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If you watch the news, you probably have seen how special sections of the police conduct their investigations. There are many feature films and television series that use such events for their stories. Crime Scene by NetEnt gives you the opportunity to feel like a special police detective and take part in investigations of the most controversial and complicated cases. If you are a fan of this genre or just want to try your luck, then do not hesitate to launch Crime Scene slots game and start making spins.

Main Theme

In many films, the routine everyday lives of ordinary police officers are demonstrated. Their job is to protect citizens and capture criminals. Probably police detectives have the most difficult fate. They should be very careful, notice any little things, collect evidence on the smallest details. All these features help them unravel even the most difficult cases.

In Crime Scene, you will become a real detective and will consider various clues. Do you think you can do this task?

Interesting Features

This is a 5-reels video slot with a high chance of making a profit. Crime Scene provides opportunity to make bets with coins value in range from $ 0,01 to $ 10. The number of gaming lines in this slot machine is $ 15. The maximum amount of bet is $ 150.

In addition, in this slot there are special symbols and a bonus game. However, there are no free spins.


Crime Scene slot pays money every time when its reels show winning combinations on active paylines. Such combinations consist of three or more symbols located on neighboring reels. Each of your winnings will be calculated as a product of the total bet and multiplier for a particular winning combination.


Crime Scene slots game has a simple and intuitive user interface. It contains all the controls that are specific to the slots from NetEnt. You can choose the value of the coin, the number of game lines, the number of coins for betting on the line, and also run the gameplay in automatic mode.

Click the Paytable button to familiarize yourself with the rules of the game and view the game lines. If you click Feature Preview, the video with the bonus game rules will be launched.

In the lower left corner of the game window there is a settings button, shown as a wrench. Nearby there is a button for adjusting the sound in the game. If you have any difficulties with the settings, you can click on the “?” button.

Gaming Symbols

Since Crime Scene is a detective game you will see such gaming symbols as darkened glasses, a token, a gun, a trace of a criminal and many others. Also, there are symbols of playing cards in the game, which are drawn with chalk on the asphalt, as it is customary to do on the crime scenes.

Casino players will see the following special symbols:

  • Police badge, which is the symbol of Wild. These symbols do not create winning combinations. However, Wild is able to replace the missing symbols, thereby taking part in the formation of a winning combination. If you saw it on one of the reels, then this reel will fix for the next few spins, continuing to demonstrate Wild. Thanks to this feature of Crime Scene slots game you can see several police badges at the same time on its reels.
  • Bonus symbol depicting a handprint. If you see 3 such symbols or more, the bonus round will be started.

There is no Scatter symbol in Crime Scene. However, due to some features of other symbols you will not notice the absence of free spins.

Bonus Round

If reels have displayed 3 or more bonus symbols and the game window has changed, it means that you have a chance to play a bonus mini-game. Your task is to find fingerprints in multiple folders. You can find an ordinary prize, an increased winnings or a symbol with a red cross, which ends the bonus round.

However, that is not all! Now you will see 4 envelopes, in each of which the payment multipliers are packed. The amount of your winnings will depend on the total number of fingerprints found and the multiplier used.


In this slot progressive jackpots are not played out. However, you can significantly increase the size of your bet if you see a few symbols of footprints from the shoe in a line. The maximum multiplier is 750 (for five shoe prints).


Crime Scene embodies the best traditions of 5-reels slots from NetEnt and gives only positive emotions from the game process. Any skeptic will change his mind to the opposite after he has the opportunity to play in the bonus round. This is an amazing mini-game with a thoughtful plot and generous payouts. However, you can get a pretty good profit during the usual gameplay.

We will be very tired if we list all the advantages of this slot. Better try to bet on real money and spin reels in Crime Scene slot yourself.


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Crime scene Reviews by Players

Shawn. Reviewed on 30.06.18

This is another interesting slot from NetEnt with nice features and good graphics!It is a 5 reel slot with 15 paylines and a minimum bet of only 0.15 euro!
I played this slot a couple of times and gave me a good impression, especially because of the Sticky Wild feature and bonus game feature!
I had 10 euro in my Unibet casino account balance and decided to spend them on some slot games maybe I will have luck to win much money!

I saw this game and decided to play it because I didn’t played it so far at Unibet casino!
Because it was only 0.15 euro the minimum bet,I changed the bet to 0.30 euro and I started to spin!

Like a first impression,the game runs very fluid but it was something that I saw and didn’t liked it!I think that the cards symbols like Q, J, K, A and 10 aren't suited to this kind of slot which has a theme about police and investigation! But this is only my personal opinion and maybe other people think that it is just ok!
I like very much the Sticky Wild feature which may appear and stay there for a maximum of 5 spins and it has a 5multiplier!
The bonus game I managed to catch just one time but didn’t paid me very well, just 6.5 euro on the 0.30 euro bet!

Also the payout rate didn’t seemed to be very good because I played just a couple of minutes and I lost the 10 euro that I had in my account!

I will try to rate this slot from my own experience! For the graphics and theme I will give only 7 because I don’t like the cards symbols! For the payout rate I will give an 8 and for the features like Sticky wild and bonus game I will give 9!

Overall a good game, not very good but it deserves to be played because it has a minimum bet of 0.15 euro!
The net ent casinos have some good video slots to play. The crime scene is one of them. When I first met with that video slot I was wondering it why not have a free spin feature. Usually almost every video slot has a free spin feature sometimes a bonus game and a free round too but in that case the crime scene slot has only a bonus game and the sticky wild feature.

