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bush telegraph Reviews by Players

Junior. Reviewed on 30.04.18
Bush Telegraph is another 5 reel slot game from Microgaming with 15 paylines. The graphics are a bit more in your face than other games that I have played recently with bright vivid colouring but all symbols are easily recognized and for a half blind fool like myself that earns some brownie points.

I went into this game having a decent string of luck so I was throwing in some heftys bets early and it paid back pretty early for me, I managed to collect 4 of the warthogs within a few minutes and earned a few hundred coins and this was quickly followed by landing 3 seedpods which gave me ten free spins. As I mentioned my luck was in and surprise surprise I landed a nice pot from my free spins (which is an all too irregular occurrence) but things took a turn for the worse after that.
While I still managed to hit a few matches it was as if the big boys left town and I soon wanted out of the bushes rather than being left here with the 10 to Ace symbols which only pay a max of 125 for 5. I didn’t manage to collect five of any symbol myself and being recently converted to enjoying the odd bonus game I left for fresher pastures than what this had to offer. There is a Bongo Bonus included in this game but not having manage to get this myself I cannot really comment.
I would love to say this game has left its mark on me but truth be told there are more tempting fish in the...bushes? No?

All things considered I am going to give Bush Telegraph a rating of 5 out of 10 and should you decide to enter the bushes I hope you find them elusive bongos where I failed :(
Bush Telegraph game is powered by microgaming. This game is just as bad as its name. Honestly with some games I just cant help but wonder ‘what were they thinking when they made this game?’. I think there was a competition to create the worst game and this game was one of the runners up. Seriously so bad and boring.

Getting the bonus or free spins doesn’t even excite me. I don’t know why I play this game maybe because its so bad that it makes me laugh. There are 15 lines in this game and it has two features. There is a free spins feature and a Bongo bonus. To get the free spins you have to get three or more scatters anywhere on the reels. This award you with 10 free spins and all wins tripled. I play this game on all bets ranging from €0.15 to €0.75. I have never won over €20 on free spins even though I retriggered them few times. The wins are small and never come out. Sometimes all of the free spins have no wins.

The Bongo bonus is awarded when you get three or more bongo drums on a pay line from left to right. For three Bongos you get three picks, for four you get four and for five you get five.I never got five bongos and max I won on it was around €12. Very disappointing features. I would not recommend this game to my enemy and if I was to rate it I would give it 2 out of 10. The only reason for 2 would be that I think there are worst games that this out there. Hope you enjoyed my review and have a nice day:)
Bush Telegraph a 15 paylines slot from Microgaming. It's composed of 3 animals with bongos and your commonly known letter/number symbols. This is a slot for me to not get carried away, only to feed my bets slowly on Bush Telegraph. I happen to find an opportunity to give some time to play this slot only when I have over $75 or so. It is the way that the slot's not too strong to spend hours with. Most often winnings come close to my $0.75 bets which is the maximum 5 coins this slot can take. However some spins resulted for $3 and $5....especially if I find 4 boars.

The most ridiculous thing on a spin happened when I spun Bush Telegraph one time and it literally gave me a broken lined bonus! This meant an upside down V shaped payline of 4 scattered bongo drums while the 3rd reel had no intention of giving the bonus to me. Once the bonus drums stopped showing on the 3rd's already over for my chance but it could be happening early should bonus drums not appear or line up in the 2nd reel (From the first reel and second reel, two bonus symbols away from each other...opposite ends of reels) or not come into contact of landing in an active payline. What a rush that gave me...bonus symbol, bonus symbol, thinking I will reap from trigger then pow...nothing on 3rd reel followed by twice the mockings I received with the other 2 bonus symbols. These are not the traditional scatters. They need to begin from the first reel left to right on adjacent reels. Too bad right? Had they been "any paying scatters" I would have a medium powered bonus as the strength of pays depends on how many scatters come forth! It's not all bad I mean for 3 drums to trigger the bonus it gave me a small $9.60 for 3 bongo picks in the bonus. It's just too frustrating to have them line up each other...the many efforts of triggering the bonus. So many failed attempts. It is best to expect the free spins, at least they can fly with wings unlike the bonus symbols....the land monsters they are. 10 Free spins at 3x gave me a nice $38 win! I thought my last 3 free spins was it but I had landed another retrigger for Bush Telegraph to show me more gratitude! Once my set of free spins finished it gave me a $25 immediately after 3 normal spins for 5 Boars!

Wow, this slot knows I want to get paid! Hard to come by bongo bonus that is like Mermaid Millions' Treasure bonus (only with Bongos), slightly easier access to 10 Free spins at 3x, a slot paying often by way of small to above average winnings and a fun gamble feature that I use occasionally depending on my situation. Bush Telegraph is a 7 out of 10!

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