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Creature from the black lagoon

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General Description

The development team NetEnt in collaboration with Universal has created a fascinating slot named Creature from the Black Lagoon, that is based on the film of the same name. Back in 1954, one of the major founders of the horror genre appeared on the screens and showed us an extraordinary monster. That was the first of a series of films about a cryptic person-reptile Gillman`a. The film was recognized as a classic of the genre, so the most up-do-date ideas such as “Alien” and “Predator” were taken as the basis for the launch of the Universal Studio back in the the 50’s.


Slot’s plot is very straightforward: there is a research expedition, that is sent to the Black Lagoon, where a mystical creature kidnaps the girl, and the rest of the team must find where she is and save her. The slot carries with it its modesty and enjoyment, plus in the bonus round the players will have to fight with the Monster himself, and if everything goes smoothly, the reward will be really impressive. Creature from the Black Lagoon has 5 reels and 20 fixed lines, as well as free spins and three different Wild symbols.


Creature from the Black Lagoon has a great interface and gameplay, that will please the players with fantastic symbols, brilliant animations and handy controls. The musical accompaniment is inconspicuous and complements  the magical theme of the slot. You can collect combinations from the characters of the protagonists of history and additional equipment. In the slot, you will find images of a knife, scuba, video camera, and binoculars. The most valuable is still the sign of the missing girl Kay. Try your best and defeat the monster in an additional round with free spins. In this mode, the player will be sent directly to the seabed of the Lagoon into the lair of the monster. Collect as many targets on the fifth drum as possible and get one of two Sticky Wild signs with multi-colored images of the game logo. Each such sign will be very valuable, because it can occupy more than one square of the field and help in the compilation of all possible combinations.


This slot is very simple in use, just like all NetEnt product. At the bottom of the screen, you will find an informative panel, where the player can adjust the Coin Value and select a suitable bet, by using the “Level” button. All of the lines in Creature from the Black Lagoon are fixed in the amount of 20. However, loyal ranges of rates give the player a fantastic opportunity to select an exclusive strategy for the game. “AutoPlay” buttons helps you to set a certain number of automatic rotations and the marginal rate.  Finally, there is an “Information” button, that will inform the users about the features of the slot and payout ratios.

So how do you defeat the main monster of the Black Lagoon and win the maximum credits? First of all, you need to get to the seabed, with the help of the Scatter symbol. To do this, you will need to collect 3 or more scatter marks on the field. In the bonus level mode, you will see the monster life indicator in the lower right corner, as well as the new symbol – the target. Your reward and the fate of the girl will depend on how many targets you will be able to find on the fifth drum. Targets will allow you to open extended Wild symbols, which, after appearing, will trigger, and give you out additional free-spins. In the end, the bonus game can become very generous, and wild symbols will do all the work for you.

Creature from the Black Lagoon does not have a game for doubling. Payments are made by the most valuable combination. The scatter symbol will only occur on odd drums, and it is the key to the prize round.


All you can say is that Creature from the Black Lagoon will suit all lovers of this genre, connoisseurs of classical cinema, as well as the lovers of NetEnt slots. The device will appeal to fans of the slot machine Blade, released on the plot of the popular film, the protagonist of which also struggled with monsters. Flashy design in combination with attentive gameplay create a fantastic atmosphere in the game.

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Creature from the black lagoon Reviews by Players

Hilma. Reviewed on 01.07.18
Somehow, I had missed writing a review on this favourite slot game of mine, or perhaps I had wanted to know more about the game first before writing something on it. That's my style anyway. I don't simply write any review just for the sake of writing it. I tend to put everything that I have on it, into it, into my review, even if it may take quite a while in getting there, as in this case.

This Creature from the Black Lagoon game may have originated from a movie of the same name, I don't know for sure, but it sure does look like it. Like all creatures and monsters movies, they can send chills down your spine whilst watching it, but in a game, nah, you don't get all that, but you do get lots of entertainment from it. Yeah, lots of fun, lots of thrills, lots of eager anticipations, and lots of happiness and disappointments too. At the right time, on the right day, this creature can give you plenty of nice wins, with occasional huge wins, but on the wrong day, it'll probably just eat you up, just like any monstrous creature of the deep would, hehehe. Oh, yeah, I've had my share of both being eaten and feasting too, all thanks to the creature and all those wonderful sticky Wilds. Just look at all my posted screenshots up there and you can imagine what I mean.

