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california gold Reviews by Players

Ona. Reviewed on 02.07.18
California Gold is a funny game that I like to play now and then. The game is funny for few reasons: it's funny looking with its goofy pictures and the game play is just crazy.

I have started playing this game with big bet, just to see if I get lucky, and it never paid out. I would lose over €30 or €40 in one go and not get any bonuses or good wins. Then I tried it on the smallest bets and the same thing happened. I lost some cash and did not manage to get the feature again. I completely lost hope in this game and did not play it for ages. Then one day I had around €3 on my account and I was looking for a way to spend it quick to end the suffering. So I opened this game and instead of playing full lines I put it on 10 lines with 2 coins. On my second spin I got three golden nuggets and was awarded with free spins. To be honest I did not think anything of it. I had 10 lines and from my previous experience I knew that this game does not pay. On my first free spin I got three wilds on the 2, 3 and 4 reels. They came out in a line and had same pictures on the sides. Just on that spin I won over €30 and was given the bonus. This is a pick bonus and you have to pick a route and pick up gold on your way. The old dude managed to pick up a lot of gold and I got around €18 for that bonus. After my first spin on 10 line bet I had almost €50 and I could not believe it. Trough out the spins I was getting wilds but I did not manage to get three of them. At the end of free spin I had around €65 and was very happy. Come backs like that don’t happen a lot and you know it.

Over all the game is ok. It definitely can pay out but it can also be nasty. I have seen it and it’s not a pretty sight. My rating for this game 6 out of 10. It has it's moments.

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