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cashapillar Reviews by Players

Vicente. Reviewed on 01.05.18
Cashapillar game is powered by microgaming. Not my cup of tea to be honest. The bets are big; the pays are small unless you get stacked wilds. The drawings are a bit stupid and the sound effects are crap too.

I have played this game less than ten times and not once did I win over €15. This is really bad for a €1 bet. On my first try I had around €25 on my account and I started playing this game. In about 8 minutes I was on €0. For first time I did not mind it that much. Then I tried when I had around €40 and I managed to get the bonus. When you get three or more cakes anywhere on the reels then you will be awarded with 15 free spins with up to 6x. The free spins can be retriggered but I never managed to get it. Max I won on the free spins was around €15. I was seriously disappointed.

I have wasted around €50 after that on this game to try to win big but haven’t won anything. There would be times when almost every spin I would get two bonus symbols, but the third one would never show up.

Over all I only had negative experience with this game and I would not recommend it to anyone. There is a chance of winning over 2 million coins in this game, but we all know that would never happen.I have seen few pictures online with people winning over €1000 on this game but they were betting €10 a spin. I guess it’s as they say ‘bet big, win big’.

If I was to rate this game I would give it 4 out of 10. Hope you enjoyed my review and have a nice day:)
Cashapillar is a funny older slot from Microgaming with a lot of potential. The slot's theme is based on several funny looking insects you could find in the wild. For all you low rollers out there, this slot is probably not for you, unless you want to settle for less than the maximum paylines.I usually give this slot a shot every now and then, and basically pull the "hit & run" play method when possible. Cashapillar has 100 paylines and stacked wilds on every reel. With that being said, it offers some huge possible hits if you manage to fill up a couple of reels with wilds.Also good to know is that the Cashapillar stacked wilds double your wins. I like slots where it's not necessary to get into the free spins mode, to actually have a decent hit. Luckily the stacked wilds on this slot make all of this a feasible reality. The minimum bet of €1 is what I used to play with on average. I've been lucky enough to get several 100x bet size hits or higher during the base game. Since this game can swallow your bankroll quite easily as well, I don't really like to stick around too much and push my luck too far. Not many Microgaming slots offer a max potential hit of 2,000,000 coins in base game, and 6,000,000 in free spins. Well, Cashapillar does when you bet the max. The bonus cake symbol is the scatter in Cashapillar, you need at least 3 to trigger 15 free spins with a 3x multiplier. The best thing about the free spins is that the wild symbol can basically give you a 6x multiplier of the line bet. My biggest win during free spins was 350x bet size when I hit multiple reels wild.I would definitely advise to play this slot with caution. Don't count on any super big wins, but if you get them - don't stick around for too long until everything vanishes.Final rating for Cashapillar is 8/10.
Armando. Reviewed on 01.07.18
I noticed that “Cashapillar” slot has received both 4 and 5 stars rating and also big marks from other players here. About under the same impressions I was myself, while I played here. First I thought that slot is very weak, then when I had a nice win in Free spins I began to be positively biased and then finally I revised my opinion and said again that this slot is actually rather weak.

This slot “Cashapillar “ is quite special for Microgaming casinos because it has 100 paylines for 5 lines x 5 reels. Yet, the number of lines is still small compared to its complexity. Moreover, for 1 cent/payline you will pay here 1 Euro/spin for the minimum bet, which is a lot.

The big trouble with this slot is that it pays about nothing. If you are not lucky enough to get in the Free Spins earlier, when wins are tripled, you will never have the chance to have a positive balance. Just imagine that you first pay 1 Euro/spin and then you win 2-8 cents from that spin. Lots of laughs (lol). Which means that this is more than ridiculous and even if from time to time you will win and as much as 1-3 Euro in a spin, these wins are too rare.

The game is nice, I have nothing against it, the Wilds are stacked, even they double the winnings, but all is in for nothing, because the payouts are nonexistent.If you play 100 spins, you bet 100 Euro and when you are lucky the win is only 20-40 Euro. I sincerely doubt that this slot can provide a 95% return! (I know the casinos are tested and the games certified, but we are only humans, and humans do mistakes.)Because the biggest payout for 5 symbols is 10 Euro (1000 coins) and the loss that I had was 60 Euros, this means that I needed to have at least 4-5 times the maximum payout (5 Caterpillars) to return afloat.

Going even further, the maximum payout advertised for this slot is 2 million coins (at max bet), but since the maximum bet is 1000 coins , if you play 100 spins you lose 100,000 coins and you only have a small chance at winning this giant payout as promised. I am speaking in coins, and not even dare to talk about Euros!

So my hunch and final opinion about this game is that the slot is not worth much attention even if the theme and the game itself are quite beautiful.
Danny Bromberg. Reviewed on 25.09.18
Cashapillar slot game made by Microgaming is very interesting and some kind of unique online game. I tried it couple of times, and I play this game very rare, I can not allow myself to play games with so high bets usually.

There are 100 paylines in this slot, and lowest possible bet is very high - 1$. This means 1 penny per each line. I very rarely play with such high bets, but when I want to try this game I do some kind of trick. I usually play only half of lines. I just choose 50 lines and start playing. I think it is not bad idea, because most good wins come when stacked wilds appear on reels, and there is no any big difference in how much paylines I am playing. I am not sure in this, but this is the only way I can enjoy playing this slot game.

Main game here is very interesting, and I can win lot of money if many stacked wilds will land on reels, and if this will be with good paying bee's of course my win will be great. But usually it does not pay so good, and my personal best during main game is not very big, 31$ at 0.50 bet per spin. It is not so great result for game with stacked wilds and so many paylines, but for me it is decent money.

Freespins feature here have x 3 multiplier, and of course this gives even more chances to win very good. But there are not so many freespins, and during these spins it is very hard to get many wilds. My best result is only 40$ or so at 0.50 bet amount, and of course this is not what I am waiting when have freespins with x 3 multiplier and stacked wilds.

As conclusion - this online slot for players who play big, even 0.50 bet amount is too big for me, and this is why I am play this game very rare.
Shirley. Reviewed on 28.09.18
Cashapillar! Hey, dude, wanna some honey? :) I am happy to make review about this game, because this is one of the best microgaming game in my opinion.
This game has 100 paylines, and what is very important for me there is stacked wilds across all reels. With 100 paylines and stacked wilds big hit potential is really great. Also there is possible to win free games with x 3 multiplier, for this player need 3+ scatters.

I play this game a lot in different casinos, but i will share my recent story on this game, that was on 32red casino. I had 120$ on my balance after few nice hits on thunderstruck II, and i decide not withdraw and play cashapillar with 1$ spins. By the way this is lowest bet on this game, and this is really high min bet for slot, and i suggest you to start this game only with something like 100$ on balance. I go down to 70$ or about this, and finally free games comes to me, 3 scatters only, but still nice. Free games paid bad, and with 70$ i upped my bet to 2$, and of course there come losing streak, when i had something like 10-15$ i finally get free spins one more time, and someone can think that this is happy story, but no, free spins not pay again and i lost 120$. Just for stats, my best hit on this game is 150 x on base game, and around 400 x after feature. Once i get 3 retriggers on free spins,this is also interesting fact. By the way, if i remember good, 5 scatters on this game during free spins will pay more than 1000 x total bet, which is also great.

Cashapillar is definitely high variance game, with high minimum bet. But i like it, and i rate it with 10 stars, very nice game. Only one bad thing is this really high min bet, not many players can deposit something like 100$.

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