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cashanova Reviews by Players

Luther. Reviewed on 30.04.18
I simply love this game and if you ask me Cashanova is one of the best if not the best game that you can find in the offer from casinos that use Microgaming software. The graphic with this game is very good and so is the sound in the background and it has even 3 bonus features.

The first bonus that you will get and the one that comes most often is the Barn bonus which activates when on the first 3 reels you get 3 symbols with golden leaves. if you are successful here and find the key without waking up the dog that sleeps you get to the next bonus round called get Lucky bonus which is very original and interesting in my taste.

What I like most with slot games is off course the free spins bonus and I never play a game that doesn't have this feature.With this game the free spins bonus is called the free range bonus and to activate this bonus you have to get 3 symbols with an egg on the last 3 reels that is on the third, fourth and fifth reel.

Here you can win up to 15 free spins up to 5x multiplier and also extra cash after every spin during the free spins. You won't get the free range bonus as much as the barn bonus.

Cashanova is a game that I play often sometimes hours without stopping and I always enjoy this great game. Once I played non stop for 4 hours. I started with 200 euros and after 4 hours I had 190 euros, in other words i lost 10 euros. So, if you play for the pure enjoyment and to pass the time this game is pretty good. You may not win huge, but you won't loose much too.

Overall Cashanova is a very interesting game with a few cool bonus features and I recommend this game to everyone. For this slot game I give maximum 10 out of 10.
To begin I have nothing negative to say to this mechanical marvel because all my expectations have been met. What I expected were only the common 25 paylines the first time I played but instead this slot offered me 30 paylines! I really liked the two bonuses and I will elaborate on them further.

Okay the first bonus is a Barn bonus achievable only when 3 keys appear on the first three reels left to right. Inside the bonus there are objects in which the key to the barn would be hiding in. Different values of my original bet and over can be won. One of the greatest feelings to get on this bonus round is if I find the key on my very first pick then truly it wins every value on the screen.

With this in mind I'm able to collect all the rewards and advance to the 2nd bonus round where I stand a chance to win more in the "Get lucky" bonus. This is part II of the first bonus and all I have to do is try to pick a present that's worth more than the luck of course. If I get it right I would win a big amount and the hen would be turned on saying "Lucky". If I get it wrong then I win something of lower interest while being turned down by the lady chick!

No matter what I always start a bet of $0.60 (2 coins) to start then gradually work some more bets up to $1.50. I don't care. Day and night I would spend lots of time on this friendly video slot because of the many feedbacks that I get on almost every spin. It's really good for your money. The last feature is your usual free spins when 3 free range eggs land from the 3rd reel , 4th and the last reel at the same time. Only you choose which eggs have the most for free spins, multipliers and an extra win per spin. Now the Extra win per free spin is the (rubbing two fingers together) cash accumulator! Regardless if there is a win or not you will always win an amount.

To conclude, this slot has what I wanted! A 10 out of 10!
Alonso Abernathy. Reviewed on 01.07.18
The story of the Cashanova slot is one full of humor and of meanings. It is like the designers of this slot wanted to create an “easy” game from which story at the same time the players can learn some valuable lessons. I did not expected that Cashanova be represented here by a handsome rooster. This cock is struggling in a major every day dilemma: how to make himself pleased by his beloved, and how to come to her by escaping from the barn guarded by the most faithful dog. In addition also to this story, if the player is attentive to the game symbols he will notice that many of them are different dishes; one of them are the cooked chicken eggs in a plate, which means that eventually the rooster will please the player any way, even being cooked. And there is something else humorous here: after with a lot of difficulty the Cashanova rooster tricks the dog that guards the barn and manages to reach the chicken girl asleep, she is sometimes unhappy about any gift brought by him.

Finally, going over all the story of slot, the fact that I won the bonus of this slot (when the rooster is looking for the key of the barn among different objects and he must avoid awaking the dog that guards the entrance) from the first spin pleased me particularly. Even if it has 30 paylines, this slot seems more one of those “kind of easy”. As I said, the 3 plates with cooked eggs bring the Free Spins round always accompanied by a multiplier and by some initial coin wins. I played twice the Bonus and once the Free Spins round in about 200 spins and I won
7 and 11 Euros from the Bonuses and 17 Euros from Free Spins. The “Big Win” probably does not exist here (and thus there is no chance to catch a screen shot) but very frequent there are at least 3 scatters on reels (the “HenHouse” magazine, kind of “Playboy” for chickens).

Still playing here I like that I almost never lost and as I said, I was always under the impression that this slot is one that will not change your money with too much in a direction or the other. The slot is still good for the humor and for the characters of the story.
Dillon Dance. Reviewed on 26.09.18
I played too many NetEnt slots and it was time for some Microgaming slots, I wanted to play something different, being tired of losing money at Immortal Romance, Thunderstruck II or The Finer Reels of Life. I have to recognize that I didn’t play this slot so far, I saw it on AskGamblers list of slots and made a couple of spins in free mode to see what is about. Because I liked what I saw, I made a deposit at 32Red Casino to play this slot and maybe to win some money if it’s possible. Now, the graphics aren’t so good if I have to be honest, the slot isn’t running very smooth, I mean, the reels aren’t spinning in a pleasant way but it didn’t matter because I was playing this slot just to see its real potential in terms of wins and features. It is a regular slot, 5 reels, 30 paylines and a minimum bet of 0.30 euro, this is actually the bet that I used to play.

Regarding the features, I played about 2 hours this slot, I managed to catch both bonuses, one of them is actually a free spins feature not a bonus. I caught 3 Free Range Bonus symbols on reels 3, 4 and 5 and I was awarded 15 free spins with a 5 x multiplier, a decent feature in my opinion because of this big multiplier that could bring win nice wins. I won 34 euro from this feature, I was happy with this amount because of the 0.30 euro bet. The other bonus is hard to catch, is called Barn Bonus and is triggered when 3 Bonus symbols land on reels 1, 2 and 3, giving you the chance to win an additional bonus if you manage to find a key in this bonus.

I had fun playing this slot, I didn’t manage to make lot of money but I will give an 8 for the graphics and a 9 for the features!
I was disappointed to see that the features are very hard to trigger, especially the Barn Bonus!
Darell. Reviewed on 28.09.18
Cashanova is one of my favorite slot games coming from Microgaming. The graphic, animations, the choice of colors, visually I like everything about this game. But what separates this game from the others is the theme. The theme is really humoristic. This slot tells us about a rooster lover who brings you money – Cashanova. This is one of the few games from Microgaming which I liked when I first saw it, that is after the first spin. And really there isn't one thing about this game that I don't like. I have spent hours and hours playing here enjoying even when I would lose money. OK I wouldn't go that far I admit that I didn't enjoy it that much when I was losing but still I just love this game.

In this game there are 2 bonuses. The first is the key bonus. That's an interesting variance of the pick up bonus which consists of two parts. In the first part if you find a key and don't wake up the dog who is sleeping you get to the other part of the bonus. The second bonus in this game is called the Free Range Bonus. That is basically a free spins bonus who yet again is very original. To get this bonus you need 3 scatter symbols in the third, fourth and fifth reel. The number of free spins you can win here isn't fixed and the most you can get are 15 free spins with 5 x multiplier.

The bet I usually play here is 0.30 per spin. But I have played here a few times on a high bet up to 3 euros per spin.
I just remembered one thing that I don't like too much here. You will rarely have wins of 100 x bet or more here. But beside that Cashanova is a very fun slot game to play.

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