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bridesmaids Reviews by Players

Grant Gaulding. Reviewed on 30.04.18
I did not watched Bridesmaids movie yet, but I think I will watch it in the future. This game is one of the newest one from Microgaming and it based on this comedy movie.

The game has 40 paylines, minimum bet is set to 0,4€. I played this game for a couple of minutes, but I don't like it so much. Here at Bridesmaids the main thing is bonus wheel, where we can find 15 different prizes. From cash, one jackpot prize and 4 bonus features. There are cupcake booster feature, friendship free games, flying high free games and boutique bonus game. I prefer to see wining on of free spins feature instead of bonus game. I also think is the only way to win something decent from this game.

At the beginning before you start spin the wheel, there are cupcake booster where you need to pick one cupcake. This will reveal multipliers and increase prizes at the wheel.
When I played I received only friendship free spins and it paid me around x60 bet. I saw some great wins during flying high free games, where bet exceed x300 times. I think this is a decent game, where you can expect also some big wins. But I don't like it so much, because it has 2 bonus games. I am sure that if I will play it more, I would receive a lot of times this bonus games at wheel instead free games. I think the design of the game is good so as sounds and music.

I don't think I will play this game often because I have some other games, which are better to play them than this one from Microgaming software. I had some nice time when I played it, but at the end I lost my money at this game so I think I had a bad session on it.
Art. Reviewed on 30.06.18
"Bridesmaids" is one of the new games recently released by "Microgaming" which has generated great expectation both for its variety of special features such as all advertising and free spins offered by several casinos currently using this software.

Driven by curiosity, during the course of this week I spent some time playing this attractive slot inspired by the popular film of the same name made in 2011; in my first meeting with this game good luck covered me completely and I was able to enjoy the best prizes available in this fun slot, I remember that shortly after I started, I got my first line of 5 of a kind and manner of celebration, a video of a fragment of the film was shown on the reels, and likewise It happens every time we get 5 of a kind with the picture of any bridesmaid; shortly after I unleash my first bonus round and roulette favored me with a round "Friendship" of 10 free spins, which to be honest, it meant very good profits which allowed me to extend my session for a long time, and everything seemed to be going very well that day with this slot; then during the next couple of sessions, my luck seemed to normalize and arguably I only got a not very significant profits, but today this slot took revenge against me, stacked wilds that had accompanied me faithfully during my first encounter, seemed not to want to help much to hold my balance during the base game, this added to the fact that few times I got access to the feature, roulette rewarded me with only small instant bonus multiplied by only 2x, and only one time it granted me access to "Magic Moment Bonus" feature which gave me the best opportunity throughout my playing time and I managed to see virtually every video before it appeared the carrot with the words "I'm Sorry" that give the round ended, each video gives a specific bonus and my final prize was pretty good but not enough to approach to the amount of my initial balance. After such a bad streak it was when I realized all the fortune enjoyed by me on my first day was just gone and felt more distant the possibility of repeat my great feat with this slot again.

"Bridesmaids" has two rounds of free spins, "Friendship" and "Flying High", and two bonus rounds, "Boutique" and "Magic Moments", all of them very interesting features, the problem is that they all are initially triggered the same way, that is, with the emergence of the same 3 scatters, and if you fail to activate this feature on a regular basis, it is likely that your game remains condemned to failure unless the stacked wilds are on your side.

What I think now, is that this slot, though it is very entertaining, is quite volatile and not as promising, and this behavior has caused that ratings and comments of the community of gamblers in general are located in an average score on many of the forums and blogs dedicated to this topic.
Glinda. Reviewed on 26.09.18
Bridesmaids is the newest slot from Microgaming software. I was really looking forward for this release because I knew that the theme was based on Bridesmaids movie that was very popular and I personally was one of the people that liked it very much. But I also didn't know what to expect since the last few game releases from Microgaming has been rather disappointing.

I was actually very happy when I saw the outcome for this slot. It has an eye candy design with all bridesmaids characters, 5 reels and 40 paylines and very intriguing and diversified bonus rounds. I tried this slot few times already but to understand it better I made a deposit of 50€ and started to play it with minimum bets, which are 0.40€ per spin. Soon enough I got 3 cupcake symbols/scatters that led me to wheel bonus. In this bonus you have to pick 1 of 4 cupcakes and they reveal the multiplier for the winnings on the wheel (there can be blue multipliers that will multiply blue cash prizes, pink- for pink cash prizes and mixed pink with blue- for both of them) as well as a feature that adds 2 extra wheel pointers, there are 2 cupcakes with 2 x multiplier and 2 with 3 x multiplier. I got the 3 x pink multiplier. On the wheel there are cash prizes, two types of free spins (both 10 free spins but with different features) jackpot that is worth 100 x bet win and two other bonus rounds.

As I said before, MG has done a great job making this game interesting. Unfortunately I won a cash prize worth 4 x bet size. About 50 spins later I received another bonus round, this time I had 24 x multiplier and it paid me 9.60€. I managed to get 2 other bonus rounds, in one I got another cash prize but in the last one I had 2 extra wheel pointers and I got a cash prize and boutique bonus. In that I had to open presents and match bridesmaids, altogether I won 30 x bet win.

So far I think this game is really great and the good thing about bonus is that it isn't that hard to trigger it and there's plenty of awards. Free spins seem harder to get than other bonus rounds but I've had them too and they pay decent. I really enjoy playing this slot, I love that there are so many things you can win so it can never get boring.

Great job, Microgaming!
Rubie. Reviewed on 28.09.18
Okay, Microgaming guys... who are responsible for this video game, running out of creativity, ideas, me as a player I do not want to watch some series, comedy or some not familiar to me movie, if I want so I will use the TV that's its purpose, I do want to play slots, slots we are use to play, cartoonish, feel the excitement, like Immortal Romance, Break Da Bank again, playing and expecting something big. Not some females rolling on the reels, specially hate when some of them pop ups on the left side of the game.

As for the graphics, crystal clear pink design, with diamond frame, with sparkling reels with 6 female characters and a few bonus rounds such as Wheel bonus round, triggered by the cupcakes feature and that will happened if they played manage to catch 3 of them anywhere on the reels. It’s a 40 pay line with 5 reels video slot, with 4 different features. The first one is the Flying High free spins feature, where triggered will award the player with 10 free spins with X 2 or X 3 multiplier, where there are 13 wilds available.

The second is the Friendship Free spins feature. which again there is a 10 free spins awarded, but here is a wilds but stacked one and this are 3 of the female characters, which one of the girls is stacked on the reel 1 and 2, the second one on 4th and 5th and the last one is stacked on the reel 3, so basically you can get wilds on any reel, if so we are talking for some big win to be triggered.

The third bonus is the Boutique Bonus feature where only 2 of the female are included so this game has only cash prizes but with multiplier wins. The 4th bonus feature is the Magic Moments, where the player will avail 9 of 10 prizes and they are all cash prizes, but one of those 10 Magic Moments will end the game. So quiet girlish game, have played few times as a free spins offered, as for real money I don't intend to play this game, there is a lot video games providers, which are more interesting and will pay much better.

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