzle Me could get so popular like Starbust. Time will tell.

And I say, I like it much better then Starbust and I wish to see anytime soon Starbust dissapearing from the promotions. Anyone hear me? Well even if they do, who care..

This slot feature Dazzling Wild Reels and it appears on all five reels.And now imagine all five reels covered with wild on the max. bet in this 76 paylines slot.

I will keep close attention to its popularity . Graphics looks great and its nothing new to Netent. Symbols like seven and liberty bell for some reason linking this game to TwinSpin in my head and sparkling diamonds reminds me about luxury life, sex and the city story..., lifestile and all that what woman could imagine.

I think ladies will love this game,,and if it pays,I have no doubt, male population will come to spin it. There is one thing crossing my mind and its a large number of AskGamblers members out there with amazing screenshots and I am looking forward to the day when we can see so much more screenshots in the forum.Lets back to Dazzle me. Whats improved here comparing to Starbust is Wild Reels feature covering all fivereels unlike only threee in starbust and this is exactly what I expect to see.Improvement. There is Free Spin feature and linked reels like in Twin Spin, that lovely game and thank you Netent for creating it.

Now, lets play it and see what future might bring. I want Dazzle Me to beat Starbust!
Things I did not like about this game. First thing - it is very bad feature in game, dazzle random wilds or how it calls. In theory it could make all 5 reels wilds and pay huge win. Similar feature to Immortal romance and couple others similar slots. But in my practice this feature never pay good. I had max two wild reels, about 5 times. It never paid me more than 15 bets. It is just terrible feature, which usually just make one or two wild reels, and what is the most annoying it is that this wild reels is useless. Very bad.

Another stupid thing - it is very low payouts. 5OAK symbols pay super low, something like only 15 -2 0 bets, and it is not what i am waiting from new game. It is impossible to hit any decent combo if only you will get all wild reels or full screen of top symbols. Once I hit almost full screen of red diamonds. It pays me about 50 bets, I was really shocked.

Freespins feature is probably even more useless than dazzle wild reels. I triggered freespins more than 10 times, I think it is enough to have some opinion. Well, my opinion - it is one of the worst freespins feature I ever seen. I do not know how to win there. I never win in this game more than 50 bets.

I rate this slot game dazzle me with 3 stars.
Ashly Sclafani. Reviewed on 25.09.18
The recently released Dazzle Me slot from software provider Net Entertainment is another example of their creative ability to design compelling slots with interesting features. It basically has elements from several other notable games that many of us undoubtedly have played before. For instance, the slot format is quite typical for WMS slots.

On the other hand some of the features will remind you of the Wild Desire feature from Immortal Romance and the linked reels in free spins show some similarities with that of Twin Spin. If you also take into account that the minimum betsize is only 20 cents to be enabled to play with 76-paylines and 5-reels, then this all sounds very great.

I got the chance to play Dazzle Me when it just was released with free spins from several casinos, but I wasn’t very lucky with those. I tried this game again for a longer period of time later. The slot symbols are typical classic symbols such as bells, sevens and several emeralds. Wild symbols aren’t present initially but can only appear when Dazzle Me decides to turn random reels wild.

Apparently it can turn 1-5 reels wild just like Immortal Romance, and this of course can cause a major win. I’ve never had more than 3 reels turning wild, and my best win during base game was around 50x bet with this, which was quite disappointing. If my calculation is correct, then you can win more than 3,000x bet with all reels turned wild.

I bet the chance of not waking up tomorrow is bigger than that ever happening though. I played this game on 40 cent bets mostly and pretty much got annoyed by the small wins and have yet to win anything above 100x bet. Dazzle Me also offers free spins to be won if you can land the free spins symbols. 3, 4 or 5 of those symbols award respectively 8, 12 and 16 free spins.

I managed to trigger 8 free spins about more than 10 times and each time it was a disaster. So either this game is quite high variance or it’s garbage like many of the new generation NetEnt games.

Despite the linked reels feature where reels 1 and 2, and/or reels 3 and 4 get linked and show the same symbols, I never won more than 80x bet here and that was of course disappointing. I managed to lose about 50 euros quite fast with just 40 cent bets.

Not sure if I can even recommend this game as it seems to take a lot in order to win big.
Mary. Reviewed on 28.09.18
Dazzle Me is the newest release form Netent gaming provider. For some time Netent has been my favorite software, I find the designs beautiful and many of their games have really good payouts so I was really excited about this release. I was a little worried too, because the last few games they released I didn't like that much, payout wise. More than a month ago I watched a video about Dazzle Me and I already fell in love with it. It reminds me of Twin Spin slot, the symbols of diamonds and sevens, but comparing to Twin Spin, Dazlle me also has a free spins round and that is really nice.

When this game came out, casinos were giving away dozens of spins, deposit bonuses with this game etc, in other words, Dazzle me was Dazzling around most Netent casinos. I didn't take any deposit offer but I took advantage of numerous free spins. And frankly speaking, I am not very happy about the outcome. It seems so hard to win anything. It is a 5 reel 76 payline slot and the winnings count from leftmost to right. I believe that the best part there is the free spins round because it has linked reels feature, similar to Twin Spin slot main game. So in the free spins there will be two linked reels from 1 - 4 but I have had this feature only few within many sessions and even then it paid 70 x bet size. The other feature is Dazzling Wilds that come up on main game and they can turn reels wild from 1 to even all 5 reels. That is another similarity I find with Twin Spin. But I have got only two wild reels few times and the winnings were close to 0.

Overall I have a little mixed up feelings. Visually I am completely in love with this slot, but the winnings I've got so far aren't as good as I would want to. For me it is way too hard to get free spins, as I've said, I played this game enough to get more than only few free spins rounds but I have to admit, it was very fun. I might give this game another shot as I have seen a 500 x bet size winning from a fellow AskGamblers. Right now I give it 7/10.

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