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da vinci diamonds slot

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Slot machine with amazing diamonds of great Leonardo Da Vinci

What is it and how it works?

«Da Vinci Diamonds» was designed by IGT Company. It’s become one of the best and most popular game machines in web and usual casinos.

«Da Vinci Diamonds» by IGT is a video slot which consists of five-reels and twenty permanently active lines, a new Tumbling Reels function, unique characters, free spins and other interesting options.

You also can play the game on this slot machine at a rate of one to 500 credits per line. Up to 10000 credits are accepted for a spin.

Pictures on the Da Vinci Diamonds video slot screen are arranged in three lines or rows. Combination for winning are formed from several identical images, dropping in succession on the active row, starting from the 1st drum. The highest combination is paid on each line only. The amount of win is calculated by multiplying the bet by the line by the factor of combination (up to x 5000).

The special symbols included in the super combination are burned after the payment is charged, and new ones fall into their place. This interesting function is called as «Tumbling Reels». It runs until there are no paid combinations after the next spin on the screen

There are no games for odds in the IGT Da Vinci Diamonds machine, so the total payout for the spin is immediately transferred to the user’s account. The theoretical return as manufacturers alleged of the Da Vinci Diamonds slots game is 94.94%.

Special Symbols

The drums of the Da Vinci Diamonds have the great Leonardo Da Vinci’s paintings, as well as various precious stones and marvels. In the slot machine there are some unique symbols «Wild» and «Bonus».

The symbol «Wild» drops out only on the three middle drums in the main game. It does not pay for itself, but it helps to form combinations consisting of other symbols (except bonus), becoming in place of the missing ones.

«Bonus» can be seen only on the 1st three drums. In case when 3 such symbols drop out on the active line, a bonus round is launched in the form of the «free spins».

Bonus Games

There is no thematic or super bonus game in the Da Vinci Diamonds video game. The round of free starts with 6 spins at the current bet that the casino will play for the new player. It can be prolonged, but not more than 300 spins in a row.


The accumulative jackpot in a  Da Vinci Diamonds video slot is not played out.


Video slot Da Vinci Diamonds now is available with Russian language. But even if you start the game on a slot machine with an English language interface, you can easily figure it out. All the buttons on the panel are intuitively clear, and the rules of the game require the user to only select the size of the bet and start the rotation of the reels.

Settings video slot Da Vinci Diamonds allow you to turn off the sound and choose the quality of graphics. Download the slot machine Da Vinci Diamonds do not have to, because it works in flash mode.

In Da Vinci Diamonds there is a reference section with a detailed description of the rules. He is also translated into Russian.


This game was firstly created for usual casinos, but its success enjoyed in a short period of time urged the IGT designers to make an online version as well. Although Da Vinci Diamonds video slot does not have original options and expressive special effects, this is a very high-quality model, on which it is really pleasant and cute to play. Particularly pleasing are the free spins and the function of Tumbling Reels. It’s nice that the video slot is already translated into Russian, and you can run it on your computer without any special software.


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da vinci diamonds slot Reviews by Players

Sebrina. Reviewed on 03.07.18
Da Vinci Diamonds is an IGT slot and even though I don't play it a great deal these days it was one of the slots I used to play all the time when I first started playing slots. I most recently played it at Bet Victor Casino and the great thing now about this slot is that it has been brought out on mobile, so whenever I play it now its on my iPad.

Da Vinci Diamonds is a 20 line slot and it has one of my favourite slot features - that is tumbling reels. Every time you have a win the winnings symbols disappear dropping down new symbols giving you even more chances to win, which is why I love this feature so much. The slot is not that much of a big payer, I think I have only had in excess of 100 times my bet once, from what I can remember, I think I won about £25 in a single spin and that was from a minimum bet of 20p. Wins are small but generally they come in quite often

The free spins are really hard to get. You have to get the bonus symbol on a winning payline on reels 1 2 and 3 and when you do get them you only get awarded with 6 to start off with however you can retrigger the free spins multiple times but to be honest there has been plenty of times where I have come out at the end with just the basic 6 spins and hardly won anything from them. If I am honest I don't play this slot just to get the free spins because I actually find the main game better. The maximum amount I've spent per spin on this slot is £1, and I cant say that I really benefited from it!
Da Vinci Diamonds slot combines the beauty of art with other kind of richness that manifested in precious stones. The overall picture is very colourful (maybe a little too much) and we can see some famous paintings like Mona Lisa and different gems like ruby, emerald or sapphire. For me it was a little strange to see gems and paintings in one screen but they don’t hurt each other and the slot has an impressive look.

What makes the game unique is the Tumbling Reels feature which means if a winning combination is completed, the symbols of it disappear and all of the figures above them falling down one spot making a whole new arrangement and a chance for other line wins. It’s not just interesting and gives a fresh experience but basically player here get unlimited number of re-spins if the new table brings new wins, but practically at least in my case it never was more than 3 re-spins.

5 Da Vinci Diamonds emblems on a payline mean the Jackpot of the game and result a 5000 win. 3 Bonus symbols anywhere on the first 3 reels trigger 6 free spins that has a brand new paytable in use to calculate winnings and new set of paintings and gem symbols. There’s no multiplier value attached to this game section but the Tumbling Reels feature still intact here.

Of course the advantage of this feature is noticeable but I think it doesn’t mean that much what can be heard or promoted. Personally, I would prefer to have for example the Wild or free spins winnings multiplying ability than this tumbling thing. Anyway, this slot even with this extra is not an outstanding slot in the aspect of rewarding. The cold streak happens here too and the returns are also not awesome mainly because of just average payout policy. Strange, but somehow I felt the more I played with this game the more I felt that Da Vinci Diamonds maybe a popular game but overall it’s a little disappointment for me.
Stanford. Reviewed on 26.09.18
Da Vinci Diamonds is a very popular game this days and I am not surprised. Sometimes when you least expect it this game can really shock you. With its theme of art it certainly has beautiful drawings, but I feel as it they needed to be in high definition rather than what it is.

I notice this days anything to do with Da Vinci is very popular. It is like only now we started appreciating his genius and doing things in his name and honor. I think it was Dan brown who brought him back and damn he has done a good job. My art teacher in school really liked Da Vinci's work and he would always talk about it and show us the drawings. It's to bad that I was not smart enough to appreciate and learn a bit, instead I ignored it and looked cool.

I played this game many times and it all started from getting a bunch off free spins for my deposit. I dont know if they do it on purpose where a player would win in the free spins but would lose when he plays for cash, but I won. Everything was going well and the rolling reel were helping me getting wins. I even got a feature and made around €20 in total.

After that I played and it is always hit and miss. One day it would be complete rubbish and the next it will be awesome. But my favorite moments are when you dont expect to win and all of a sudden you get the feature and win a lot. It happened to me, I was messing around and had about €5 on my account. I opened this game and put it on the smallest bet. A few spins later not even wanting to win I got the bonus via the rolling reel feature. I got my 6 free spins and if you get pictures anywhere on the reels, three of them or more you still win. So if you get Mona Lisa on 1, 4 and 5 reels you still get three of them. So as my free spins went I got more free spin, totaling to 11 free spins and won a total of over €40. What a nice surprise I thought.

But there is also a bad side to this game and it could really piss you off. You could play for hours and not get the feature and when you do get it you win less than €10. Because of all this I am going to rate this game 6 out of 10.

Hope you enjoyed my review and have a nice day :)

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