There may not be any Expanding Wilds nor any stacked Wilds in the game, but those sticky Wilds can do wonders nonetheless. They can come in the base game and they can come in the free spins game, and this is where you would want them to appear as many as possible, to create lots of nice big wins within one free spins feature game itself! Couple that with an extra 10 free spins, which can only occur once in any free spins game, and you can expect huge wins of over 1000x your total bet amount! The biggest possible win is yet undetermined by me, or by anyone else that I know of, but I wouldn't be surprised at all if this could exceed 2500x or more! My personal best is 905x at 0.40 Euros bet, but my biggest win on the game was 1045.75 Euros on a 5.00 Euros bet, for a much decreased 209x total bet ratio.
Not really what I don't like about this game, but it is something that I have come to realise after playing it for some years now. If high win ratios are what you are after, like 1000x total bet or higher, then your chances would be very much better with small bets of 0.40 or 0.60 Euros. I have played with bet sizes ranging from just 0.40 Euros up to 5.00 Euros bet per spin, and I have tried to improve my personal best ratio of 905x with those bigger bets, but have failed to get it every time! The total amount won may be more, but the win ratio always decreases with the bigger bet sizes! I don't know for sure, of course, but this is what I have noticed from my own observation.

On top of that, how I wished those Wilds could double any wins with it, which they don't, or at least, have a win multiplier for the free spins game, which there isn't any either. The Wilds don't pay for themselves, so at least doubling of wins would be good, and even better with a win multiplier for the free spins. Nonetheless, Creature from the Black Lagoon has remained as one of my most favourite NetEnt games to date.
George. Reviewed on 25.09.18
After a particularly punishing night on Dead or Alive over at Stan James, my boyfriend told me about another game that had sticky wilds and some similarities that I might fancy trying just for a change of pace – I was getting real frustrated after hitting a massive 3000 x bet win early on during bonus play and seeing my balance dwindle to below 1000 x with still another 10 x my bonus wagering to go. With this background, I fired up this game praying it was going to (a) lower my anger levels and (b) restore my balance back to something reasonable after the utter raping Dead or Alive had given it!

My first thought was that I really loved the style of the game – it's really quite unique and a much better example of how to do a “classic oldie” style inspired game than the more recent “Neon Staxx” toilet fodder that NetEnt have recently squeezed out of their exit hole. I’ve just noticed that AskGamblers list the RTP for games on these pages, unbelievable I missed that until now! And for this game its stated as being 96.5%, which is very reasonable, and you should find you get a decent amount of playtime out of this slot as a result.

Each time a wild lands on the reels, it will stick in place and you get a free re-spin – I love features like this! The process can repeat over and over, including during the free spins mode as well, and each time it does you receive a further win – so its possible to win many, many times after paying for just a single spin – a great feature for sure!

Sadly, there is no payout for landing two scatters, but you do get additional free spins if you are lucky enough to land four or five, and that is actually critical to a special feature of the game – killing the creature! During the feature, a target randomly appears on the fifth reel and each time it does, you score a hit on the creature. Every three hits you get, you unlock an additional expanding wild symbol, and when these land they stick just like in the main game – the end result is just massive win potential, and if you do manage to finally finish off the creature, your rewarded with a further 10 free spins with all the expanding wild symbols fully unlocked – its not a guarantee of a huge win, but its pretty close to it, and both times I managed to kill the creature I ended up with over 1000 x my stake, which is pretty much my marker of an excellent nights gambling!
I only wish NetEnt would produce more titles like this – or Dead or Alive – and less trash like Attraction, Starburst and Neon Staxx. I can’t see it happening whilst newbie mugs are pouring their money into these garbage slot machines though sadly :(

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