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carnaval Reviews by Players

Ted. Reviewed on 02.07.18
Carnaval is probably one of the first Microgaming video slot. Discovered it due to my challenge, and generally I think I am just wasted my time for 150 spins while playing this game. Zero interesting experience.

Game looks very old, but at least there are some colorful symbols, and generally I can't say that I do not like how this game looks. Of course there is no good animations, no good sounds, but in the end this is just eye candy, and not most important thing in online slots.

There are no any features. When I noticed that - I was really sad, because I realize that since I am starting trying all games for 100-150 spins or more - I need to play this one too, but unlikely it will be interesting experience. There is only 9 paylines. Payouts are not that bad for best paying symbol, but unfortunately wilds here does not have any payout, and to my surprise wilds also do not have own payout, so I think we could say that those wilds are totally useless.

Another thing I did not like - scatters. Do no trigger any feature, and moreover pays very bad. Got 3 scatters 4 times, and since payouts for 3 scatters is crazy 2x total bet - I am generally get nothing. I played this game with 0.27 bets, and after 150 spins I lost about 15$. This is terrible result, and if count my RTP I am sure it will be some number in which I am even will not believe.

Overall not interesting slot game, I do not know who will decide to play it, or who will enjoy it. No features, no payouts for wilds, no any multipliers, just nothing. Add to this list quite old graphics and sounds - and unlikely it is slot game which you will want to play this evening.

Looking bad game, not interesting at all, almost no potential.
Carnaval is a very simple 9 paylines slot same that I just pay my respects too once in a long while. It is not too often that I play this slot for a few reasons but it is only played when my luck shines brighter than any candle, fluorescent bulbs or the stars above. If my luck turns ugly then any slot I set foot on gets a heavy firm boot on any winnings that I was supposed to win if I were nonetheless, lucky.

Carnaval pays big for one reason, mainly for the big fixed bet of $2.25 to pay for the 9 paylines. $0.25 is set in each line but to bring them down will make Carnaval look like a dark joyless festival and a way to nearly get nothing for each spin! So it must be this way...for 9 paylines, otherwise the casino will thank you for your donations ;). Instead of my returned bets I would get something for trying, my $2.25 turned into $2.50! An incredible attempt right!? (Using both hands to show amazement) Yes! Yes! Haha just kidding. In Carnaval, there are no bonus rounds or free spins to fully immerse players to the highest level of contentment! It would be like playing a classic slot only it's better and more enhanced with it's details.

My thoughts on Carnaval is they should create better winning wilds than this normal wild is 9 paylines after all so that even if I don't win for a few spins it will hit up a come back when a multiplying wild blazes into action! That's something worth going through if they made it so. Scatters are very boring since these ones pay twice on my original effort to win (double), for this slot they absolutely must have a higher value like 5x or 8x. The other news I have for you is that Carnaval's beat appears on every spin and tunes change from hitting a small normal win to a win of say 4x. you'll hear these differences.

My biggest win that I don't completely agree for such a moderately high bet would be $40, it's reasons that the bets are fixed but for bets much smaller (for example) than this for the same win then I would be ecstatic! Costly but bold $2.25 bets, scatters paying just 2x for 3 and this slot is featureless. Carnaval swings by a 6 out of 10!

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