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bust the bank Reviews by Players

Phillip. Reviewed on 01.05.18
Bust the bank is a Microgaming slot with 243 ways to win and 5 reels. As the name suggests, theme of the slot revolves around intruders in a bank who tries to loot it for cash and the police tries to catch hold of them. The symbols offer cartoon feel and radiant graphics with quite a lot of features to cheer about.

The base game itself consist of various bonus features, some of them paying colossal amounts depending on the luck. I have played this slot in past but suddenly i saw this slot on betrally casino and couldn't stop myself from playing on it. I had almost $35 in my account which made some 1700 coins on a coil value of $0.02. I started spinning on a bet of 30 coins per spin and lost about 600 coins in a matter of 10 minutes. Then i got the bonus symbol on 5th reel on topmost square which gave me 90 coins. I remember having such wins from my past games on this slot but this was first time i got it on the top most square and each square below it paid me amount equal to my bet of 30 making a total of 90 coins. Again a bad run i ended up with just 400 coins in my balance... Then luckily i got a piggy bank symbol on the middle reel which cracked and gave me a massive 1500 coins whose screenshot i have uploaded too.. Now i had 1900 coins with me and increased the bet to 60 coins per spin and ended up loosing all my money soon.. Though i had struck another piggy bank bonus round which gave me 600 coins and couple of bonus symbols on reel 5 and 1 too giving me 30 to 60 coins. Though, I have lost all my money but this slot has paid me some very good returns in past and i remember winning $111 from the free spin round on the same slot getting 5 of kinds of dog 2 times as far as i remember..But according to me this slot has even greater potential but you must be lucky enough to hit the free spin round because believe me it occurs rarely..

Still i would say this slot is a must play for every slot lover because it has true essence of gambling that is sometimes you loose sometimes you win nothing is for sure.. An overall rating of 7 on 10 to this slot..
Zenaida. Reviewed on 01.07.18
Bust the bank slot was released in 2013 year, and i should say that somehow i miss the release of the game, and saw that it was released only from people who start post their winnings screenshots. And of course nothing motivates to start playing slot better than someone big win screenshot posted somewhere. I start playing this game at betat casino, with 50$ at 0.30$ bets i thought it will be enough to see features and check, did i like slot or not.

My first experience was bad, slot eat my 20$ very quickly, then i decide to take some risk and start betting at 0.60, and found not enough money to place bet message in 10 or 15 minutes. Okay, i forget about this game for few weeks, but one day i had strong feeling that i need to play something with 243 lines, and something what i play rare, and i decide to play this game. Finally was achieved free spins, and i was happy to see that first and last reels during all free spins is all wilds. During this free spins i won around 150$ , and since i played again with betat, i just cancel my bonus and withdraw winnings. Since that i still did not try this game more, but i have feeling that better not touch it, because trigger feature on the bust the bank game is hard, i like a lot of features, and of course did not like wait i 200-300 spins to play free spins. But i had some experience, and based on it i will rate this game.

Conclusion: Game is beauty, i can say that , and i am sure in this. Free spins feature also interesting, who will not be happy with two wild reels during all free spins. But it is not unique feature, and taking fact that it is hard to trigger it, i did not like this game, 6 stars only.
There are various problems to be had here on Bust the Bank. Let me start off with the Free spins! How many times to I have to see 2 scattered bombs on a single spin!!! They make it so hard for me to trigger the 8 Free spins + Expanding Wilds on Reel 1 & 5! It was only once that I've seen it but it wasn't worth the effort of spinning for 45 minutes just to hit this! My win on it was for $14.60!!! This should give you an idea of what's to come!
Yuko Arceneaux. Reviewed on 25.09.18
Some slots have been incredibly cold to me. No matter when I play them, I can't seem to be able to have a decent hit on it. Well, Bust the Bank is one of those slots I hate with a passion. It's another slot produced by Microgaming and focuses on a bank robbers theme. There are plenty of slots with the same type of theme available in the online casino world.

You can think of Break da Bank and Beat the Bank for instance. However, my results with the just mentioned games were much better. Bust the Bank is another 243 ways to win slot and offers several other features as well. Not sure if this game is high variance or if I've just been very unlucky on it.

It's almost impossible to have a 5oak of the top paying symbol during base game. I at least never experienced it. Furthermore, it always took me ages to trigger the free spins on this game. Maybe once trigger per 400-500 spins on average.

The symbols get displayed by several robbers, dogs, police etc. btw. The minimum bet on Bust the Bank is equal to €0.30 per spin. I used to play this game on €1.20 per spin. On the reels there are wilds on reel 1 and 5 as well, while there is a piggy bank appearing on reel 3.

When the piggy bank shows, you win like around 50x bet size. Not sure what the max potential is, but I once had 60x betsize as my best hit I believe. During base game I never got further than a win of 50x betsize.

To trigger the free spins you need at least 3 scatters. You then win 8 free spins and the reels 1 and 5 will turn into a complete wild. Hence making it much more easier to achieve a winning combination. Once it took me more than 1000 spins to trigger the free spins, while even with the two reels turned into a wild. I won absolutely NOTHING!

Like what are the odds of reels 2 and 3 not matching 8 spins in a row. That was the final straw for me and I stopped playing it. I just can't be lucky on this game.
Hallie. Reviewed on 28.09.18
Bust the Bank it is slot made by Microgaming. It is one of the most favorite games for me when I am just angry after losing much money on Microgaming most popular games. When this happens - I go to bust the bank.

I like look of the game. Overall here everything is very good. Lot of colors, funny animation, funny sounds, and great theme.

I like feature with safes which award prizes. When safe land on reel 1 or reel 5 or in both reels it opens and give you some prizes. If it appears on top place it will give you 3 rewards. Rewards usually not very huge, but once it paid me around 50 bets got two safes on top positions. Also I like thieves feature when they award some cash, but payouts there not big.

I like piggy smash feature. When piggy appear on reel 3 you can smash it. Of course it is mean that you click on symbol and it is smashes and award good prize. I think prize could be awesome in this feature, once got it playing 0.30 stake and got 30$ win which are exactly 100 bets, not poor return.

I like freespins feature. It is triggered when 3 or more scatters appear on reels anywhere and awards 8 free games. During freespins reels 1 and 5 are expanded wilds. If any scatter appears it will add one more freespin. Had few 200 bets features and probably few 100 bets. Never higher because never got best paying symbols 5 of a kind.

I rate this game with 9 stars because it is great one.

I took only one star from rating of this game. I did not like payouts in normal play. Too low, best 5 of a kind awards about 50 bets which is very low. But luckily features with prizes compensate it so it is no so big minus. This is only thing I change in this game if I could.

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