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cherries gone wild Reviews by Players

Rico Stebbins. Reviewed on 02.06.18
Cherries Gone Wild slot is a Microgaming slot, 5 reels and 30 paylines and obviously a minimum bet of 0.30 euro! I lost some money on Thunderstruck II slot and I decided to try a new game, that I didn't played so far! I had 17 euro in my 32Red Casino account and I opened this game to play, intending to have fun not to make profit!

I like the graphics but especially the symbols, I could say that I love fruits symbols and also the seven symbol! As the title of the slot says, the cherries symbols are wilds, stacked wilds to be more exactly, an interesting feature that gives you the chance to win more money!

I started to spin and soon I realized that this slot is not like the other Microgaming slots where you may win decent amounts of money! With 17 euro, I played about 10 minutes before my balance to reach zero, the biggest win was 4 euro, not decent at all! I didn't managed to catch the free spins feature, I just saw the fee spins symbol a couple of times but I had no luck catching it! I want to say that I like this slot because of the nice graphics and symbols but the payout rate isn't good at all, isn't a game where you could wager a bonus!

I will give a 9 for the graphics, Microgaming came with a good idea when created this slot! Regarding the features, it has only the stacked wilds represented by cherries and the free spins feature that I didn't had the occasion to see it so I will give an 8!
Cherries Gone Wild is a visually very pleasant slot machine even though the creators didn’t have to much room to be creative as it is a simple fruit slot but I think they were capable to bring out most of the appearance. The graphics are very beautiful and I like how the symbols are decorated with little elegant motives but I really think the very great color usage is the plus that increase the overall pictorial effect of the appearance. The deep blue background color of the reel area mixing the crimson tint of the curtain in the back and the crystal clear and vivid color hues of the symbols are very fitting to each other and they’re really harmonizing. All in all, this is a fine example how it can be that a simple interface can be raised to another graphical level with correctly done job and clever design.

Unfortunately, the game segment can’t show up such qualities and we can say about it, it doesn’t possess well-rewarding capability. Though the game is a 30-payline slot (perhaps assigning just 9-line to this slot would have been a better idea) it doesn’t offer too much features and what we can play here are also not good ones. The poor 500 times of line bet is the best prize what we can achieve by getting a 5 of a kind type win and we can’t see it’s growing by the help of the Wild figure because the substituting symbol can’t multiply wins and also doesn’t form own winning combination so it can’t pay by own and its only little add-on ability is to arrive to reels in stacked format.

Sadly, we can’t really rely on the traditional features because there is only one of them and this free spin bonus has own limits. If we get 3 Free Spin emblems anywhere on the three middle reels during base game 10 free games are awarded where the spins are played by the same conditions as the triggering spin was and the only difference is very optional as the Wild may or may not appear there more frequently. I think this side game has to have much more potential and I can’t understand why this extra didn’t get something real good and usable supplementary property. This side game is not from the ones that could really change the gameplay and most of the times I don’t really feel myself excited when I get an entry there which I think is never a good sign.

In my opinion the very poor paying ability is the one that kills this slot and if somehow these qualities would be improved the slot would be noticeably better but in this format how the game works now it proves to be almost useless at times. Eventually, this slot turned into a disappointment for me and I guess while Cherries Gone Wild can’t change the principal rewarding system it won’t see me many times in the future.
Willian. Reviewed on 01.07.18
Sometimes it is really difficult to write a review. Because one is my opinion that I have on this slot and other is the reality that gives me the game play here. Which means that now after about 15-20 minutes of playing I am in advantage with nearly 10 Euros and yet all the time I played I was under the impression of a stingy slot, of small wins and of the fact that this is one of weak slots from Microgaming.

But first, before moving to the statistics of the game I have to say that the name of the slot is “Cherries Gone Wild” found in Microgaming classic slots category. It is beautifully arranged with all these tasty fruits and is a delight, at least in terms of its appearance. But when you start playing this is something else. Here cherries are Wilds and always they are stacked, but most of the time the columns of Wild sit in “impossible “positions and wins are insignificant. Slowly the losses add up and this is why you are almost always under the impression that you play a weak slot. More than “3 of a kind” does not quite line up and the payouts are not significant. But rarely, these columns of Wilds (cherries) are making their effect. Once every few tens of spins (50-100 spins), each of the first 2 or 3 reels are full of Wilds. I have had three such moments in about 20 minutes and only this way I was in advantage. So only 3 important wins and that is it. These 3 high payouts are uploaded above. And just one of them was a Big Win of 9 Euro.

Even the Free Spins do not help much. They bring a total win of a few Euros and 10 Free Spins are played almost with no emotion. The first time I played here I quit without writing a review because I had the same impression of a weak Microgaming slot. Maybe it is so but as I said, the reality of the game play here did not always confirmed this impression.
I don’t like the payout rate, it pays very bad in the main game and this thing wont make the other people to play very often this slot, maybe for the first time and then, they will choose other slot so I will give only 6 for the payout rate!
Machelle. Reviewed on 26.09.18
What really bothers is that in 80% of cases only “3 of a kind” align. The slot is full of symbols that can provide important payouts and all those “Seven”s and “Cherries Gone Wild” promise initially nice wins. Instead you just have part of plums, oranges and melons and only rarely of major symbols.

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