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count spectacular Reviews by Players

Wiley. Reviewed on 04.07.18
Pros: Nyeah-ah-ah, welcome to RTG’s scary game. Count Spectacular’s fantastic game. If you don’t enjoy my graphics, sounds and my ha-ha-ha, I’ll take the blame. If you don’t try it, what a shame! Well, have you been a victim of Count Spectacular? I have. Many times over. Although not in 3D, wish it was, I like the graphics and the animations. But the “ha-ha-ha” should really be “nyeah-ah-ah” instead, but never mind, it’s still a lively game. 1 star down.

Count Spectacular couldn’t have offered a better tempting dish to sink his fangs into. Everything desirable is in the paytable. A 10000x Wild win, a 200x total bet win, and high symbol wins too. Beautiful! Anything worth winning is given a nice cash payout, not like most other games. Up to expectations, so no star down/up.

Okay, so there are no bonus games or any other randomly activated special features, but the free spins feature game offers 2 choices – 12 free spins with a 3x win multiplier, or just 4 respins with a fixed Count Spectacular Expanded Wild on reels 1 and 5. Both options can pay well at the right time, with possible retriggering for the 12 free spins option but no retriggering for the 4 respins option. Nonetheless, the 4 free respins offer the biggest payout possible – 5 reels of Expanded Count Spectacular for a completely insane payout! Superb! Hence my preference for games with reels of Expanded Wild. No star down/up.

Playing the game is a real joy. Fun, exciting and entertaining. It gets you excited whenever Count Spectacular appears on reel 1, the reels spin, and you are madly hoping for the Count to drop by on reel 5. Many times he won’t, but oftenly enough, he does. Then the real excitement starts! The 12 free spins or the 4 respins? I’ve chosen both options many times before, got retriggering of more 12 free spins, and ending it with reasonably good payouts, but not all the time though. Similarly with the 4 respins option. Although you only get 4 tries to make a nice win, the chances of getting super big wins are better with this option! I’ve had 3 Expanded Wild reels and I’ve had 4 Expanded Wild reels, and the payouts were really marvelous. Can’t remember exactly how much it paid out, but over $1000 for sure, because with 4 Expanded Wild reels, you get lots of 5-of-a-kinds in just that 1 respin! If you can get nice high paying symbols in between those 4 Expanded Wild reels, the payouts will definitely exceed 1500x total bet win, perhaps even more! I’m still waiting for the day when the screen gets filled up totally with Count Spectacular, for 25 paylines of 10000x per line win, for an insane 10000x total bet win!!! Yes, it is possible! I’ve gotten the 4 Expanded Wilds before, but the 5 Expanded Wilds have still eluded me till this day. I’m still hoping to sink my fangs into 5 Count Spectaculars one of these days! Count Spectacular is definitely one of the best game I’ve come across so far! 1 star up for a perfect score!
Cons: To put the 4 re-spins in a great example, I would define it as the Netent's Dead or Alive feature for trying to hit those sticky wilds! If I don't hit any sticky wilds then the free spins are a total waste...just like if I don't chain any wins during my 4 re-spins on Count Spectacular it won't be pretty in the end of them! Ohh and to the owner of this bag of garlic sitting in my front door castle....can you destroy this? It's giving me some burning sensations and redness when I get close to it!!! Hey spell casting Witch, I'll give you my recipe for everlasting immortality if you destroy this bag of garlic and cast a barrier on my castle! You'll live forever I promise!
Brinda. Reviewed on 25.09.18
Pros: Count Spectacular, ironic isn't it? This video slot describes me very well as the Forum Icy vampire! It's an awesome way to win very well and a way to cause terror in my victi......err..I mean symbols. For $1 a spin on this dark video slot under the full moon I love the way the Count wilds appear during my spins. They will expand on each reel they appear on and these count Wilds count as those off-occurring castles that don't come very often. Unfortunately these expanding counts count just once towards the standard castle scatters.

Anyways, the bigger picture can be painted when 2 counts appear on both ends of the slot, reels 1 and 5 together! It's so fun to try hitting these symbols together! This allows a great opportunity for me to make a decision on how I want my free spins to bite my to my desires. Two choices appeared as "12 Free spins at 3x" or "4 re-spins with both counts occupying the 1st and last reels during these re-spins". Now I've played both of them many times and I know that for choosing 12 Free spins at 3x, there are lower chances to hit 5 of a kind wins unlike the 4 re-spins BUT......there is a good chance that this can retrigger itself for another 12 Free spins.....something that the 4 re-spins cannot do when they roll the middle reels 4 times! In the 4 re-spins, the chances of hitting my 5 of a kind symbols are much higher and it will pay very much when other Count wilds appear under the 3rd reel! I can already imagine the big hits coming from that. This type of trigger has to shine very lucky within 4 re-spins otherwise the re-spins will look very ugly like Medusa (don't look at her.....Ahh...turns into stone and disintegrates thereafter), it'll be my waste for taking these and again no triggers for these bad girls of the night! When completing the 12 Free spins at 3x for my choice, I would win from $20 - $36, yet much more if I hit retriggers and on 4 will give me about $11 or less without any counts on the 2nd, 3rd or 4th reels but when this lucky fanged creature that is myself sank my craving teeth into one of the reels (landing a count on any of the reels mentioned) such as the 2nd or 3rd reel then my rampage wins $40+. It's a matter of hitting symbols, chaining 5 of a kind symbols like lamps, wolves, mirrors and the terrified lady (she's hard to get 5 of a kind by the way) on re-spins.

I recommend doing 12 Free spins at 3x if you want the feature to last longer and have at least a small guaranteed win or if you feel very lucky then the 4 re-spins will do long as you don't get any vampire bites (in other words, you don't get any wins from them)!
Gertude. Reviewed on 28.09.18
Pros: Count Spectacular is from Real Time Gaming software and it can be played in most of their casinos. It has 5 reels and 25 paylines. I had played it a few times before in some Real Time Gaming casinos, but it wasn't in the list of my favorites. Then I read that one of follow AskGamblers think that this is one of the most potential game from RTG in winning aspect, so that's why I decided to give it a try again.

I had an incredible and long session at Classy Coin. I took a ND bonus and decided to try to wager it with the help of this game. I really like the colors and theme of this game- the mysterious Dracula, and I even let the sound stay on, as I usually don't to, because the laughter of Dracula made me smile and stay awake the whole night. The Dracula is the most important character in this game and it also works as wild symbol and bonus trigger. If you get Dracula on first and fifth reel, it will trigger bonus round, but in other combinations it will increase your spins wins.

I mostly played with 0.25$ or 0.50$ bets. I played mostly with autospins, for example, 0.50$ bets for 100 autospins, if I was starting to run on a low balance, I lowered the next 100 bets. I got many bonus rounds and what is really great about this game is that you can trigger the bonus round within the bonus. That happened with me too, when I triggered the bonus I chose to play 12 free spins with 2x multiplier and within the bonus round I triggered them 2 more times, so I was playing 36 free spins which is quite amazing. The other bonus round option is 4 re-spins with 2x multiplier, and even at first you may think that the 12 free spins pay better, the respins can give almost the same winnings. In a few bonus rounds I went with it and it paid me even 16$, while some bonus rounds with the 12 freespins paid me even as little as 3$.

I really enjoy Count Spectacular. The design is really nice and so far from what I've played from RTG, none of other their games has brought me such great winnings. I played it 2 days in a row and in 2 different casinos managed to wager together 2200$ and I think it is pretty great. Definitely worth playing while wagering bonus.

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