I started here when I bored all my highly played favorite video slots. The choose was randomly because I never played on that video slot but the sticky wilds are invited me to check this game. When I started my game play here I don’t know much about but I mostly check the game rules and the payable when I starting to play in a new video slot. The missing free spin feature was interesting but the bonus game is compensate the missing feature. The sticky wilds are show up on the reels and stays for a while, the maximum amount what the sticky wild can stay is 5 spins. If you get more wild you have more chance to win but the best feature is the bonus game here because the 15 lines makes to get combination hard.

When I triggered the bonus game I was really lucky. I hit the 3 bonus symbols and entered to the bonus game, I was allowed to choose from the files until I pick the feature end symbol, but when I clicked here I had a second chance to get back to the bonus game. I was lucky and get some finger prints what are gives extra amounts to the files. I collected 2 finger prints with 3 euro bonus amount, that bonus money was added to all my bonus money what I collected after the finger prints. Even it hasn’t got many lines the bonus can give much money.
Sirena. Reviewed on 25.09.18
Crime Scene is a 15 Paylines video slot that I like a lot! It's the bonus feature that gets me very interested. But before I get into that I would like to talk about the main game first. The main game can produce average winnings at a rate of 30% or so in my opinion, sometimes it can make wins equivalent to a little over my bets of $0.60. The reason why is stemming mostly on the Sticky Wild Badges that are held up to 5 spins. They make aligning combinations easier to create. That would really depend on where they land on the reels, how many wilds land in one spin and most importantly how many spins before the Sticky Wild badge or badges disappear. If I find more than one Sticky wild on a spin that has a counter for 3 spins on Reel 2 then my bets get a little bit of a boost. If they appear together in the middle on both Reels 2 and 3 then bigger wins can happen usually in 3 digits such as $3 - $6 on average, can be more.

The fate is decided on where the wild(s) are held. My preferred wilds being held if it gave me the chance would be under the 1st, 2nd and 3rd reels....all in the middle of them for 3 spins :D. Luck can play a very important role about the wilds so be sure to weigh the decisions you make about spending time on Crime Scene, it can be for better or for worst! The biggest win I made in the normal game would be $24 for a $0.60 bet from a 5 of a kind pistols! The Wild badge symbol was included in the combination. I forgot to tell you that it pays triple for every Sticky wild combination!!!

The bonus however is a very interesting pick bonus. There are many folders to choose from, each hiding a random prize of credits, four finger prints for evidence that increases future winnings per folder by using the amount won from that one finger print alone so if it has a $1.20 it will add it to a future pick EACH TIME! There are 4 fingerprints in total so the more prints that I find early in the bonus game the more improved my winnings are!My highest winnings (more than one) results about $80 or more. Imagine finding 3 fingerprints holding amounts of $1.20, $3 and $2........those 3 amounts will be added to a picked folder containing $6 so with that being said the prize of $6 becomes $12.20!!! That's seriously good!!! I'm also on the lookout for a folder containing a green second chance icon, it will erase an X strike instantly! The bad news is if I find an X symbol without the second chance icon I will be forced to pick from 4 folders containing credits, 2x for my total win in the feature, or a chance to go back for more folders to click for prizes. As for the fourth folder I never gotten a chance to actually see what it might have...maybe it's nothing.

Even for a bonus game that's hard to come by it has serious potential for winnings and I would rate Crime Scene as an 8.6 out of 10! More bonus fingerprint symbols in the main game should be added for a better chance at the Crime Scene bonus!
Geralyn. Reviewed on 27.09.18
I know that you are all at least once in my life wanted to become detectives and explores the mysteries around him, like a little you while watching your favorite TV series imagined himself as a tough guy who every day in conflict with the bad boys. Were you expecting likely to just stay your children's imagination, however NetEnt made an effort to make some of that into reality. Hence the idea to make such a slot in the title already suggests the theme of this slot machine.

Here I went with a little bigger stake per spin of € 3 so I expected a little bigger gains but also the ability to rapidly fall to zero. The wild symbol is special compared to other games because when it comes practically remains fixed and have two more free spin to win something. Crime Scene is full of mysteries, evidence and villains who are there mainly to make the game more interesting, we can say that this game for a short time became one of the main topics at numerous well-known gambling forums and web sites, as for me completely justified.

As far as the wild symbol, I am most in these two respin won € 30 and it is not bad considering the height of my role that did not change until the end. After a couple of empty spins get four symbols of guns and € 8 instantly, immediately afterwards and the three symbols of glasses and an additional € 5 so I'm in the two spin collected € 13 and returned the lost money. A small criticism in the beginning would be somewhat smaller number of payment lines which in this slot have a total of fifteen while in others the number of mostly 20 or more.

The total jackpot on this game is 22,500 coins, and if you play the maximum bet per spin, which at the moment amounts to $ 150 and then win a jackpot you will win instantly total $ 7,500. I managed to get three bonus symbols in the game and try-out with their excellent bonus where I am on the board with 5x6 boxes I opened a total of nine, and from them I collected a total of 510 coins. After that, the five envelopes from which we draw an additional 135 coins. Converted into real money that means that I'm finished with bonus + € 139. I love Crime Scene slot and play it regularly.

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